E-Cig Liquid

E-liquid is a big big part of vaping – seeing as it is the main consumable in this activity we all love it isn’t any surprise that ejuice, vape juice, e-cigarette liquids or whatever you prefer to call these flavored (and often nicotine spiked) brews that are increasingly becoming the new item of ‘Vaping Connoisseur’ delight across America.

While big brands include a few solid choices with quality control and flavor ranges worth of excitement (V2 Cigs for value and VaporFi for range are two big ones) however the groundswell in smaller and independent ‘craft’ liquid nicotine shops (in a way much like craft beer brewers) is a trend hard to miss (and well well worth exploring!).


Are you looking to save money on your vaping? 

Are you looking into refilling your cartomizers or blank cartomizers?

Are you moving up to a larger battery?

Are you now using tanks and clearos?

Seeking a new flavor sensation or ALL Day Vape (ADV?)?



HighBrow Eliquid is one of the earlier and better established 'boutique' e-liquid shops, which hand mix your order fresh for delivery and feature some stellar local ingredients!


This sounds very confusing at first. There is a lot to learn and take into consideration when making the decision to refill your catomizers or move up to a larger battery. This article is meant to help you better understand eLiquids, not about risks or the science of eCigs. I hope this article will help you make good decisions when deciding on the mix that is perfect for you. There are many important factors when choosing an eLiquid including flavor, throat hit, blending, ratios, and amount of nicotine.

Most people do not realize the importance of ratios, as they can be an easy thing to overlook. The right mix is very important. The ratio in eLiquids is made up of Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG). It is very important to know the ingredients going into your eLiquid, including flavoring concentrates. There is so much more involved in eLiquid than taste, yet to a lot of users this is the most important. This article is meant to help you learn all you can about choosing the perfect eLiquid for you. We hope this will help you understand how the ingredients and flavoring concentrates can affect your E-Cig style and experience.

What is behind the throat hit?

Although this in not unanimously agreed upon, I believe and have experienced the PG level and nicotine level affecting my throat hit. Most people believe that the PG level affects the hit, but are skeptical about if the nicotine truly affects it.

Here is a personal test for you. Order two different types of vapor, have one mixed with a low amount of nicotine, and one with a higher amount. Try both! See for yourself how the higher nicotine eLiquid gives you a harsher throat hit.

Speaking of Nicotine – well, what is it exactly?

Nicotine is an addiction to put it a little coldly. Some would say nicotine is the motivation behind vaping – it may have been the main one behind smoking but I would assert that vaping is a many nuanced beast with appeals yet to be put to print adequately – with nicotine consumption (especially with many new ‘vape pens’ suited to other types of substance) not being at least the only one amongst them. It is a significant player in the satisfaction many get however and should be considered.

Found in nature beyond only tobacco plants (Tomatos, eggplant and other veggies come loaded as well!)  Nicotine acts as a stimulant AND a sedative, one fairly unique characteristic of the drug, to us as humans.

High amounts can be harmful – though in quantities very very unlikely that the average vaper would ever be able to inhale –  which makes vaping in this sense alone somewhat less harmful than smoking tobacco (and if you see our electronic cigarette safety and health guide you can see the other ways that drastically change the balance in vaping’s favor).

Smoking tobacco exposes your body to 4000 different chemicals. It should be relatively easy to make the switch from cartomizers to eLiquid. The eLiquid companies are very helpful at finding a mix as close as possible to your past nicotine level. For example if you’re past cartomizer brand used a nicotine level or 1.6 percent. Your new company could offer a 1.5 or 1.7 percent. The difference is almost unnoticeable. I will always appreciate smoking the old-fashioned way. By using vapor however, I have been able to partially remove my dependence on nicotine.


V2 Cigs E-Liquid Comes in Affordable Bottles as Well as the prefilled carts - in both 25ml and 50ml bottle sizes. V2 is one of the few brands to offer unique identifiers that can be quickly and easily looked up to see lab test results for your exact eliquid purchase! They have solid range of good flavors well suited to budget all day vaping as well. Save 10% on any eliquid orders with coupon code EVAPE10 - check their range out here, and our v2 cigs review here V2 Cigs E-Liquid Comes in Affordable Bottles as Well as the prefilled carts – in both 25ml and 50ml bottle sizes. V2 is one of the few brands to offer unique identifiers that can be quickly and easily looked up to see lab test results for your exact eliquid purchase! They have solid range of good flavors well suited to budget all day vaping as well. Save 10% on any eliquid orders with coupon code EVAPE10 – check their range out here, and our v2 cigs review here[/caption]


What’s your electronic cigarette liquid flavor?

Flavor is what determines if you have a positive or negative vaping experience. Everyone has different taste buds and is in search for a different unique vapor taste. You won’t have a happy vapor experience if you don’t love your flavor! The flavor determines everything about the vapor, including the throat hit. Different flavors impact tremendously how harsh or soft the throat hit is. The softer the flavor the softer the hit and vice versa. You could take two eLiquids with the same nicotine level and PG/VG ratio but with softer and harsher flavors. The harshness of the throat hit would reflect on the type of flavor.

