Best E-Cigarette & Vapor Cig Models Revealed

Choosing The Best Electronic Cigarette Can Be Tough, Our Set Of Rank Factors Sure Helps Cut Through The Noise

It can be hard in today’s society to figure out the Best E-Cigarette, as it seems everyone has their own opinion and the claims do not always match up. From brands that bribe reviewers to reviewers with bad taste, it is frequently hard to know who can be trusted. One might assume the same would apply to e-cigarettes, but the reviews have been much more consistent and reliable lately and have found ways to label each of the best brands for each type of customer.

picking the best e-cigarette brand is a subjective thing, but BFRESH Ecigs is here to help guide you to quality options.

picking the best e-cigarette brand is a subjective thing, but BFRESH Ecigs is here to help guide you to quality options.

Rather than sticking to unsubstantiated claims, our ratings factors such as battery life, vapor production, manufacturing standards, durability, and everything you see  in our review breakdowns attempts to bring you the facts and/or as objective a measure of each quality as possible.

Admittedly there is both an art and a science to determining which model and brand name e-cigarette lands on our ‘best’ lists. The art side of things is where the two of us running BFRESH E-Cig Reviews are able to bring you something most other sites lack – genuine long term experience Vaping, especially as “an admittedly vapour obsessive since day one” as founder Thomas describes himself (5+ years in big T’s case, who was sucked into the ecig vortex of fascinated enthusiasm with some pretty silly seeming units compared to the standards these days – 3-piece super minis, the DSE-901 and a funky yet not so functional e-pipe of unknown maker were among the first!).

While the site is still very much under renovation (sorry for confusion over where what and why – CHAOS has her ways!), we are sure you will find things to be neat and orderly – and most importantly thorough and honest reporting in all areas, including our primary reviews of what we consider the best Vapor Cigarettes and Vape Pens (aka Personal Vaporizers) as the 2014 holiday season approaches.

Tip For Skimmers – Reading Our Ratings Summary Sections For Greatest Benefit

We get it, not everyone has time to read everything in detail. We like to dive into the products and topics we cover pretty deeply – holding back isn’t our strong suite and we are not known for brevity (some feature reviews have been known to run to 5000+ words). Hopefully we’ve provided the detail the some readers will truly appreciate, but for some of you guys browsing in fast forward mode 🙂 we have designed our summary sections to include everything you NEED to know to make informed decisions and learn the essentials fast.

Keep in mind that the number rankings by category are as objectively measured and factual as possible. The text summary meanwhile compresses the reviewer’s own thoughts and conclusions on the device in question (after a min. of 2 weeks of use) and insight into who might be the ideal user type – if this sounds like you its a good sign you should check out the site. We try to cover the best Vaping solution for a range of scenarios – cause, well, everyone is different – so rather than one size fits all we pigeon-hole you into one of a few types 😉 lol, kidding – though in seriousness, every APV and Electronic Cigarette that makes it to our best E-Cigarette, best Vape Pen (or best E-Cig Liquid) list is a champ. No product recommended is less than excellent – even still some products will tend to fit your ‘style’ – be it Life-style or Fashion-style, better than others.

Until The Slick Best E-Cigarette Table Lands Right Here (check back!) We’ve Still Got The Basics Down For You Below:

The broadest category of them all is of course the overall best overall E-Cig pick, which goes to V2 Cigs (and specifically to their V2 Cigs EX Product Line, a total knockout). This is probably no surprise, as they have catered their line to match well with everyone from brand new smokers to long time veterans.

we work hard to chisel out our opinions through exhaustively puffing away on all the ecigarette models we can


They do not necessarily stand out as number one in every category, but altogether they have very few weak spots and plenty of extremely positive feedback. Customers appreciate their thick vapor production and nobody can argue against great battery life, while their U.S. based facilities bring shipping, support, research and development, quality testing and just about everything else you can think of under one (well a couple) roof in the USA.

Perhaps the most professionally run maker in the E-Cig brand name category the little touches from awesome packaging and manuals to lifetime warranty all add up to a safe bet you won’t regret. This is our top recommended choice.



Another potentially important category is determining the best brand for beginners, which sees Blu Cigs come out on top in an impressive fashion. While beginners are certainly encouraged to experiment once they get comfortable, Blu Cigs keeps their line very simplistic to avoid confusing newcomers with having too many options. Someone who expects to really get into vaping and smoke a lot may want to look elsewhere, but these guys are great for people who are more concerned with trying the product out and simply finding out if electronic cigarettes are appealing to them.

