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It wasn’t until people at my work, on a locked hospital ward, began to use e-cigarettes that I really began to think more about the issues surrounding them. Up to this point, I really hadn’t given them a second thought. But because of their batteries, e-cigs can start fires so they aren’t allowed at work, only gum and patches and, for special occasions, an inhaler. This is what made me start thinking and becoming curious about why they were contraband. Why were people not allowed to use them even when being watched in a visitor’s room where others wouldn’t be able to see them and get the impression they were actually smoking. It also rose questions concerning the staff and whether a campus that is smoke-free also means no tobacco and if E-Cigarettes are even considered tobacco products and why the patches and gum are not also contraband where E-Cigs are?

Help us Protect Ourselves
The FDA comes in here to make decisions on all of these questions and work to keep us safe from our own selves. Their idea is regulation. They want to have specific standards of certain dosages and work to keep bad chemicals from getting into our bodies. The FDA has made the decisions to label e-cigarettes as a tobacco product.

The label as a tobacco product means that E-Cigs can be banned much more easily without as much difficulty as owners of property and employers may have otherwise and this is also where the difference between a medicated product and a non-medicated product becomes obvious. Both are meant for the same thing and have all the same risks to users and those around them. So taking this into consideration, it makes me wonder how they are actually different in policies when there is no risk to anybody but the person using the product?

In this area, the technicalities come into play. In a hospital situation, e-cigs, with their different flavors, aren’t allowed because they go against scent rules. So why are mints or cough drop not also banned when they smell just as strongly?

Then it comes to the idea that it is more difficult to say smoking isn’t allowed because e-cigs look so much like actual tobacco cigarettes. This isn’t actually, true. From a far distance, they resemble a cigarette, but from a few feet away the differences are clear.

Ignoring all of these so-called reasons, I think it is more about the fact that the other quit-smoking alternatives don’t look anything like actual smoking. People would never mistake a patch or gum for a cigarette. They are black and white whereas E-Cigs sit in a gray area, which doesn’t mean bad, people just like things to be simplified and clear cut. But I think we are due for an actual conversation about how much gray can be acceptable and why change is always equated to being bad.

Are E-Cigarettes Actually Useful for Quitting Smoking?
Anyone who has ever attempted to quit smoking knows very well that it’s not an easy task but is a complicated challenge and most likely, you have had more than one attempt at quitting smoking, probably trying all different things. There isn’t one simple way of quitting smoking; there are a lot of options out there that work for different people. A lot of these options rely on reducing nicotine to help with the cravings for it. Other options have stages that include NRT therapy such as nicotine patches or gum. The methods considered to have the highest success rate combine strategies, but a lot of the nicotine replacement therapy methods leave a lot to be desired.

Smokers relying on these methods wind up stretching out the quitting smoking process for years, finding themselves on a never ending limbo of quitting temporarily and then weeks or months later right back where they started, maybe never fully getting off of cigarettes in the end.
There are a few approaches that have a success rate higher than the estimated range of 6-8%, such as Champix, these medications also have some frightening potential side effects and have had suicides directly connected with use of these alternatives.

For a lot of smokers, these methods just are not enough to fully kick the habit. I don’t think anyone, especially not me, would say or even imply that quitting tobacco without using any methods to help quit, especially the E-Cig, is an ideal way to go. Statistics show that just quitting smoking can result in harm or even deaths on a much larger scale than these consequences appear when using methods such as electronic cigarettes and methods of reducing harm.

What Makes Users of Electronic Cigarettes More Successful at Quitting Tobacco and Switching to Smokeless Vapor compared to Users of Other Nicotine Reduction Therapy Methods?

Not everybody can rely on the same method to quit smoking; success largely depends on discovering the method that is best for you and your life.
Mainly because of the FDA guidelines and regulations, E-Cigarettes are not actually labeled as a tool for quitting smoking, but the fact is that they could very well play a major role in helping you to quit smoking because smoking doesn’t revolve solely around a nicotine addiction. Most smokers start as a social thing or a way to fit in with people they admire. Smoking is about lifestyle, social groups and the routine of smoking just as much as it is about the actual reliance on nicotine and these parts are just as difficult to kick.
Cigarettes become associated with parts of daily life, from taking a break to smoke at work or smoking when out with friends. It involves repeating motions such as the hand to mouth routine which can act as a trigger and a psychological addiction from doing it so often. Research has suggested that many smokers who try to quit find it harder to get over the habit than the chemical dependency.

It will be easier to overcome your smoking addiction once you’ve recognized that it is more than just the nicotine causing you to keep smoking and recognizing all of the little triggers that might go otherwise unnoticed and the other reasons that make quitting so complicated. For example, cravings can be combated with a patch or gum but if first thing you do when you wake up is light a cigarette; it will be hard to get over that specific habit. E-Cigarettes can be a bigger help because they not only help satisfy the urge to smoke, but also all the movements that go along with the act of smoking. Being able to combine the ability of satisfying both of these urges will increase chances of being successful at quitting smoking permanently rather than for a short period of time.

