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The following guide has been put together to help you learn about the past, present and future of electronic cigarettes. It was created so that you can have all the knowledge we’ve amassed over the years about electronic cigarettes in one place. In addition to this handout, we’ll be offering you this information in a variety of different formats because we understand that in today’s world people access data in many different ways. From PDF’s to podcasts, we’re not going to give you any excuse to not have the facts in the palm of your hands.

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Traditional Tobacco Cigarettes and Smoking Period = BAD BAD BAD

Traditional Tobacco Cigarettes and Smoking Period = BAD BAD BAD

Electronic Cigarettes – A Product Designed to Change the Way You Smoke

It’s no secret that smoking traditional cigarettes is deadly. For every Great Aunt Millie who lived to be 100 years old while smoking a pack of day (and don’t we all know, or know somebody who knows a Great Aunt Millie!), quite a few Millies who never lived to be anybody’s great aunt have expired due to a smoking related disease. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in 5 deaths are related to cigarettes.

The lung cancer death rate for women in the United States increased by 500% for women between the years of 1960 and 1990. For men, smoking will triple a middle aged man’s chances of dying from heart disease. Those are jaw dropping numbers! Smokers aren’t only putting their own health at risk, more than 49,000 people die each year from diseases related to secondhand smoke.

Recently, at the Sixth China North-South Lung Cancer Summit, 300 experts presented some terrifying facts: the number of deaths due to Lung Cancer has risen by 465% over the past 30 years, replacing liver cancer as the leading form of cancer in that country. These numbers are what caused Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist, to invent the electronic cigarette. His idea came to him after a nicotine-patch induced nightmare during the time period before Hon Lik’s father succumbed to lung cancer. Hon Lik gave his father his earliest prototype, but it was too late.

As awareness of the risks associated with smoking rises, countries are actively putting policies in place in hopes of discouraging smoking. Unfortunately, for most people, quitting isn’t a snap. People need help to rid themselves of their addiction.

So now we get to the good news: quitting smoking before the age of 40 can reduce your chance of dying due to a smoking related disease by 90%. There’s also better news: electronic cigarettes have helped countless people break their addiction to traditional cigarettes, reducing their risk of an unnecessary death. We want you to be one of those people. You CAN be one of those people.

The history of the smokeless e-cigarette

You might think that the electronic cigarette is a relatively new invention but its origins can be traced back to 1963 and a man by the name of Herbert A. Gilbert who patented a device known as a smokeless tobacco free cigarette. The device was based on the idea that a moist flavored air could be heated and then inhaled giving the sensation and taste of smoking. The patent goes on to describe a nicotine solution that when heated would be released in a steam. There was a lot of excitement about this new patent and many companies were eager to work with Gilbert and start producing these new cigarettes. Unfortunately the timing couldn’t have been worse. Cigarettes were extremely cheap in the 1960’s and there were still doctors recommending cigarettes in some cases to reduce stress, most people didn’t have many worries when it came to smoking. This new product would be expensive to manufacture and there really wasn’t a need for it. By the late 1960’s the device was all but forgotten about.

the birth of the original electronic cigarette on the market - i got mine on ebay

the birth of the original electronic cigarette on the market – i got mine on ebay

This revolutionary idea did have serious merit and by the late 1990’s the idea was revitalized by the R.J. Reynolds tobacco company but after spending over 1 billion dollars in research and development it was discarded. The FDA and other sources claimed that the new cigarette was nothing more than a drug delivery device. Even with the bad press and critics of the device R.J Reynolds still produced a limited run for consumption and that’s when the verdict came in. The device seemed to work well but smokers complained of a bad aftertaste of charcoal. The company tried to salvage their device by putting out instruction manuals and claiming that consumers had to smoke at least 3 packs to acquire a taste for the new product but consumers were by this time done with the new fad and returned to conventional cigarettes.

Another reason for the device’s failure was the fact that the tobacco company still wanted to sell conventional cigarettes, a conflict of interest to say the least. You can’t claim this is a healthy alternative without saying that your main product is unhealthy. To top it off the company addressed this issue by telling consumers they believed that the combustion factor of conventional cigarettes is what they thought might be unhealthy all the while knowing that they were loading each cigarette they sold with 599 additives, over 70 of which were known carcinogens at the time.

Innovation rarely starts with the big companies and there is usually a valid real life reason for someone to realize and make that product that no one else could and in 2000 a Chinese man by the name of Hon Lik did just that, he invented the modern day electronic cigarette. Hon Lik wasn’t seeking riches or fame he was realizing that his 3 pack a day smoking habit was killing him and that point was driven home when he watched his father, a long time smoker, die from lung cancer. Hon Lik didn’t want to just quite he wanted to invent an alternative that would still give people the pleasure they derived from smoking, namely the nicotine, without the harmful side effects of actually smoking. He wanted to invent a clean nicotine delivery system that felt and acted like an actual cigarette. And with that the electronic cigarette was finally born.

