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V2CIGS Review of The Top Selling Mini E-Cigarette / Cig-a-like by VMR Products

Does V2 Cig’s new EX Series Really Revolutionize Vapor Cigs for 2014?



V2 Cigs is the top electronic cigarette brand in the USA.

With a brand name legendary across the web (and increasingly the globe too!)
chances are other big ecig names you’ve heard of got into your skull the old fashioned way – big marketing. how? Big tobacco has been on a bit of a spree buying up brands in hopes of buying up a controlling share of this explosive tobacco alternative they hope might save their crumbling empires. Unfortunately not having expertise in researching, designing and testing ecigs non-stop for years, something v2 have done better than anyone else, the results are world’s apart. While other mini ecigs with fancy ads on tv and sponsoring nascar rely on crappy outdated designs look alike but suffer from underpowered batteries and ancient refill tech that just cant deliver satisfying vapor. I’m not even talking about the disposables, forget them and discover why v2 is different.

Having innovated and lead their sector for years – V2 Cigs just released a fully redevloped EX series that has gone to crazy amazing lengths to pack the same kind of experience and designs found in bigger complicated tank ecigs into the same form factor users know and love. Optional styles, flavors, strengths and much more let you tailor your own v2 ecig exactly your own best way.

An Introduction to V2 Cigs
Established in Summer 2009
Leading the Global Online Retail Electronic Cigarette Industry since July 2011
Over 6 Million Visit Our Website Every Month
Physical Stores Carrying V2 Cigs Expected to Reach 30,000 by End of Year
30,000 People Try V2 for the First Time Every Month
3 out of 4 Customers Order 3 Times or More
Over 125 Employees Globally
Over 3,000 More Staff
V2 Cares About its Customers – No one else tests all e-liquids, labels products with expiration dates, has two levels of quality control, and offers lifetime warranties.

V2 Cigs leads the industry – largest electronic cigarette company in the world. (Source: Alexa.com)

V2 Cigs has been revolutionizing the e-cig industry since it was founded. No other company has the worldwide reach that V2 does.

V2 Cigs are available in all parts of the world besides Antarctica.

V2 Cigs is expanding everywhere it does business – both in the Americas and abroad. It has already developed a loyal consumer base in the US, and it is quickly becoming the brand of choice in markets that are just discovering e-cigs.

There’s a good reason that V2 Cigs lead the industry in the US and is on track to do so everywhere else. Nobody else can offer what V2 can to customers. Everything about V2 – from the reliability of its products and the quality of their vapor, to the testing and customer service – is unbeatable.

Smokers all around the world are learning that there is a better option than traditional cigarettes. As they discover the world of electronic cigarettes, they quickly find that V2 Cigs offers none other than the best of the best.


Why switch to electronic cigarettes?

Unlike traditional cigarettes, which contain hundreds or thousands of ingredients and produce a true smoke, e-cigarettes contain far fewer ingredients and produce vapor. The e-liquid used is made of propylene glycol (PG), with nicotine plus a variety of flavors added.

PG is a safe additive that is found in many things you may use already. It is found in many types of foods, coloring, and even in inhalers for asthma.

The FDA considers PG to be safe for human consumption. PG is officially rated as Generally Recognized as Safe, or GRAS. Electronic cigarette vapor contains no smoke, no ash, and doesn’t have the offensive odor of traditional cigarette smoke. E-cigs can be used in so many more places than traditional cigarettes can, and they won’t annoy or endanger the health of non-smokers nearby.

How are electronic cigarettes different?
Many smokers have made the switch to e-cigs after learning just how much safer they are. Traditional cigarettes contain thousands of ingredients that are widely known to be dangerous to human health – plus, they don’t smell too great. The ingredients in V2 Cigs are much healthier and less offensive. Electronic cigarettes don’t present the same dangers as traditional cigarettes do.

V2 Cigs has changed the world of cigarettes. V2 Cigs offers a better, safter, all-around superior product with all of the enjoyment and few of the disadvantages of traditional cigarettes. You don’t have to give up smoking to give up cigarettes.

Take a look at what’s inside a V2 E-Cig.


Our Starter Kits are the perfect way to dive into the world of electronic cigarettes.
Kits can be customized to suit your preferences.
We offer a wide variety of e-cig styles and vapor flavors.
No other electronic cigarette is as simple or as good as V2.

Let’s get started!
Pick a Starter Kit
Starter Kits have everything you need to begin enjoying electronic cigarettes. V2 offers a variety of starter kits to fit any tastes and budget. Whichever one you choose, from the inexpensive Express Kit to the jam-packed Ultimate, it’s fun and simple to get started. Each kit includes a manual to show you how everything works.
Make it your own!
Our kits are highly customizable and allow you to choose exactly the type of products you want. You get choices in everything – from the design of the e-cig battery to the flavor and amount of nicotine in the e-liquid. Mix and match to your heart’s desires!
Choose accessories
There are a number of accessories to help make your electronic cigarette experience as enjoyable and convenient as it can be. V2 offers many different chargers, cases, lanyards, and more.
Order the best e-cigs – at a lower price.
Visit V2Cigs.com to get the best prices available on the best electronic cigarettes that money can buy. We have frequently updated coupon codes available to our customers at ElectronicCigaretteCoupons.net/v2-cigs/.
You can also enter the code EVAPE15 at checkout. New customers will get 15% or more off any Starter Kit!
Try it out!
V2 Cigs has the best customer service in addition to the best products. If you aren’t satisfied, we have an easy 30-day return policy. If you are, our products are under warranty for life. Nobody else in the industry offers that.

Enjoy the most fun part of e-cigs – flavors!
V2 offers 10 different flavors of e-liquids. You can choose blends that taste more like a traditional cigarette or a menthol, or you can choose something a little bit different. One cartridge of any flavor is equivalent to a traditional pack.
Every flavor is available in four different strengths. Nicotine-free liquid is available. V2 e-cigs are fully customizable… choose your style, your flavor, your nicotine level, and save thousands of dollars over cigarettes!

V2 Disposables Make it Easy and Fun to Enjoy Electronic Cigarettes – Any Time!
Many people have made the switch to e-cigs and love them, but wish they could have the advantages of an electronic cigarette with the convenience of traditional cigarettes – just throw them away when you’re done, and no need to worry about charging them. That’s why V2 is now making disposable e-cigs. They’re a great way to try out e-cigs and see if they might be for you. They’re also very useful for when you’re not sure if you’re going to have access to a place to charge a typical electronic cigarette. Each disposable e-cig lasts about as long as two packs of traditional cigs.


About V2
V2 Cigs is the top e-cig site both in America and around the world, as rated by Alexa.com. It’s easy to see why – V2 provides the best in products, innovation, and services to its customers. There are very good reasons why V2 is at the top of this industry. It is always offering more and better products and never stops coming up with new ideas. V2 Cigs provides what many smokers have wanted for a long time – a high-quality, cheaper, and safer alternative to traditional cigarettes.

These reasons and more are why V2 has a million-plus customers who love our products, most of whom keep coming back.
Nobody else in the industry has that degree of customer loyalty because nobody else meets V2 Cigs’ high standards. Ask any of these millions of satisfied customers why V2 is a good choice. They’ll tell you the same thing – the switch to e-cigs, and to V2 in particular, is absolutely worth it.

V2: Nothing but the Best
Only electronic cigarette company with full vertical integration
Only e-cig manufacturer that tests each batch of e-liquid and makes the results available for free to customers
Only company in the industry with lifetime warranty for electronic components
Highest volume Web retailer of e-cigs worldwide
Only e-cig company to have a product (Vapor Couture) designed specifically for women”