V2 PRO VAPORIZER A New 3 in 1 Entrant with Lots To Love

Your Series 3 Kit comes with one vaporizing device, one magnetic USB charging cord and one liquid cartridge.

V2 designed the Series 3 with adaptability in mind. The way we smoke is changing and V2 has risen to the challenge by creating a dynamic, affordable smoking experience with the V2 Series 3. While so many other portable vaporizers on the market look clunky or out of place, the Series 3 was designed to be sleek and modern.

It has a solid body and the cartridges sit flush inside the device- even the charger adds to the streamlined appearance thanks to the magnetic closer on the bottom of the device. Other than aesthetics this means that the Series 3 will not get caught on your pocket or bag when you slip it in and adds stability to the structure of the body.

V2 has made a device that is smooth, intuitive, attractive and extremely portable with a length of 5.63 inches and a diameter of 0.59 inches- roughly the length of a pen. The smart base unit has changeable cartridges that will vape a variety of materials and with user-friendly magnetic cartridge installation and charging it’s virtually foolproof.


For thick, rich satisfying clouds of smoke using e-liquid, loose-leaf or essential oils the Series 3 is the intelligent choice and with a price tag of only 59.99 it’s the only choice that works will three mediums. Available in three modern colors: black, steel and blue.


V2 PRO Cartridges


The intelligent, easy load cartridges are magnetically secured for lightning-fast cartridge changes and feature a handy notch with an icon that tells you which type of cartridge is inside the device as there are three vaping material options. Each different type of material will instruct the device to operate differently to optimize the versatility of the Series 3.

v2 pro e liquid cart

The liquid cartridge comes included with your kit. It holds 1.6 ml of your favorite e-liquid which is 800 puffs, or 15-16 cigarettes. Filling the liquid cartridge is amazingly simple- you just unscrew the top, add your preferred e-liquid, put the top back on and slide it into the vaporizer. The intelligent device recognizes the type of cartridge you put it thanks to a microchip and the device behaves accordingly so just press the button and puff.  The V2 website sells several their own e-liquid in two sizes (25 ml or 50 ml) in 12 different flavors with five strengths between 0% and 2.4% to suit any style or mood.


Prefer to vape loose leaf? No problem because when you insert the loose leaf cartridge into the vaporizer it changes how the device actually works. When you press the button the device will heat up for 25-30 seconds and the indicator light on the bottom of the device will glow red. Once the light turns orange the heat has risen to 170 degrees Celsius and is almost ready. The light will then turn green and you’re ready to go. The loose leaf cartridge can be purchased on the V2 website


The third cartridge option is the essential oil cartridge for your essential oils and waxes and will be available winter 2014. Something to mention is that the cartridges are not interchangeable with the Series 7 or the Series 9.




The USB charging cable is included in your kit. It will plug into any USB port so if you’re on the computer, in the car or anywhere else with a USB port you’re all set. Just plug the USB port in and use the magnetic end to keep the charger attached to the device. The wall plug is available separately on the V2 website.


There is a convenient indicator light ring on the bottom of the device that will let you know the status of your charge. It will pulse red while charging and turn green when fully charged. The battery specs on this device are awesome. The input is 4.2v, capacity is 650mAh, and Cartridge Ohm of 2.9 and with some quick math and an average puff length of 3 seconds you should be able to get around 377 puffs in every full charge. Another one of the things that makes this vaporizer convenient is that you can vape while it is charging without any sacrifice to the quality of your smoke.


This is V2 Pro. Never compromise.