Hon’s new electronic cigarette was simple by nature but ingenious by design. He used a slender lithium battery to heat an atomizer that would convert the liquid nicotine to steam. Not only did this device work, it worked rather well and the vapor produced made it look like you were actually smoking. In 2003 these new electronic cigarettes finally hit the market and there has been no turning back since then.

Hon’s design was simple and it looked like an actual cigarette, so much so that the casual observer never knew it was an electronic cigarette. Hon was the creator of this wonderfully simple device but it could still be improved upon, and while Hon was the impetus for all the electronic cigarettes you see today it was actually the early adopters of the electronic cigarette that have driven the innovation of the device since 2003. One of the first improvements was the look of the electronic cigarette. Most early electronic cigarette users realized that they didn’t need the device to look like an actual cigarette and they were starting to realize that looking like a cigarette was detrimental to the device and the e-cig revolution that was starting. With that users started making modifications to Hon’s device and making new devices all together that used bigger batteries, low resistance atomizers and different mechanisms to deliver the nicotine liquid to the atomizer. Almost overnight a new industry sprang up and there were dozens of companies and individuals making their own electronic cigarettes, all based loosely on Hon’s design.

the electronic cigarette - the invention all smokers had been waiting for

the electronic cigarette – the invention all smokers had been waiting for

While the electronic cigarette has come a long way since 1963 it still has some way to go in order to gain wider acceptance. Health organizations such as the FDA and WHO have been reticent to put their stamp of approval on electronic cigarettes in large part due to early promotion of the device and some early and unscrupulous manufacturers looking to make a quick dollar. Because the device was first marketed as a smoking cessation aid the FDA took a very hard look at the nicotine content and delivery device and early tests were not good. Since 2003 the electronic cigarette industry has really tightened up the procedures for manufacturing e-liquids and the vast majority of companies not only produce their e-liquids in clean rooms with qualified personnel they also send a sample from each batch made to independent labs to verify the purity. Another big problem for the health organizations is the fact that nicotine is still being delivered, while this is true there can be no denial of the fact that nicotine is the only chemical delivered by the electronic cigarette while real cigarettes contain over 599 chemicals, 70 of which are known cancer causing agents.

Today electronic cigarettes come in all shapes and sizes driven by a user community that is passionate about vaping and continuing to improve upon an already great design. The electronic cigarette user is as much the inventor of the modern day electronic cigarette as the men mentioned before because they championed the cause and improved an already great device.


The Rapid Evolution of the Modernized Electric Cig Design and Model Types

Three-Component Design

Every electronic cigarette is built from the same basic components. However, manufacturers are constantly innovating new methods to improve the user experience through product design. The initial three-part design has been the first structure that all manufacturers have adopted, consisting of three basic components: the cartridge, the atomizer, and the battery.

Cartridge Component

This is where flavor and nicotine are contained, in any number of strengths and flavor choices. It resembles the butt of a traditional cigarette and functions as one too. However, cartridges contain e-liquid, which is comprised of flavor and nicotine. Once the atomizer is heated, hot air passes through this cartridge, enabling the nicotine and flavor to be released and inhaled by the user through the end of the cartridge.

Atomizer Component

The atomizer replaces fire and combustion as the heating element of the electronic cigarette. Upon inhalation of air, the atomizer heats up and passes that warmth through the entire cartridge. The heat leads to vapor production and the release of flavor from the cartridge, allowing the user to inhale both flavor and nicotine in the vapor.

Battery Component

Found in a vast variety of sizes and shapes, the battery powers the entire electronic cigarette. Oftentimes it will include an LED indicator light to display its current charge level. Batteries can charge and power the electronic cigarette, and allow it to produce vapor when the user inhales air through the tip. Batteries typically need to be charged before use. Various manufacturers offer different battery designs. Some blend in to resemble traditional tobacco cigarettes while others are more fun and colorful, depending on the interests of the user.


How Three Components Work Together

Once the user inhales through the silicon cartridge tip, air is introduced to the battery component. This results in activating a sensor inside the battery that turns on the electronic cigarette. As soon as it is powered on, the atomizer begins to heat up, vaporizing the e-liquid in the cartridge, and producing flavorful nicotine vapor for the user to inhale. With the three-part design, there is a significantly higher rate of atomizer failure when compared with two-part designs.

Anatomy of a Two-Component Design

Recently, manufacturers in the e-cig industry have come up with an innovative solution to atomizer failure. The two-part design consists solely of the battery, and a combo cartridge/atomizer called the cartomizer. Operating these electronic cigarettes is similar to operating a three-component electronic cigarette. The only difference is that the cartomizer is the refillable component, instead of being disposable. Manufacturers produce re-fillers, or small bottles of liquid which contain nicotine and flavoring, which users can refill their cartomizers with to keep on producing vapor.

Operating a Two-Component Design

Operation of both three-part and two-part designed electronic cigarettes is exactly the same. With a two-part design, the the cartridge now contains the atomizer. This leads to a somewhat extended life expectancy for the atomizer, and some users even report enhanced flavor.


So What’s the Deal on Using E-Cigs to Quit Smoking? Is Switching Really Better?

