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The Best E-Cigarette Liquids – A Review

Read through the page to know about three top e cig brands that are providing amazing e liquids in the market. In this page I have assessed brands like V2 Cigs, Smokeless Image, and Volcano E Cig to find out the best e liquid. Let us see which brand tops the review of the best e liquid.

v2 cigs e cigarette liquid, a good choice for new users and those seeking a great value

v2 cigs e cigarette liquid, a good choice for new users and those seeking a great value

V2 Cigs E liquid

V2 cigs offer 3 tobacco flavors for the original vaping lovers like the V2 Red, Congress and Sahara. In addition to the tobacco flavors V2 offers two menthol and five special flavors, like menthol, peppermint and V2cola, cherry, vanilla, coffee and chocolate respectively. Amongst these are the 4 throat hitting flavors like menthol, peppermint, Sahara and V2 red. All these are available in the nicotine content that ranges from 0 to 24mg.

Thus V2 cigs provides a wide range to select from (check out for wonderful, in-depth coverage from an independent user and critical perspective). These e liquids can be filled as per the choice of the customer into the blank cartridges provided by V2 cigs and the customer can also mix and match the flavors of his/her choice like the vanilla cartridge can be mixed with menthol flavor to give a sweet yet hitting taste. There are dripping products provided by the brand that can be used to fill the liquid in the cartridges.

When the customer goes out in the market to purchase he enquires about the contents that have been added or used to make the e liquid but if at all there is no testing that has been carried out on the product it becomes very difficult to convince the customer to buy that product. In order to avoid this, V2 offers batch testing of its products so that a clear picture of the nicotine strengths etc., used in the e liquid can be provided to the customer. There are numbers provided to each batch after testing and the customer can easily get technical testing information on that particular batch from the official website.

As far as the cost is concerned the e liquids provided by V2 cigs are far more reasonable and affordable as compared to many other players in the market. Moreover, the cartridge refilling facility allows saving a lot of money making it a most convincing option.



E liquid by Smokeless Image – Original

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Smokeless Image has maintained its fan rating by offering tobacco focused e liquids to the ex smokers. They offer a wide variety of flavors but mainly focus on the tobacco rich flavors blended with caramel. This gives a sweet yet a hard effect to the customer.

The blank cartomizers provided by smokeless Image solve the purpose of mixing two flavors and allowing the customer to make his/her own personalized taste. But since their main focus is on the tobacco flavors unlike the flavors provided by V2 cigs, it becomes difficult for other social vapers to accept the tobacco rich flavors provided by Smokeless Image, since they offer a minimum choice of flavors other than the tobacco rich flavors.

Smokeless Image provides 30ml of these liquid bottles but again the nicotine levels are not mentioned unlike the V2 cigs. And they don’t do batch testing as well.

They offer flavors like 555, desert Joe, country, freedom, RY4 (again all tobacco rich flavors) with some other social flavors like cappuccino, chocolate, cherry, classic grape, ice menthol, mint, menthol burst, watermelon and vanilla.

Smokeless Image cannot come in line with the taste and quality of the flavors provided by V2 cigs because their main focus lies on the tobacco enriched flavors.

E liquid by Volcano e cigs

Volcano e liquids are growing fast in the market as they offer a wide variety of flavors to satisfy all the customers. Their flavors are produced in Honolulu unlike the American produced liquids by V2. Their products strictly adhere to the FDA code of conduct.

There are a total of 24 flavors offered by Volcano e cigs and are available in 15ml and 30ml bottles. Apart from these their liquids have high nicotine contents up to 24mg, which is far higher than the 18mg nicotine contents provided by V2 Cigs.

Their flavors include Bonzai banana, aloha apple, hula punch, cotton candy, cherry lava, bluewater punch, coconut, grape escape, choconilla haze, Kona coffee, Menthol Dew, Hawaiian Espresso, Mauna dew, jungle fruit, menthol burst, RY four, liquid paradise, pipeline peach, red wings, pineapple punch, milk chocolate, Waikiki watermelon, tobacco pure, vanilla bean, surfer soda, sweet tart, shaka strawberry, red hot lava, v-liquid paradise, and tobacco. All the flavors provided by Volcano are throat hitting and soothing as well, with the best competitive prices in the market.

On the whole, there is a wide variety to choose from considering the prices, quality, taste, hygiene, health etc., and thus keeping in mind the major factors like health and hygiene and the quality of the contents that are used in the making of the e liquids, V2 scores the highest points.

Here is how V2 Cigs ranks top:

The batch testing is only provided by V2 cigs that clearly states the quality of the contents that they use is on the higher side.

They also mention the exact nicotine levels in their products and this facility is not provided by any other player in the market. Also, some of the brands do not mention the nicotine levels of their product. And if they state the same, the range is so high that it becomes almost better to discard that product.

In a nutshell V2 cigs brand provides a reasonably good amount of nicotine which is healthy. They state the quality of their contents used and at the same time provide good range of tastes to satisfy all the customers instead of concentrating only on the tobacco rich flavors. Hence, V2 cigs can be marked as the top brand producing best e liquids in the market.