Although two different flavors might sound delicious, take in to account that one will be harsher than the other. If you are trying to decide between cotton candy and cinnamon remember cinnamon will be stronger and harsher. It is also very important to try to bypass eLiquid marketing schemes. Vendors will always try to make products sound better than they actually are, that is just business. It’s our job as vapor users to see past this. We need to understand that it is their job to sell as much as possible to us, so they will use any tactic necessary including changing up descriptions. Let give an example of this. You go in to buy a new eLiquid and you see root beer flavor. “Ooo yum! I love root beer floats that must be delicious!

Hold up! Do not buy that root beer flavor yet! Ask for the details of the product. What brand of root beer is it trying to duplicate? Or is it supposed to be like a root beer candy? Is the taste supposed to be like a root beer float? What flavor of ice cream is supposedly mixed with it? On top of that, there might be as many as eight different root beer flavors available. It can become a little overwhelming. Asking questions about the flavor before choosing is very important and will help you make a relaxed confident decision. You need to make sure the flavor chosen will make you and your taste buds happy.

Does the flavor the vendor is selling sounds like something you would like? Back to the root beer example. Pretend your favorite dessert is root beer floats with breyers vanilla ice cream. Do not just assume that a root beer float eLiquid will taste exactly the same. There are so many different brands of ice cream and root beer that make it hard to guess what kind could possibly have been used as the flavors for the eLiquid. Some people luck out and find their favorite dessert item in eLiquid form. Some find that it tastes identical. Others aren’t so lucky. All I’m saying is, do your research. Don’t get sucked into a marketing scheme. Really think about what you’re ordering and make sure it is a flavor that will make you happy. If you wouldn’t eat it in food form, you probably shouldn’t order it in vapor form.

Finally, be very careful when choosing your vendor. ELiquids are a new venture in most areas. You do not want to order from anywhere without doing your research. You should stay away from internet reviews that can be faked and solely rely on word of mouth from friends, family, business colleagues, pretty much anyone’s word of mouth opinion is safer than using the internet. You should also rely heavily on reviews. Reviews are honest opinions of a place in newspaper, magazines, and on the internet. Especially when they are not on the internet, you can put a lot of trust in what they experienced.

There are still more factors in this stuff? Eliquid sounds complex!

Different types of equipment and accessories can also affect the strength of your throat hit. What is a low resistance cartomizer? First, resistance means how much opposition to electrical current an object has. A cartmizer is a disposable cartridge with a built in atomizer. Alright so now that we know what a low resistance cartomizer is, let’s learn about it. A low resistance cartomizer produces a thick hit that is warm with a strong hit. We are comparing it to the standard resistance cartomizer. A low resistance cartomizer lets more current in by resisting less current. Your coil will become hotter using a low resistance cartomizer because of the extra amount of current. The lesser the ohm number the more current. For example a cartomizer with 1.0ohms allows more current than another one with 2.5ohms.Using the low resistance cartomizer creates extra heat and more vapor. This leads to a harder and stronger throat hit. This is called a clean burn by users.

Are you looking to get more vapors from your eLiquid? Are you looking for a harsher throat hit, but you don’t want to give up your perfect mix of PG and VG? Make the switch to a low resistance atomizer. An atomizer is the heating element in an eCigeratte that creates the vapor. An atomizer can be used in two different forms. It can be an atomizer added to your tank or added to your cartomizer. Using a low resistance atomizer can create an increase of up to 20% more vapor. The vapor sometimes will also be noticeably warmer.

Some people aren’t as fond of low resistance atomizers. Some batteries are not able to handle the low resistance. Sometimes the cost is also a little more expensive for low resistance. Usually the cost is very small, about $1. There are many companies right now making generic cartomizers and clearomizers that will fit a variety of brands. There are some good generics including Aspire and Kanger. Make sure you are getting a good deal and good quality before making a generic purchase. Aspire has a great line of tanks and clearomizers. They are manufactured by the brand AnyVape. Both Aspire and Kanger have many different types and styles. They have great quality and may variations of style, color, and size. They have some of the best Dual Coil arrangements. Right now this is the type of vape I use. I recommend them because of their quality and their removable coil. You can pop out and in your coils as your vaping habits change.

Apollo ECIGS not only sell a wide range of great ecig and vape pen kits - they also have their own line of solid eliquid selections

Apollo ECIGS not only sell a wide range of great ecig and vape pen kits – they also have their own line of solid eliquid selections we recommend

What’s a dual coil?

A dual coil cartomizer looks the same as others. The coils that are below the polyfill material use two single coils that run parallel to each other. A normal cartomizer uses a single strand of coil. By using two, each coil can handle more resistance. The dual coil cartomizers are less likely to overheat. They also are much less likely to burn up. Using two coils, the cartomizer becomes more efficient and also can maintain a much higher resistance. Dual coils are the way to go for an effective strong hit.