The industry’s point of view:

Many suppliers of electronic cigarettes opened with claims that the eCig was able to help people quit their addiction to cigarettes as the product first rolled out. However, electronic cigarettes remain a relatively unfamiliar and new product on the market, and it lacks testing and proof to back up the idea that the eCig is capable of helping a user quit smoking, so the FDA has outlawed making such claims. Scientists have declared that the product must be 10 or more years old in order to have a thorough study done. But, other researchers have gone ahead and held their own tests and trials, and have produced some very positive results thus far.

Boston University releases their research:

In an online survey, the Boston University’s School of Public Health’s Department of Community Health Science released data that related electronic cigarettes to being used as a method to cease smoking. This survey, titled “Electronic Cigarettes as a Smoking Cessation Tool”, was held online, seeking the demographic of adults who originally smoked on a regular basis, and were now seeing a change in these habits after vaping with an electronic cigarette for over 6 months. The survey consisted of 222 people, with a mix of both women and men. Most of the survey takers said that they had been smoking for at least 6 years, and half of these smokers quit smoking for a short duration of time after they tried their first electronic cig. The other half said they were able to lessen their nicotine intake, while two users continued to use traditional cigarettes once a day or more after using a eCig.

University of Auckland’s findings:

Electronic cigarettes being used as a method of smoking cessation was of interest to the University of Auckland, and their study, concerning the effectiveness of electronic cigarettes to satisfy cravings and deliver nicotine, was conducted using forty adults who smoked on the regular (a pack or more everyday). In order to ensure the study was valid, some of the electronic cigarettes used in the study contained nicotine, whereas others did not, to act as a placebo.

According to the results, at http://www.healthnz.co.nz/ecig_effect-2.pdf, the adults who used the electronic cigarettes that did contain nicotine for an hour, had less cravings for a smoke than the adults who were given a placebo for the hour.

These studies indicate that there is a potential for electronic cigarettes to be used as a way to help smokers quit. If more research was carried out on this topic, scientists believe that more supportive evidence can be found.

The UK’s MHRA Accepts Electronic Cigarettes as a Valid Method to Stop Smoking

The MHRA in the UK, after reviewing compounded data from multiple research studies, has declared electronic cigarettes acceptable for being a tool to assist in smoking cessation. However, the electronic cigarette is declared as medicine instead of a tool, which limits the availability. Overall, this is a great advance for all electronic cigarette users, but some will likely consider this to be a move by the pharmaceutical companies to take over and control the industry for electronic cigarettes.

The authorities do not accept any of the studies done by researchers as total and utter proof that electronic cigarettes are an effective method towards ceasing smoking. There just isn’t any completely confirmative proof that the electronic cigarette is not just effective, but also safe for users who wish to stop smoking. However, by all means, don’t take their reluctance to accept this new technology as a sign you shouldn’t give it a try! Research studies have shown great, promising results towards electronic cigarettes being used as a “stop smoking” instrument.


Unlocking the Potential of Cig-a-likes, E-Cigs, Vape Pens – Many Names For Many Variations, But Much Remains The Same

Put Quite Plainly, It’s a Healthier Alternative to Smoking

This guide has laid out in the plainest of terms how electronic cigarettes can be used to assist you in achieving your goals to become a nonsmoker. Now we’ll talk about more reasons to toss your traditional, tobacco laden cigarettes aside in favor of electronic cigarettes.

At the top of that list would be safety. Contrary to what you may have heard on the news recently, many studies have been done on e-cigs. The data that exists indicates that electronic cigarettes pose much less of a risk to the consumer’s health than a regular cigarette, to the point where they do not warrant concern. Other than nicotine (let me add that there are many non-nicotine options for fans of vaping) and water, electronic cigarettes contain propylene glycol. Propylene glycol is not a carcinogen, is approved by the FDA (labeled as generally safe) and is most often found at your local entertainment venue in their fog machine. The flavors offered to you are manufactured from the same chemicals used in food products. There’s no indication that the vapors emitted by electronic cigarettes cause any secondhand harm at all.

The stench. You know what we mean. You step outside to smoke a cigarette and when you come back inside your family members or coworkers wrinkle up their nose at you. It clings to your skin, to your hair, to your clothes. The smell of ash and burnt tobacco stick to you for some time after you’ve put that last smoke out. With e-cigs, you don’t have to worry about your loved ones and the people you work with being grossed out over the offensive odor surrounding you because there IS NO offensive smell.

We remember when smoking was cool. At one point in time, smoking was encouraged. That time has passed. Where you used to be able to find a group of smokers hanging together at the back entrance of your workplace laughing and unwinding after a well deserved lunch break, now you’ll need to walk far away from the back door only to encounter a couple of other smokers who are just as worried about being caught smoking as you are. Society’s view on smokers has changed dramatically. There’s no reason to be proud of being a smoker anymore. You aren’t a part of a larger group of people who seem to be worldly and informed. The dangers of tobacco cigarettes are common knowledge and those who indulge in them appear to be willfully ignorant. On the other hand, you can partake in a vaping session anywhere. There are very few places where vaping is prohibited. You can keep the social aspect of meeting with like minded folk, without the shame.