A similar category is that for the casual smoker, which sees Volcano E-Cigs and South Beach Smoke coming in at a close tie. They both have great standard kits that can help customers to save money, but also offer some more advanced options to cater towards people who are a bit pickier. Their collection of e-liquids has also helped them to stand out amongst people who are picky about flavors. Both companies have worked hard to improve in recent years and are gaining more traction, but smokers with advanced needs or specific desires often look elsewhere.

Speaking of e-liquid, the winner for the best selection in that category is Vapor Zone. Their partnership with SBS helped that brand to get the previous award, but when it comes to picking flavors these guys offer more than thirty thousand different combinations. Of course their quality and pricing are also phenomenal, with natural US based ingredients and a price tag of $14.95 for their 30ml bottles. This is a great option for customers that like to experiment and are unsure about their flavor preferences, since you can try countless new products here with nothing to lose.

Selection is great, but sometimes with the right flavors people do not need many options, a claim that Green Smoke has tried to capitalize upon. They are certainly not the best way to save money, as cartridges can be a tad on the expensive side, but customers seem to love their intense flavors. Of course flavor can be very subjective, but at the end of the day there is a reason behind their reputation throughout the community for having top notch quality.

Some people are less concerned about flavor in comparison to getting a strong hit of nicotine, which has given White Cloud Cigarettes a great niche market. The standard heavy nicotine cartridge is usually packing anywhere from 1.8% to 2.4% of nicotine, but these guys have stepped it up with a 3.6% strength offering. Those people out there who want heavy smoke know who they are and should definitely look into these guys. It may be a little much for some people though, so be sure to know what to expect before heading down this route.

People who smoke on the go and do not have access to chargers often turn to Vapor4Life, earning them the lead in the battery life category. Quite simply put, the 5V charge is out of this world and gives smokers two to three days of life without charging. The dual-mode battery (it works both on auto and manual) also helps to add convenience but still be efficient, making them a great option for long-lasting charge. If this is a top priority for you then it can save the hassle of needing to buy multiple units and batteries just to lug them around in hopes of not being stuck without a way to smoke.

Money is always an issue, but the award for a product that saves money while still delivering quality goes to Apollo Electronic Cigarette. People who are ready to invest a bit more can definitely find more quality, but to get a quality kit for under $60 is rare. These guys have some different options for different level smokers, but ultimately they have great value in every part of their line. There is no shame in admitting that you cannot afford to spend money endlessly, especially with a solid option like this on the table.

Of course it is easy to win a category without any competition, but Vapor Couture still deserves great for innovating in the women’s market. They are the first company that has been specifically catered to women smokers and their design team has done a great job on delivering the perfect product for the ladies out there. For some it may be a little too much, but it is definitely tasteful and eloquent which can make ladies feel much more comfortable smoking in public.


vapor couture for the fashion forward female

The categories end here and as you may have noticed, there was no single description that claimed a brand to be superior to others. While it would be nice to crown a true champion, the bottom line is that every brand has its strengths and weaknesses. Some focus on delivering an all-around experience that is enjoyable for many while others focus on a niche market. The bottom line is that no one company can claim to be truly better than the others and there is no evidence to really back up anyone who claims otherwise.

In the end, every single smoker out there has their own set of preferences. Obviously men will not want a girly looking design, while people who smoke at home next to a power outlet (via USB for constant computer users!) will not focus on battery life quite as much.

The VAPING experience should be extremely convenient and comfortable to be the most effective, so determining which set of features and categories provide this best is a personal decision. Most of the companies listed in this review deliver solid quality and are unlikely to disappoint, but why settle for something mediocre if there is a brand that fits your needs better. Do the research and find out what works best or simply take the time to experiment and explore until you are truly happy.

Of course there are some things to look out for because as the e-cig world has gotten more popular, some less reputable brands have tried to cash in.

Sticking with products that are manufactured in the USA can help with safety standards, as imported products are often held to lower standards and monitored less closely. The American E-liquid Manufacturing Standards Association (AEMSA) has been formed in hopes of making this easier to identify for customers, so looking for a certified e-liquid mix you like is a great way to feel safe. Another important aspect that was not directly addressed is customer support in the form of warranties and return policies, as many companies will be more helpful than others and should be considered. Finally, pricing is always a factor because not everyone has an unlimited budget so sticking to something that fits with your financials is pretty much mandatory.

Just keep in mind at all times that if something sounds too good to be true, you should probably invest the time to make sure it is real. Signing up for a free trial might sound appealing, but when the fine print leads to huge monthly charges you will quickly be regretting it. Instead of trying to save a few bucks and cheat the system, invest a little money and time into getting a product from an established brand. Ultimately smoking is an important aspect of many people’s lives, so respect the fact that doing the work upfront to find a great product will pay off down the road. In closing, most every reputable brand will provide a great alternative to analog cigarettes so making the switch is almost guaranteed to be a positive experience if you keep all of this advice in mind.