E-Cig Vaporizer Ratings and Reviews

Whether you’re a smoker or a vaper, electronic cigarette reviews help you decide on a product that is a perfect fit. Savvy shoppers can use these reviews to discover brands that suit their needs, whether they are just giving e-cigarettes a try, or looking to invest long-term in a reliable brand. Some of the aspects with which one can be concerned are the flavors, cartridge and tank efficiency, and battery performance of each brand.

The resources from which one can obtain information about different brands are online reviews and manufacturer statements and reviews. Unfortunately, manufacturers usually embellish their reviews so the stated performance of their item exceeds the actual performance. Moreover, manufacturers tend to use buzzwords to capture attention and mislead the reader. For instance, “green”products can mean that the manufacturer complies with recycling standards, but nothing more.

Furthermore, manufacturers that state their product can be used ubiquitously can be misleading due to certain state and city regulations. Reviews online can help clear the proverbial smoke screen in an unbiased fashion. This review showcases the electronic cigarette market as well as our top five recommended e-cigarette brands. We put these brands through a series of rigorous tests to ensure their quality and see how they stack up when compared to each other.

Kits and Disposable Electronic Cigarettes:

First, a short overview is necessary. Electronic cigarettes operate with a rechargeable battery and have a tank that contains the flavored liquid. The flavored liquid is heated and vaporized, simulating a regular cigarette. Starter kits have batteries, a tank, different flavored liquids, and a charger for the batteries. Some bundles provide accessories as well.

However, the batteries typically only work with the tank provided in the starter kit. As a consequence, if you wanted a different flavor, you’d have to buy a different starter kit.
Disposable e-cigs offer a cheaper alternative than buying a starter kit each time. With disposable e-cigs, you can buy a multitude of different flavors and try them before the vapor is gone. Once the vapor has been depleted, simply toss them in the garbage. However, you cannot find disposable modified e-cigarettes or medium-sized e-cigarettes. This is because they are more complicated than regular e-cigarettes.

As soon as you are ready to invest for the long-term, you can upgrade to modified e-cigarettes. This type has more cargo space in the tank, as well as using more premium batteries. As a consequence, you will enjoy a longer battery life as well as not having to refill the tank as often.

Before we discuss our top five e-cig brands, we have to discuss the characteristics on which we judge them.

Size, shape, and style:

We will discuss three sizes of e-cigarettes: Minis, mid-sized, and modified e-cigarettes. The minis appear virtually identical to regular cigarettes, even emulating embers from the end of the cigarette and feeling similar in weight. Mid-sized electronic cigarettes resemble cigars and come in a variety of colors. Typically, they appear very sleek and have a variety of metallic colors. Both mini and mid-sized e-cigarettes have colors directed towards females (that is, pink or purple colors), so they do not alienate a particular gender. Mods come in a variety of colors as well, but they are thicker and heavier than either two of the previous sizes, but carry more power (owing to their size) and arguably better features.


The size and battery power of e-cigarettes share a direct relationship. That is, a bigger e-cigarette has a higher longevity. In other words, you will be able to take more puffs before you have to recharge the battery. Although a mini e-cigarette may feel more comfortable and natural to someone who smokes cigarettes, the battery power is very diminished when compared to mid-sized and modified e-cigs (about 160 puffs before you have to charge it). As a comparison, mid-sized and modified e-cigs can last longer than a day before having to recharge. Moreover, the density and consistency of the vapor varies among the sizes. Modified e-cigs as well as a few mid-sized allow you to tune the voltage of the battery, allowing you to tune how thick the emitted vapor is.


Of course, an electronic cigarette would be worthless without choosing a flavor you enjoy. The flavor from e-cigarettes comes from the vaporization of a liquid contained in a tank using an atomizer. Mini electronic cigarettes have pre-filled tanks which is recommended to those who are just starting out. Although convenient, because you can simply dispose of them, they can cost more. Mid-sized and modified e-cigs have a tank in which you can pour your own liquid. However, one should purchase from companies that solely produce the liquid instead of e-cigarette companies. This is because the dedicated e-liquid companies allow you to purchase many more flavors and are customizable, sometimes down to the recipe itself.

Both pre-filled tanks and refillable e-liquids have many different flavors from which to choose. They typically contain 2 to 4 different tobacco types to emulate different spices, Turkish cigarettes, or Cuban cigars. There are also Menthol flavors along with different types of mint. If that doesn’t satiate your appetite, then there are also flavors such as egg nog, vanilla, root beer, a variety of fruity flavors, and coffee.

The strength of the flavor varies on the amount of nicotine in the liquid. Different brands can vary from 6 mg to 24 mg (filterless) of nicotine in varying stages. In the extreme case, some have up to 56 mg of nicotine, but this can cause adverse health effects (poisoning) so it is not recommended. The Food and Drug Administration actually performed a study on the strength of various electronic cigarette liquids. In 2009, they showed the amount of nicotine in e-liquids and pre-filled tanks is inconsistent. As a consequence, one should sample from many different flavors and brands to judge what strength is appropriate for your needs.

You can also try to decrease the amount of nicotine you intake by varying the strength of the e-cigarettes you try. Slowly decreasing the strength of the nicotine, over time, can allow you to adapt to nicotine-free liquids. People today focus on searching for and using nicotine-free e-cigs, for health reasons or satisfaction. Either way, vaping is assuredly better than smoking, and more and more people are realizing that.

You are welcome to browse our e-cigarette reviews. We have evaluated each brand on a variety of characteristics and put them through rigorous testing to ensure you get the value you deserve.

The aforementioned characteristics are important when considering what e-cigarette to buy. Read our reviews and our ratings to see which how each e-cigarette stacks up in the competition. Our in-depth reviews showcase their strengths as well as pitfalls in many different areas. Also, we are not afraid to tell you the real truth: If it’s bad, then we’ll tell you it’s bad. And there are definitely brands out there that fail to impress. To see these, read our review of the worst e-cigarettes so that you can avoid spending your money on poor e-cigarettes, and instead enjoy a remarkable experience.