Money, money, money! Cigarettes are expensive, in large part due to the taxes that have been slapped on them, and that will continue to be placed on them. Not many people are sympathetic to the price smokers pay for a pack of smokes. A pack a day habit can cost a smoker a while lot of money. Electronic cigarettes, on the other hand, are a money saver. They aren’t subject to taxes. Many sites offer savings calculators so that you can compare various brands of e-cigs in order to assist you in making an educated decision when you make the switch. It isn’t about IF you’ll save, it’s about HOW MUCH you’ll save.

Modern Day Advertising

Big tobacco used to spend a lot of money hiring famous actors to sell their product. The problem was that quite of a few of these people refused to actually use the product in public. For a check and the time it took to complete a marketing ad, they were happy to claim that smoking traditional cigarettes was a hobby of theirs but you’d never see them actually smoking.

Today, you’ll find many celebs with no connection to an endorsement deal touting the benefits of electronic cigs. From Katherine Heigl, to Dennis Quaid to hard partying rocker Ronnie Wood, celebrities are openly vaping these days.

How do E-Cigs and Portable Vaporizers Impact Health?

Safety Concerns about Electronic Cigarettes

When someone is making the switch from the traditional cigarette over to the electronic cigarette, chances are one of their main concerns are the health problems associated with cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are not completely safe and come without any concerns, but, compared to the traditional analog cigarette, the electronic type has you inhale nicotine just like the original, but none of the tar, carcinogens, and other harmful chemicals found in the original cigarette.

Whether or not electronic cigarettes can be considered safe is still being debated. While they do not contain any tobacco, they do have nicotine, which can be addictive and that is why researchers and health experts are still locked in a debate on how safe this product is. They do not cause lung cancer, or emphysema, so when you consider whether or not the electronic cigarette is a better choice than the analog cigarette, they are definitely, one hundred percent safer to use.

Experts Chime in on how Safe these Electronic Cigs are

Multiple studies have been conducted to conclude that electronic cigarettes are indeed, safe to use. WebMD Health News recently released results of their study, concluding that electronic cigarettes do not harm the heart. There is no burning, instead, the atomizer in an electronic cigarette heats up liquid to vaporize it and the nicotine is inhaled as a vapor instead of a harmful smoke. Their principal researcher, the MD of Ornassis Cardiac Surgery Center, Konstatinos Farsalinos, stated that electronic cigarettes can be used to help smokers quit smoking.

Konstatinos has further clarified his position, saying, “When you consider the dangers of smoking cigarettes, data that we have available right now indicates that electronic cigarettes do not cause nearly as much harm as the tobacco cigarette, and thusly, can be considered as beneficial alternative.”

The Chairman of the Tobacco Control Task Force, Joel Nitzkin, from the American Association of Public Health Physicians, says electronic cigarettes carry less than one percent of the dangers and risk that’ve been associated with tobacco cigarettes. David Sweanor, the previous advisor for the WHO, World Health Organization, says that instead of figuring out whether or not electronic cigarettes are safe to use or not, people should be considering which is the safer of the two. Mr. Sweanor believes that electronic cigarettes do not carry nearly the same level of risk as traditional cigarettes.

FDA’s Thoughts on the Matter

Many government agencies still are unsure about how safe these electronic cigarettes are. Regardless, there are many companies and retailers in the United States that sell electronic cigarettes and their accessories. Because there isn’t much information about the ingredients and chemicals found in the electronic cigarette, some researchers and experts remain divided on whether or not they can conclude electronic cigarettes as safe. The United States’ Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, has stated that there are concerns over the intake of nicotine when the consumer inhales vapor from an electronic cigarette.

What’s in an Electronic Cigarette?

The main two ingredients found in the electronic cigarette’s liquid are Propylene Glycol and nicotine. There’s no tobacco, and definitely no tar, which is one of the main culprits of causing the health issues that cigarettes have become infamous for. When the FDA did a research study on N-JOY’s electronic cigarette, they found that the e-cigarette contained less than a thousandth of the carcinogens and toxins found in a tobacco cigarette, and that the vapor produced by the e-cig did not have any toxic chemicals.

What’s Propylene Glycol?

Propylene Glycol, or PG, is the main ‘base’ in e-juice (usually) and thus can be seen as a primary (usually THE primary) ingredient found in the nicotine e-liquid used in e-cigs, and the FDA allows its use in:

  • Food flavorings and food coloring
  • Saline solutions
  • Food additive
  • Cooling agent
  • Injectable and oral formulations in the medical industry
  • To add moisture in medicine, mouthwash, various cosmetics, and toothpaste

PG is already found in many common household products that are very safe to use. It’s reassuring to know that the main ingredient found in electronic cigarettes is deemed safe by the FDA. Other studies show that Propylene Glycol isn’t a carcinogen, and it has very low oral toxicity. PG serves its purpose in electronic cigarettes the same way as any other product, and has been used since 1942 in various drugs and medicines. The United States Pharmacopoeia even lists it as an acceptable additive.

What about Nicotine?

