White Cloud E-Cig Review

With its white snowy plumes, this e-cig is a leading brand whose allure has enticed many a traditional smoker to give up tobacco and give vapor e-cigs a chance. Having been featured in widely-distributed publications like
Forbe, White Cloud e-cigarettes are demonstrating that they are a first-rate brand with much to offer in the way of a sumptuous vaping experience paired with delicious flavors and a reliable product.

If you’re considering an alternative to smoking or simply enjoy puffing e-cigarettes, this White Cloud e-cigarette review could just convince you to switch to this company—it doesn’t disappoint.

About the White Cloud Vapor Cig Brand

White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes is a Florida-based company that began to manufacture its acclaimed product in 2008. Its founders dove into the e-cig business after viewing them at a Las Vegas trade show. According to Forbe, each of the company’s founders enjoys vaping! While nicotine isn’t as healthy as eating an apple, it is what attracts many traditional smokers to e-cigs. While e-cigs offer nicotine, they do not burn, so they do not come with the health risks related to tar, smoke, and ash. While there are other up and coming e-cig brands on the market, White Cloud and its characteristic white puffs are a premier brand and their products have been featured by other major media outlets like CNBC.

Available Products

As one would expect from a leading e-cig brand, White Cloud offers various products including disposables (great for people who just want to give the brand a try), starter kits, e-cig cartridges, chargers, batteries, adapters, and a myriad of accessories. If you are new to the White Cloud product, consider a basic starter kit. The White Cloud website provides descriptions of their products, but the kits are an economical way to introduce yourself to the White Cloud experience if you’re ready to move beyond their disposable products.

White Cloud Batteries

Batteries like the White Cloud Cirrus 3 offer a long-lasting vaping experience, but are uniquely small—a hallmark trait of White Cloud batteries. This is one reason why traditional smokers feel more at home vaping a White Cloud Cirrus 3 e-cigarette; it simply feels similar in one’s hand to a tobacco cigarette. Consumers can purchase either white or brushed metal batteries depending on the look they prefer. Moreover, battery skins can also be purchased and are popular with fans of the brand. Of course, the batteries do their job optimally; that is, they charge for a long time and you’ll find that they offer more puffs between charging sessions than other leading brands of e-cigarettes.

Cartridges and Liquids

White Cloud offers ClearDraw technology with many of their cartridges that allows users to see just how much liquid is left for vaping! Traditional White Cloud e-cig cartridges are also offered. Consumers have a wide array of cartridges to choose from and flavors that truly rival any other brand’s. In fact, White Cloud has a top-notch selection of tobacco-related flavors that are unsurpassed. Traditional pipe smokers, for instance, might want to gravitate toward the Apache flavor for its boldness and its similar taste to old fashioned pipe tobacco. Do you like your tobacco flavor with a hint of rye whiskey and apple? Go for the Atlantic-Cut e-cig flavored cartridges. Regular and Bora Bora are other tobacco-flavored offerings from White Cloud.

Aside from tobacco flavors, White Cloud also boasts rich flavors like Menthol, Iced Berry, Snap (a mix of mint and chocolate—hello!), Zero K (zingy peppermint), Strawberry, Banana, Espresso, Chocolate, Cinnamon, Clove, and many more. Their cartridge offerings and flavors are top-notch.

Vapor Production

Users generally find that the vaping experience using White Cloud’s cartridges is extraordinary; from SmoothDraw to StealthDraw, vapers can choose a technology that suits the way they like to vape. Every vape on the cartridge results in a plume of white no matter the battery size. While not every e-cig feels like a traditional cigarette when it comes to the puffing experience, but White Cloud comes so close that it’s definitely got to be the best option for smokers who are trying to quit and looking for a satisfying near-alternative.

Pricing / Value for the Money

While White Cloud’s products are definitely price competitive with other leading brands on the market, consumers have opportunities to stretch their dollars when they sign up to receive the company’s emailer. Anyone on the mailing list will have the ability to receive a White Cloud e-cig discount and a White Cloud e-cig coupon code. When you employ the company’s special discount offers or coupon codes, you’ll find that this brand is tough to beat in term of value for a tremendous product.

Customer Service and Warranties

White Cloud offers a six-month warranty on its batteries, adaptors, and chargers. Additionally, they sell a two-year extended warranty that covers these items. Should a problem arise, any of these products can be quickly exchanged without hassle. The company has a solid customer support system, too. You can call of contact the company via telephone or email. Their extensive customer care portal is also worth checking out once you make your purchase. The site has lots of tips and helpful FAQs.

Pros and Cons

White Cloud has a slew of pros and almost no cons. Others have lamented that it would be great if the company offered more nicotine levels. However, they do offer several levels including nicotine-free. Of course, people that wish to reduce their nicotine level gradually will wish there were more options, but then, few leading brands offer that gradual gap between levels.

As for the pros of White Cloud’s e-cig experience—it’s a first-rate e-cig. For a consistently great vaping experience every time, this is the e-cig to choose. The e-cig feels like a cigarette and the puffing experience is similar to that of a traditional cigarette. White Cloud’s flavors are delicious and they offer more tobacco flavors than most other e-cig companies. Finally, batteries are excellent and allow more puffs than other e-cig brands. So, if you are looking for one of the best brands available, this e-cig provider is one of the leaders in the industry. Their e-cigs do not disappoint!