SmokeStik E-Cig Brand Review & Coupon Offer

The SmokeStik is the Most Popular Brand of Electronic Cigarette, Certainly with Those in Hollywood – But how does the SmokeStik Stack Up Against Its Competition?
The SmokeStik brand electronic cigarette has very quickly become incredibly popular, in part due to the fact that famous actors and other celebrities love their SmokeStik e-cigarettes and love to talk about them. Dennis Quaid, Charlie Sheen and Audrina Patridge are all devoted users of the SmokeStik and have discussed it publicly. Katherine Heigel even brought hers on to late night TV to show it off to the host and all of the interested viewers at home, letting them know how great the product is and all of the fun tricks you can try with it. It’s one thing for an E Cigarette to be popular in Hollywood, but what else does the SmokeStik bring to the table?
A Brief Review of What the SmokeStik Offers You: An Affordable Priced, Well Designed, All Inclusive Starter Set

There are a wide variety of options to choose from when purchasing your first SmokeStik E Cigarette. The basic components of the SmokeStik are a cartomizer which screws into a battery forming a unit that looks just like a real cigarette. The cartomizer is a technological advancement over other brands, and offers a much more realistic smoking experience. Each cartomizer is equivalent to about a pack of traditional cigarettes. You can choose from different cartomizer styles, and each one will work with any other battery for the SmokeStik. The basic starter kits contain everything that you will need to start using an electronic cigarette. There are currently 5 main starter sets by SmokeStik, and a limited time only pink kit that raises money for breast cancer research and is very fashionable.
The starter set options for the SmokeStik include the basic starter set (SmokeStik Premium), which looks like an average e-cigarette. It includes a white battery and the end of the e-cigarette glows red when in use. The next model (SmokeStik JET) is the same design as the SmokeStik Premium, but it has a very stylish black colored battery and matching cartomizers. Both Premium and JET kits include a case for your e-cigarettes, two battery units and three different cartomizers. These sets are ideal for someone who wants to try out an e-cigarette for the first time and are reasonably priced at $89.95.
For the veteran e-cigarette smoker or just those with great taste, there are several other upgraded starter sets available for $10 more than the basic kits. The SmokeStik Royale is sleek and stylish, with a white battery that glows with iridescence and a sparkling jewel tip that glows when you use the e-cigarette. Another upgraded option is the SmokeStik Hendu Elite, which has a fashionable stainless steel battery, complete with laser etching. The tip of the Hendu Elite glows purple when you are smoking, giving it a unique look and feel. The final starter set option is the SmokeStik’s finest e-cigarette, the SmokeStik Pitbull. The Pitbull has the same design on the battery as the Hendu Elite, and comes with cartomizers that match it, but it includes a larger battery for extended battery usage and the tip of the e-cigarette glows red when in use.
10321722 smokestik starter kit The SmokeStik is the Most Popular Brand of Electronic Cigarette, Certainly with Those in Hollywood But how does the SmokeStik Stack Up Against Its Competition?
Testing the SmokeStik: I Purchased a Variety of Products to Test and Evaluate

I decided to try out the upgraded starter kits – the Royale, Hendu Elite and Pitbull, as well as the basic batteries and a wide selection of cartomizers from SmokeStik to get a real feel for the entire product line.
The design of the SmokeStik’s packaging and products is fantastic and eye catching. The batteries and matching cartomizers looked great together and the upper end products really showed the difference. The care and detail work that went into the products was obvious, and well beyond that of the competitors’ products currently available. The best looking e-cigarettes were the etched stainless steel on the Hendu Elite and Pitbull models by SmokeStik, which lend a polished feel to the user. The sparkling tips add to the overall fabulous look, and the competition pales in comparison. This is likely one of the biggest reasons that the SmokeStik has taken hold in Hollywood.
Appearances are Great, But How Well Does It Work?