The amount of nicotine in the electronic cigarettes is between 0% and 2.4%, as decided by the user’s own preferences. One of the biggest issues for health experts is the amount of nicotine contained in e-cigs, however, this is still less than what’s inside the tobacco cigarette. It has been proposed that users can slowly drop the level of nicotine in their cartridges towards 0%, thus weaning off nicotine slowly. Because these electronic cigarettes don’t contain as much nicotine as the tobacco cigarette does, they are most certainly a safer option.

Another FDA study has shown that electronic cigarettes do in fact, contain less nicotine than the traditional cigarette. This has been backed by other studies from America and New Zealand.

So what else is in an Electronic Cigarette?

Other than Propylene Glycol and nicotine, there are a few other chemicals, but since they exist in such minute amounts, most studies overlook them based on the fact the quantity is so low for each.

Electronic cigarettes also contain:

  • About 0.5% to 4% water
  • 10% ethanol, which is used for a soothing, cooling feeling
  • 10% linalyl alcohol
  • 3% malic acid, which is found in sour candy and other sour flavored food, as well as fruit that isn’t quite ripe yet
  • 2.5% artificial vanilla flavor, also called Vanillin. Often found in cartridges that are vanilla flavored
  • 1% acetylpyrazine, which is a flavoring
  • 1% menthol, for a minty, cooling effect

These are to be taken as a rough guide really only – e-liquid mixes vary depending on the person (you can blend your own, I mix about half the juice I vape) or supplier and the specific mix! Menthol won’t be included in non menthol flavors as a clear example, but the basics of PG/VG, Nicotine (usually) and some concentrate or other type of flavoring (this tends to be where the variations come from – while some makers swear only by organic flavoring it has been explained by places such as FlavourArt here, why ‘natural’ falvoring isn’t necessarily safer – it can be the other way around!).

Good news is there is a ton of testing going on these days, if you look at a brand like V2 Cigs, they allow you to look up batch tests from the specific bottle of e-liquid, prefilled cartomizer or other consumable by entering a code on their main website found on the packaging to see exact results. Industry associations are being proactive and forming to build their own best practices PRE any specific legislation and there is a huge trend towards many (and I do mean many!) Boutique & Small Batch E-Liquid ‘suppliers’ – much like boutique craft beer breweries – scattered across the USA and Canada too.



Buying a Safe Electronic Cigarette

As with any product on the market today you get what you pay for so researching your electronic cigarette purchase and doing your due diligence is very important. Seeing as the electronic cigarette has become a booming business in the last decade there are many companies coming into the market with dollar signs in their eyes and not much else while on the other hand there are many reputable electronic cigarette companies that have worked hard within the industry to standardize procedures and work for the betterment of the consumer.

The reason you want to deal with reputable electronic cigarette companies is obvious; safety. You want to know that the e-liquids you are using are pure and only contain the ingredients listed and you want to make sure that the actual device is made well with materials that are safe for the consumer. Years ago there were many problems with impurities in the e-liquid market and some of these e-liquids actually contained carcinogens. The reputable manufacturers actually test each batch of e-liquid they make and then send a sample of each batch to independent labs for testing and the results are published for the consumer to see. Another problem with the cheaper brands of electronic cigarettes are the materials used in the manufacture of the product, sometimes led is used to fit the pieces together which isn’t a great material to have in or near your mouth for long periods of time. Likewise sometimes the batteries are inferior and can explode while charging or in your pocket and there has also been problems with inferior charging devices that aren’t up to electrical standards.

The majority of companies manufacturing electronic cigarettes today are very dependable and reliable when it comes to their product. They source the best materials and manufacturing processes in order to make sure the product their consumer uses is as safe as can be. The use of substandard parts is largely a thing of the past and while there are still a few companies around only thinking about the bottom line, they are very few compared to the reputable companies.

When it comes to health related issues there are still many organizations on the fence when it comes to the health safety of electronic cigarettes. Some believe that no nicotine delivery device can ever be safe while others maintain that any device that curbs people from smoking cigarettes is infinitely healthier. E-liquid only contains nicotine, flavoring and Propylene Glycol. While straight nicotine in the wrong hands can be dangerous the nicotine in e-liquids is very diluted and safe. The flavorings are usually naturally sourced and Propylene Glycol has been used in consumer products from Twinkies to toothpaste for over 100 years and scientific research has proven it safe time and time again. Cigarettes on the other hand contain over 4000 active ingredients, 70 of which are known carcinogens. While researchers and doctors may differ on how safe the electronic cigarette may be they all have come to the same conclusion; using a device that only has 3 ingredients even if the major ingredient is nicotine is still preferable to smoking which delivers over 4000 additives to the human body, many of them known cancer causing agents.

The American Association Of Public Health Physicians have come out in support of the electronic cigarette saying that electronic cigarettes diminish the risk of diseases related to smoking by 99.9%. This is just the number for actual smokers and doesn’t include all the health related problems that non smokers will be spared because there is no issue with second hand smoke from an electronic cigarette.

