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About Blu Cigs
Blu Cigs is based in Charlotte, North Carolina and has become a leading seller of electronic cigarettes (e-cigs). Since 2012, Blu Cigs has been owned by Lorillard Inc. based in Greensboro, North Carolina. Manufactured entirely in the U.S., Blu Cigs e-cigs have cornered a significant share of the e-cigs market. Their sleek design and telltale blue tip have made them ideal for the silver green where they have shown up in films. Rather glamorous and singular among e-cigs, Blu Cigs products have become one of the primary pioneers of the electronic cigarette rage.

Blu Cigs produces both disposable and battery-charged e-cigarettes. As mentioned above, the products are produced in the U.S. and not China like many other brands. This is one reason many people favor the brand and trust their ingredients. Moreover, even the eliquid used by Blue Cigs is made by a U.S. company. Consequently, consumer satisfaction regarding all aspects of Blu Cigs produces is quite high.

Blu Cigs makes cartridges as well as disposable e-cigs. Users have the option to either or both. The company features various starter kits for those users who want the battery, cartridge, and their favorite flavors of e-cigs. Blu Cigs offers various flavored electronic cigarettes as well as differing strengths to satisfy any vaping crave. The company’s website is outstanding and features all products with comprehensive descriptions so buyers know all about each product before making an online purchase.

Blu Cigs includes two batteries for users who purchase a starter kit. Along with the batteries, buyers also receive a cigarette pack with novel social features, a USB charger, a wall charger, and, of course, five electronic cigarettes that come in the requested flavor and strength. Batteries are rechargeable and reliable. These lithium polymer batteries fuel a long vaping experience. The blue lights also have a built in method for signaling users when a battery charge is needed. In this way, the batteries are ideal for these e-cigs.

Cartridges & Liquids
Currently Blu Cigs offers e-cigs in seven flavors that include Classic Tobacco, Magnificent Menthol, Vivid Vanilla, Java Jolt, Pina Colada, Cherry Crush, and Peach Schnapps. The smoke juice behind these delicious flavors is made by U.S. based Johnson Creek Smoke Juice. Each flavored cartridge features an atomizer that delivers the flavor-filled vaping experience. Because every cartridge is about equal to a traditional pack of tobacco cigarettes, people who are making the switch to vaping find the experience oddly similar while also refreshingly different. The look of the e-cig, however, is rather similar to a cigarette, but these flavors make the experience far more enhanced.

Blu Cigs certifies that the eliquid in their electronic cigarettes is crafted by hand with U.S. ingredients. Each time a user “lights up” their Blu Cig, they receive a burst of flavor. All of the flavors, of course, are FDA approved. Fans of Blu Cigs love that they can purchase the flavored e-cigs and don’t have to fuss with pouring the eliquid themselves!

Vapor production
Puffing on a Blu Cigs cartridge releases a tremendously flavorful vapor. The Blu Cig product features two parts that are screwed together to form the electronic cigarette. When the cartridge is screwed to the battery/atomizer part, the result is a cigarette-shaped e-cig that looks like a tobacco cigarette but doesn’t have the smoke, ash, and tar. When users puff on the Blu Cig product, vapor is released from the smoke juice or eliquid. This eliquid disappears immediately after it is exhaled. By inhaling, the user activates the cartridge and feels a pleasurable experience that is very similar to traditional smoking. Because no smoke is involved, the act of vaping is far more socially acceptable and becoming increasingly more so even at restaurants and clubs where tobacco smoking has been banned.

A terrific vaping experience can also be had with Blu Cigs disposable e-cigs that also come in delicious flavors (only tobacco and menthol currently). Like their battery-charged counterparts, disposable e-cigs operate much the same; however, they are manufactured as a single piece without any screwing of parts. They’re perfect for occasions when users don’t want to bring along their cartridges or are traveling. The disposables feature the telltale blue tip like the battery-charges e-cigs. Not only are they perfectly convenient, they deliver the same great vaping experience as the battery-powered e-cigs.

Pricing / Value for money
Blu Cigs prices their Premium Starter Kits at $79.95. Buyers can choose between black or natural e-cigs when they make their purchase. Many buyers seem to favor the black e-cigs. Pricing varies for Premium e-cigs that last longer than Blu Cigs’ regular e-cigs. While cheaper e-cigs can be found, they don’t provide the quality vaping experience that Blu Cigs do.

When it comes to disposable e-cigs, Blu Cig sells them online in four-packs. A single disposable costs roughly about $10, but it lasts as long as a pack and a half of tobacco cigarettes. Consequently, buyers typically pay $39.99 for a four-pack of disposable e-cigs—the equivalent of about six packs of traditional cigarettes. In terms of value, this is a great deal considering e-cigs don’t contain the harmful toxins that tobacco cigarettes do and Blu Cigs provide a fantastic vaping experience. Typically, Blu Cigs’ starter kits all come with a pack that holds five e-cigs, two batteries, one five-pack, a USB charger, a wall charger, and a one-year warranty. By perusing the website, buyers will be able to find the starter kit that is ideally suited to their vaping habits. Buying packs (usually about $12 for a single pack) in quantity also tends to save buyers money so it pays to check with the website for special offers regarding the flavored packs.

Customer service and Warranties
When buyers purchase their Blu Cigs and supplies from U.S. retailers they can expect to receive a one-year warranty on their items. This warranty, of course, only applies to defective products—not damages caused by the buyer. Contacting customer service is easy and buyers can call or discuss their issues and questions online as well. One reason buyers prefer Blu Cigs is because their customer service is spot on. They even feature a live chat via the website which has proven helpful and popular with Blu Cigs users. Customer service is a 24/7 operation for Blu Cigs; anyone with questions or problems will find that this company is extremely focused on quality customer service.

Pros & Cons
Some pros of Blu Cigs are that their products are all made in the U.S. and have FDA approval. Shipping of products is also free within the U.S. which is definitely a pro with customers. Another excellent feature about doing business with Blu Cigs is that they have a customer loyalty program; buyers earn points that can be translated into savings over time.

If there are any cons, it might also be shipping. If buyers choose the “free shipping” option, there is no insurance; so, if the package is lost or damaged in the mail, the buyer is out of luck. Another con is that Blu Cigs disposable e-cigs don’t come in all the flavor options and they are only available in with “high-strength” nicotine unlike the battery-charged options that can be customized for nicotine strength. All in all, however, the pros far outweigh the cons when it comes to Blu Cigs electronic cigarettes.