These dual coil cartomizers can produce a very harsh throat hit. These work very well on devices that have a large battery. There isn’t a worry about overheating or burning. Whether your preference is cartomizers or clearomizers using a dual cartomizers is the best route. Dual coils make a significant experience by producing more vapors. When the two coils are combined a lower resistance occurs and this makes a greater area for the heat and current to travel.

How is eLiquid blended?

To recap, eLiquid is a mix of Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG). These two parts of the eLiquid ratio, determine how the eCig hits. For example, a high percentage of PG results in a hard throat hit. PG also had a lot more flavor than the VG. This does not mean that a highly VG based mix won’t taste good. I have experienced a few different eLiquids high in VG that still taste quite good. Although I have heard of some experiencing a high ratio of VG gunking up the system.

Vegetable Glycerin has fewer flavors than Propylene Glycol does. VG is also a lot easier on the throat and the hits are not as harsh. There is an almost nonexistent percentage of the population that has allergies to VG. This is because it is so easy on lungs and throat. It doesn’t irritate or cause pain. The lesser amount of flavor in VG is sometimes counteracted by adding more flavor concentrate to the mix.

Some eCigs and their systems do not work well with high percentages of VG. Using a lot of VG will change the length of the life of your atomizers and cartomizers. It can also sometimes affect the batteries. You will not be able to refill your cartomizers that often if you use a high VG based eLiquid. This is especially true when compared to a higher PG based eLiquid.

How do I perfect my ratio?

Everyone likes a different ratio. Every person is different. We have different taste buds, like different smells, have different dislikes. You must find the combination that works for you. Some people like high VG and low PG. Other like a low VG and high PG. Other still enjoy something in the middle. In general, every person is different. Some people do have allergies to the VG component of the mix. To deal with this a lot of people will start out with ratios like 80% PG and 20% VG to see how your body takes it. Also acceptable it the amount of 70% PG and 30% VG. Being safe and easing into it is the best option if you are worried about allergies.

The most important thing is finding a combination you like. Usually the 80/20 or 70/30 is considered the house standard. If you go in to a vapor store your first time and don’t give them much information about how you want your mix put together, it will most likely be done using these percentages. Most people enjoy this ratio though. Aside from being the house standard of most businesses, these two ratios are a favorite of most people. It provides a great throat hit and flavor. It also provides a great deal of vapor. Others like to use a 50/50 mix. I personally use a 50/50 mix with my cartomizer and a dual coil. It creates a great throat hit. I also use a pre punched cartomizer which allow a large amount of liquid to reach the atomizer. It makes for a great vapor experience.

Just remember, the most important thing is making sure you are happy with your mix selection. The eLiquid needs to satisfy your vapor, flavor and throat hit needs. You need to be very pleased with your selection. Keeping these three factors in mind when you are searching for your ratio will ensure a good mix. Your tastes will most likely keep evolving and changing through time. Your mix can evolve and change with your tastes.


Wrapping it up – BreatheFresh ECIG Reviews Guide To E-Cigarette Liquid

Everything about eLiquids comes down to what your personally likes and enjoys. Choosing the right type of eLiquid can be an adventure that can take a long time. It is very important to find the right combination for yourself.

If you are interested in learning even more about Propylene Glycol or Vegetable Glycerin there are all kinds of information on the internet about them. You can learn even more about the various ingredients used in eLiquid. You can also learn about how much healthier vape is compared to tobacco. The FDA has officially stated that both PG and VG are safe for human use and consumption. Nicotine will forever be a highly addictive substance. I believe that it just the same as having caffeine, enjoying a diet coke a day, or a morning coffee. Although it is addictive, it will not kill you. Nicotine comes from a plant; it is not as bad as some make it out to be. Compared to the addiction, the benefits are so much bigger.

I hope you consider all I have told you about eLiquids. Being educated about the combination of ratio, blend, nicotine, throat hit, and flavor will make it so you choose the correct eLiquid for you. I hope you find a delicious flavor that satisfies your taste buds while giving you the throat hit you desire. Imagine the taste of the flavors in the prefilled cartomizers. It will be a whole new world for you when you try some eLiquid from Spinfuel. It will be 100 better and tastier. Choosing the right eLiquid for you can end up being a pain in the butt. I hope this article will help make it a little bit easier.

The best advice I can bestow upon you is when you find a flavor and consistency that you absolutely love, by the biggest container of it you can. You really don’t want to run out of your favorite as soon as you are in the mood for it. I buy 60ML bottles of my favorites when I can. It’s the best way to always have my favorites on hand. I hope you take into consideration what you have read today. By using this information you can hopefully save money by spending money only on eLiquids that you will enjoy. Hopefully this will save you the money and hassle of trying out eLiquids you do not enjoy.”