So, you may be asking yourself “How do I find a reputable brand of electronic cigarette”? Well, the first place to start is the internet. Do as much research on electronic cigarettes as you can and start looking for forums for electronic cigarette users and companies that manufacture electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarette forums will give you the best information available from actual users of the products as to the best brands and companies to deal with. Who tests their products vigorously and who the dependable and reliable companies are. You will also get valuable insight into how to use your new electronic cigarette as well as tips and tricks to help you get started and stick to it in the long run. The average electronic cigarette user is probably the number one source for e-cig information today. Other than that you want to check out thoroughly each company you hear about and check into their practices and how they deal with the consumer. Do they test? Do they share that testing information? Are all the materials and ingredients listed on their website? Knowledge is power and a well informed consumer is a safe consumer.

Once you have done your research then the real study begins because you will be the final deciding factor as to how the electronic cigarette fulfills your needs and desires. Many electronic cigarette users have become advocates for the cause very early after starting to vape because they realize just how beneficial electronic cigarettes are to them and they want to spread the word and get other people interested. Choosing the right brand of electronic cigarette for you may take a little time as there a wide variety of shapes, sizes and brands to choose from but if you listen intently to the electronic cigarette community then certain brands will be mentioned time and time again as being the top in the field and very reputable. Over time you will learn this for yourself through dealing with these companies but the initial information you get from active electronic cigarette users will be invaluable to your research and to your health and safety.

Take your time and weigh all the options and listen to all the voices out there both pro and con for electronic cigarettes and then make up your own mind in a rational yet logical way as to how you will move forward concerning smoking, electronic cigarettes and most importantly your health.


In the recent years there have been many improvements to electronic cigarettes. These products have been looked at as a way to cut the harmful effects of tobacco cigarettes as well as an answer to cut overall long term negative risks of smoking. While these products have received great reviews from users, there is strong opposition from organizations and politicians.

One of the main opponents is Senator Lautenberg. Since 2009 he has continued to urge the FDA to completely ban the sale of electronic cigarettes in the United States. He is pushing for the stipulation that they be ruled completely safe before sales are allowed. In a time where tobacco products kill almost 500,000 people per year in the United States alone, this makes no sense. It would seem like the small risks associated with electronic products would be preferable to traditional cigarette risks, but this is not the case. With Sen. Lautenberg, there is no compromise. He has a do or die approach that does not follow common sense at all.

With problems such as these it is better to find solutions that make everybody happy instead of pleasing one party’s goals 100%. This is a problem that needs innovative progress, not hindrance from pharmaceutical companies looking to satisfy their own agenda. Many are left wondering why the opponents have such uncompromisable views on a products that is reducing traditional smoking in the general population.

When taking a closer look at the figures, it is easy to figure out the main reason these organizations and individuals are such strong opponents. The big pharma company Pfizer has major interests in holding up the progress of electronic products. While it may not be obvious at first, Pfizer views e-cigs as a direct threat to it’s product Chantix.

The facts are clear. The motive of Pfizer is surrounded by money. Their product Chantix(Champix) is not clearly any safer than electronic products and even has more serious associated risks when compared. Almost every single organization or politician that opposes E-cigs have received funding from Pfizer. This includes such organizations as:

American Academy of Pediatrics
Action on Smoking and Health
American Cancer Society
American Legacy Foundation
American Heart Association
Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids
American Lung Association
American Medical Association

In total Pfizer has donated more than 2.5 million dollars to these organizations. It would seem that politics and money are at the center of this controversy. The electronic cigarette stands in between tobacco and pharmaceutical drugs that help to quit smoking. They are a direct threat to the sale of Chantix. When looked at with this information, it is easy to read why Pfizer as well as the people and organizations in their pocket would oppose this product. Pfizer stands to lose more and more profits from sales as E-cigs gain momentum.

This is where politics and lobbying come into the picture. If electronic cigarettes are made to look risky or an unsafe alternative to smoking more people will continue to use medication to quit smoking. Nothing new is going on here. Big pharma companies have used the practice of throwing money around to get what they want for years. Direct donations to the campaign of Senator Lautenberg should make this clear to any doubters of what is going on.

In the big picture, the risks associated with electronic alternatives are small. Nicotine should not be viewed any differently than caffeine or other common chemicals that are used daily by Americans. Products such as coffee and Red bull have been shown to have just as many risks as electronic cigarettes, yet since backed by a billion dollar industry nothing is said about them. It should be the choice of the individual whether or not to use these products.

Politicians have no right to tell people what they can and cannot put in their body, especially when touting products that are not proven as safer alternatives. Impartial results from testing should be used in deciding whether or not these products are fit to be used by the general populace. People or organizations that stand to gain or lose should be left out of the decision process completely. Without this separation we will continue to see the same problems pop up and hinder progressive advancement, which is what’s needed. These solutions would seem to be common sense on an issue of such importance as this but the facts and information continue to be clouded by big pharma.


