Worst E Cigs and E-Cigarette Scams to Avoid

The popularity of e cigarettes or e cigs is skyrocketing on the World Wide Web, which is not awful bearing in mind that they are far healthier than the harmful tobacco cigarettes. For all those who have a keen determination to quite tobacco, the advent of these devices is just like the birth of a savior. However, what if this savior becomes a threatener? Well, with the rise in popularity of these cigarettes, there has also been an increase in the number of scams and worst e cigarettes, both featuring false promises and unexpected losses. Let’s take a look at them to avoid falling into their trap forever!

E Cigarette Scams

It seems as if scams have become common in almost all spheres of businesses and services. 

On the surface, it appears that it is the scammer who is the real culprit. However, if you do an in-depth analysis, you will find that it is the ignorance of the customers who become the victim of such events while buying an e cig kit online. This is evident when the customer not even bothers to read the small print online at the time of purchasing. So, if you wish to remove scams from the root, it is advisable to first remove your ignorance from within by having a thorough knowledge of how scams occur.

Today, e cig scams exist in the form of unbelievable Free Trials that are highly persuading. However, they are the only ones to deceive particularly the novices. A majority of scams feature false promises in the form of 100% FDA-acceptance, 100% harmless claim that has no scientific backing yet, unproven health claims with no evidence, extra fees in small print that is not read, and 14-day refund policy that unknowingly begins from the day of order, instead of the day you get the product at your doorstep. Well, the policy itself is enough to trick you in case you do not like the e cig, as 14 days are gone easily due to which cancellation becomes invalid.

In most cases, e-mails about free trials are sent with attractive features such as free kit of $200, 100% free of risk (this is not possible because of nicotine), and 14-17 day refund policy. Most of the these cigs are actually not of high quality and within a week or fortnight, they start to show their real colors in the form of leakage, battery life over, and low vapor production. The real trick starts when the customer fails to read that fine print on the site at the time of buying.

Now, due to ill-functioning of the e cig when the customers want to return the product, more than 50% of the 14-day period has already gone. Then, the remaining days are spent in calling and mailing the company that is so shrewd to keep the waiting for a response. Finally, when the customers decide to send back the e cig, the 14-day period is finally fully over, rendering the return invalid for acceptance. In fact, the company assumes that the product is accepted by the customers and soon deducts the fees along with the refilling charges from the credit card account automatically. This is a common way of e cig scammers.

Such marketing gimmicks tend to be successful in persuading you to take up their low quality products at free rate. However, you later repent for buying a low quality e cig at a high price.

Worst E Cigs

There are many known companies in this list of 14-day trial SCAM, most of which are email spammers and frequent marketers. The worst part is that these companies are still active due to which the chance of a scam happening is always there. Some of the famous companies who are on this list are Prada, Direct, Regal, Smoke51, Saphire, Emerald Lux, XOCigs, and Life Vapor. Obviously, this list is incomplete but these are the most known brands to play tricks.

As a tip, if you are looking for a genuine e-cigarette kit, just make a resolution that you will fall into the trap of these free trial scams. This will always make you look for a reliable brand through thorough research.