I charged up the batteries for the Hendu Elite SmokeStik and screwed on a tobacco cartomizer to the battery unit. Assembly was a snap, and the batter and cartomizer screwed together easily. On the first drag, I was surprised how easy of a smoke it was and the amount of vapor that it produced. The vapor had a very nice, well balanced taste and smell to it. You don’t need to draw very heavily to get a full drag, unlike other brands.
The internal mechanics of the SmokeStik are designed so that as soon as you being to use the product, the cartomizer is ready and gives you vapor. Many other brands are too sensitive, causing the e-cigarette to be set off by bumping it or dropping it, but the sensor in the SmokeStik functions exactly as it should. It responds to even the slightest drag, but doesn’t overreact to other stimuli, saving your battery life.
Once I had used all of the different battery options from SmokeStik, I was very happy with the performance of the entire brand. The lifespan of the battery units was fantastic, even on the basic models. The extended performance offered by the SmokeStik Pitbull was a definite bonus, and is a great reason to choose the Pitbull model. The average battery will provide about two to four usage hours, so it’s always a good idea to have the spare battery that comes in the starter set charged and ready to go so you aren’t without your e-cigarette.
Cartomizers Provide Full Flavor, Expected Performance and the Advertised 250 Drags Each, But More Flavors Would Be Great

The cartomizers for the SmokeStik are interchangeable with the different battery options, and come in different colors to match each of the batteries. The steel cartomizers that match with the Hendu Elite and Pitbull batteries are by far the best looking of the set, and are durable too.
The SmokeStik brand has worked hard to develop and improve their own cartomizer, designed to consistently provide the best performance, and it is very evident in the end product. Each cartomizer that I used acted exactly as expected and provided plentiful vapors that really satisfy. The cartomizers also live up to the advertised 250 puffs per cartomizer, which is roughly equivalent to a regular pack of cigarettes. Different varieties and flavors all produced about the same amount of vapor and lasted about the same length.
The currently available flavors for the SmokeStik are tobacco or menthol, with a variety of nicotine strengths available. You can even purchase cartomizers that contain no nicotine at all. Taste is a matter of preference, but most smokers should enjoy the basic tobacco flavor available from SmokeStik. It would be an improvement to have different tobacco variations, perhaps a bold or stronger flavor, and even specific flavors, such as vanilla or cherry, that are available through other manufacturers. Cartomizers are available for purchase one at a time, or in pack of up to fifty. Larger packs from SmokeStik offer bulk discounts to help cut down on your costs.
Support for SmokeStik Products

SmokeStik is known for its far superior customer support. You can call in for help with you products or questions about how to use the product and the competent staff at SmokeStik will be happy to answer your questions. Customer service representatives easily answer most questions, showing a great knowledge of the product line. If you’d prefer not to call in, you can also contact customer support through the website or via email message. Online support responses are timely and correct. This is likely one of the underlying reasons that SmokeStik has succeeded thus far and has such a devoted following.
The SmokeStik Brand – Well Rounded with a Quality Product Offering Both Outstanding Performance and Fantastic Styling

The SmokeStik brand is a highly ranked, well known brand of e-cigarettes that is well appreciated by common folk and the rich and famous. The uniquely designed cartomizer provides the industry’s best electronic smoking and the flavor is pleasing. Even though additional flavor options would be greatly welcomed, the currently available flavors are the best in the industry. The sleek and stylish designs of the SmokeStik’s higher end models, the Pitbull, Hendu Elite and Royale, are second to none in the field and will truly make the user stand out in a crowd.
With everything that the SmokeStik offers, it is still available at a very reasonable price. Each of the starter sets are available for under $100 and online coupon codes are regularly distributed to help the user save even more.
With a fantastic customer support base, SmokeStik is standing by to assist you on the internet, over the phone or even by email message if you need any assistance with your new product or if you should ever have any difficulties. You have nothing to loose with a thirty day guarantee that offers you the purchase price back if not satisfied, and a lifetime warranty on the product, making it easy for new users to switch to SmokeStik today.