Chapter 8 – The Advantages of Vaping

Lately, electronic cigarettes have faced criticism in the media. Debunked studies are being used to imply that e-cigs are harmful, while the many studies showing that they are safe are ignored. The fact is, electronic cigarettes have helped many, many people quit smoking for good, and that scares Big Tobacco. Around the world, people are dropping traditional cigarettes in favor of the safer alternative.

E-Cigs and the Benefits That You may Not Have Considered

Bye Bye, ashtrays. You never like having to empty them anyway. E-Cigs don’t have messy ashes or butts to stomp out when you’re done. Your kitchen won’t stink anymore after you empty your ashtray. You won’t need to take that cigarette butt and shove it back into your pack (or worse, toss it on the ground) after smoking in a place that has no trashcan nearby. Clearly, it’s the cleaner option.

There’s no secondhand smoke. You won’t have to worry about standing outside of the front door at a restaurant puffing on your post-dinner cigarette while passers by look at you with disdain anymore. Nobody will be walking through your smoke cloud, because there won’t be anymore smoke clouds. You won’t have to worry about the chemicals clinging to your skin when you hug the kids. Electronic cigarettes emit a harmless vapor that’s spends a second or two in the air before it’s gone, leaving no trace behind. No odors, no chemicals, nothing.

Your health will improve. Most people who vape notice that they begin to breathe easier not long after they put the tobacco cigarettes down. Walking down a couple of flights of stairs doesn’t leave them as winded as it used to. You won’t be covering your lungs with the tar found in traditional cigarettes anymore. Your skin will thank you for not exposing it to the many chemicals found in smoke. Your risk for smoking related cancers will be reduced.

It’s an effective way to quit. A new study shows that e-cigs are more effective than nicotine patches when trying to quit. With electronic cigarettes, you control how much nicotine you’re consuming. You can reduce the amount of nicotine you use until you’re no longer using it at all and still enjoy vaping as a hobby.

No flames, so no stray embers. No more of those little burns in your clothes, or in your car interior. You won’t have to carry a lighter with you anymore (unless you’re into that sort of thing). You don’t have to worry about whether you put that cigarette out all of the way after you’ve climbed into bed for the night. Some e-cigs do have a lightbulb at the end of it though, so if you think it’s odd to smoke without having a red ember at the end of your cigarette, you still have that option.


Chapter 9 – Facts about Electronic Cigarettes
Nicotine Dosages

Electronic Cigarettes are the perfect tool to help smokers of all types to kick the habit. If you’re a heavy smoker, this product can help you. If you’re a few-cigarettes-a-day smoker, this product can help you. Why? You can adjust the amount of nicotine you’re consuming. Most brands of electronic cigarettes offer varying amounts of nicotine, from 36 MG down to zero, for those who have kicked their nicotine habit but enjoy vaping as a hobby.

Public smoking bans have been enacted all around the country, leaving smokers scrambling to find places to grab a quick cigarette. San Rafael, California has recently introduced one of the most restrictive bans in the country, banning smoking inside any dwelling that shares a wall with another. In short, people are no longer allowed to smoke in their own homes. This ban applies not only to rental units, but also condos. While some places have have places restrictions on electronic cigarettes in public places, there are nowhere near as many prohibitive rules and regulations in place that affect those who enjoy vaping. That brings us to out next point, which is that vaping is NOT smoking.
You’re Not Smoking

Analog (traditional) cigarettes burn tobacco. You inhale the smoke, which is poisonous and laden with tar and thousands of other chemicals. At least 40 of those are known to be harmful and to cause cancer. It’s dangerous, and despite Big Tobacco’s costly attempts to convince the general public otherwise, we’re all aware of that fact. It’s something that smokers have to put out of their mind when smoking. On the other hand, e-liquids only contain a few ingredients, none of which are carcinogenic. There’s propylene glycol, which is FDA approved for oral administration, Nicotine (the ingredient that gets smokers hooked to begin with, but isn’t harmful in and of itself), and water. When vaping, you don’t have to trick yourself into thinking that it isn’t poisonous, because it’s not.
Delicious Flavors!

If you’ve watched the news lately then you’ve heard one of the most ridiculous arguments against electronic cigarettes. “They come in flavors like chocolate and cherry! They are being marketed to children! Danger! Danger!” Come on. There are plenty of adults who love chocolate as much or more than children. Some adults even have a thing for chocolate covered cherries. The argument that electronic cigarettes are designed to appeal to children for this reason is nonsensical.
No More Disgusting Butts, But E-Cigs Do Require Some Maintenance

Electronic cigarettes run off of rechargeable lithium batteries. As such, they do need to be charged, just like a cell phone. If they aren’t charged, they won’t work. You have a lot of options to keep your battery charged, from USB chargers, to wall chargers, to personal charging cases. Personal charging cases are usually around the size of a regular cigarette pack and can charge your e-cig batteries a few times before it needs to be charged itself. This is a great option for people who are on the go, whether they’re hiking for a couple of days or heading out on a camping trip. Keep in mine that like all rechargeable batteries, eventually the batteries themselves will need to be replaced.

The other consideration is the e-liquid. You’ll need to replenish it in your e-cigs when it runs out. Most e-liquid sellers offer you the option of buying in bulk, which makes having a bottle of e-liquid handy very simple. If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of refilling your cartridges yourself, you can buy prefilled cartridges.
No Secondhand Smoke to Bother Those Around You

If there’s one thing that nonsmokers can’t stand, it’s the smell of smoke. That’s also something that an awful lot of smokers see as a major downside of smoking. The smell sticks to hair, clothes and skin. The vapor exhaled by e-cig smokers evaporates in a second or two, leaving no traces of it’s existence behind. There have been studies done on these vapors and at this point in time, there is no evidence that they contain any toxic chemicals that would negatively impact anybody standing nearby somebody who is smoking an e-cig.

The Buzz on the FDA

Right now electronic cigarettes are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration in the same way that tobacco cigarettes are. Some lobbying groups are trying to change that, equating them with analog cigarettes because they both contain nicotine. Other groups insist on defying logic by claiming that because no studies exist regarding possible negative long term side effects, e-cigs are bad. It’s clear that electronic cigarettes are a safer alternative to the tobacco cigarettes that have caused the death of millions of people. What’s not clear is why some people are trying to villanize electronic cigarettes when there is no evidence to back up the claims they are making.

There’s no doubt that the FDA will be releasing regulations sooner rather than later. It’s expected that they will address the sale and marketing of electronic cigarettes to minors. Some larger tobacco companies are insisting that they also be taxed in the same way as traditional cigarettes. Considering that many sellers of these devices are small businesses, it’s no surprise that Big Tobacco is wanting them taxed out of existence, forcing consumers back to the traditional, unhealthy, expensive cigarettes that those who vape are trying to avoid.

Vaping Will Save You Money

You’re going to make an initial investment on a kit, but after that your main expense will be purchasing the e-liquids for your e-cig. Kits range from $50 to $150 to get started. Many retailers offer discounts for bulk purchases of e-liquids. There are many calculators online where you can find out just how much you’ll save by tossing traditional cigarettes in the trash. In addition to the immediate expense, you have the priceless gift of your health. There’s really no way to calculate just how much you’ve saved yourself in medical bills once you’ve decided to abandon analog cigarettes.

The most important fact is this: you can’t put a price on the extra years that you will have with your loved ones. Electronic cigarettes can give you back the years that you will most certainly lose if you smoke tobacco cigarettes for the rest of your life.


Support your E-Cigarette manufacturers and producers! There is currently legislation in the government that can restrict the degree to which people can find access to electronic cigarettes. Voice your opinion to your local congressmen and women and let them know that you won’t stand for increased control of the industry!

Common Electronic Cigarette Myths

There are many myths that the general public believes about electronic cigarettes that simply aren’t true! The worst of these beliefs is that electronic cigarettes are extremely similar to tobacco cigarettes and can harm you in the same ways. This can be no further from the truth! While the actual process of smoking looks similar in both tobacco and electronic cigarettes, the products used aren’t even similar by a long shot.

Whereas traditional cigarettes create an exhalation of smoke, this doesn’t occur in electronic cigarettes; the only by-product of e-cigs is water vapor. While traditional, tobacco cigarettes are widely recognized as a detriment to human health and a leading factor in the development of various respiratory and pulmonary conditions, there is no support for this conclusion with electronic cigarettes, which contain none of the over 5,000 chemicals recognized as dangerous in tobacco cigarettes.

Another unsubstantiated claim that permeates the thoughts of the general public is that electronic cigarettes are merely pandering to America’s youth. Not only is this false, but it would not be economically feasible! The vast, vast majority of smokers in the United states are adults over the age of 35, who began smoking at an early age. Better yet, 93% of this demographic has not even tried an electronic cigarette yet in their life, meaning that producers must try even harder to appeal to this demographic and gain their patronage; this leaves less time and resources to appeal to younger populations. Electronic cigarettes do not market to young audiences and are not legal to sell to anyone under smoking age; all e-cig products are voluntarily placed with labels by the companies, noting that it cannot be sold to underage individuals. Outsiders to the industry would argue that the vast amount of flavors available for e-cigarettes, especially fruity flavors such as cherry and orange, are pandering to younger people who may have not yet acquired a taste for menthol or tobacco. However, a wide variety of flavors is simply a necessity for any market that wishes to grow for adults; this can be seen in other adult industries with a wide variety of flavors, such as beer and wine.

Finally, for some reason there is a common belief that the regulation of the electronic cigarette industry will be beneficial for consumers in the industry. This could not be further from the truth! If every new flavor and product in the electronic cigarette industry requires FDA approval, which can be extremely long and is very tedious, it could discourage innovation and creativity in the industry, limiting possibilities that are currently endless.

Regulations could also interfere with the transparency e-cig companies currently have in the industry; for instance, V2 Ecigs’ current policy of posting the results of each e-liquid batch online could potentially be scrapped and over regulated due to FDA sanctions. Finally, the regulation of any industry means that costs ultimately go up for the producer of the product. When costs go up for the manufacturer, they increase for consumers as well! All in all, FDA regulation could spell trouble for the electronic cigarette industry.