Harm-Reducing Techniques and E-Cigs

An electronic cigarette is comparable to a traditional cigarette and similar actions are used as in smoking, which is why they are considered to be the same as smoking tobacco cigarettes by anti-tobacco groups. But electronic cigarettes are much different. They are an inhaler that turns a liquid solution made of either nicotine or a type of tasty flavoring into a vapor. The mist that the E-Cigs produce isn’t full of harmful toxins like regular cigarettes and the smoke being inhaled is mostly just a water vapor. E-Cigarettes are much less harmful than regular cigarettes because they don’t have the same harmful smoke and they can be used as a tool to reduce harm when trying to get off of cigarettes.

As stated above, the smoking process can be just as hard to quit as the addictive chemicals. E-Cigarettes are helpful because they can fit right in with the regular smoking process. They can be used in the same social settings, use the same hand to mouth motions, and can be substituted into your every day routine that once included cigarettes. However, the similarity to tobacco cigarettes is only in the physical aspects. E-Cigarettes don’t include any of the second hand smoke exposure or inhalation of toxins into the lungs.

They can also be used even if you are not actively trying to quit smoking and simply as a way to reduce harm that cigarettes cause by smoking less. It’s not a widely accepted idea, but many smokers enjoy the idea of being able to reduce the harm they are causing by smoking less without fully quitting. Often times, it is a much more reachable goal as well. In fact, E-Cigarettes can surprisingly help people who don’t even intend to quit stop smoking after all. A study on electronic cigarettes that involved 300 participants found that 13% of those who didn’t plan to quit wound up quitting smoking anyway. This goes to show that e-cigarettes can inspire smokers to quit and abstain from cigarettes long-term without the consequences associated with other NRT methods. It should also be noted that 7 out of 10 smokers who used electronic cigarettes to help them quit also stopped using the electronic cigarettes eventually as well, which should help concerns that the electronic cigarettes could fuel the nicotine dependency.
Harm reduction is already part of our everyday life. People watch what they eat to avoid too much of certain things, wear seatbelts in the car, and wear helmets on bikes. Rather than just not eating, driving, or biking, we work to act against any possible damage. Using E-Cigarettes on occasion is the same idea. Rather than just not smoking, smokers take protective measures against the damage. A lot of smokers find it stressful to try to quit over and over and deal with the urges that follow or the consequences of some medications for quitting smoking. This can make quitting even more harmful than simply reducing would be.

Harm reduction has been proven to make a difference in Sweden. Throughout the last couple of decade, a changing opinion towards smokeless tobacco has resulted in a noticeable improvement in the health of the citizens, less cancer and lower smoking related diseases amongst men who made the switch to smokeless tobacco. The same shifting opinions towards E-Cigarettes, which are far safer, could have astounding health improvements across the globe.

Despite Not Being Labeled as Such, Electronic Cigarettes Can Be Used to Quit Smoking

E-Cigarettes are very flexible and there are a variety of ways in which they be used either on their own or alongside another method. Medication, gum, or the patch can be used to curb nicotine urges while e-cigarettes are used as well to satisfy the physical habit of smoking. E-Cigarettes with nicotine can be used to help the need for nicotine without all the harmful toxic smoke going into the lungs. It’s even possible that E-Cigarettes being used without nicotine could satisfy your habit enough that your nicotine cravings simply go away on their own without the addition of any other methods. Whether they are used on their own or with another quitting method, smoking (or vaping, rather, since smoke isn’t actually involved in any way) e-cigarettes can be a good way to manage both nicotine dependency and physical habits associated with smoking while also satisfying the social aspects you may use smoking for, which makes them a great alternative method of quitting smoking safely and without relapse.

Lies About Electronic Cigarettes

New things are constantly being discovered by scientists, allowing us to learn new things about how to live healthy. This has made our society largely about individual opinions and choices. Once the media latches onto one idea or another, people will jump on the bandwagon and demand for the substance to be prohibited, which is essentially what has occurred with smoking.

Nobody would argue that smoking is healthy but it is also not as destructive as people are led to believe. As soon as someone pulls out a cigarette, over enthusiastic anti-smoking campaigners will begin to glare and cough dramatically just seeing the product, before it has even been lit. One would think that the invention of electronic cigarettes would be an ideal solution since they have no smoke or smell and let the smoker get their nicotine without causing harm to anybody around them. However, this isn’t the case as those anti-smokers react in the same way to electronic cigarettes as they do to a traditional cigarette despite the vast differences between them. They have also spread some untrue thoughts concerning e-cigarettes around.

The first myth is that E-Cigarettes can cause cancer because of their nicotine content. First of all, nicotine is not proven to even cause cancer. It’s a substance that chances depending on how the user gets it into their system. If smoked in quick bursts, it stimulates the smokers. When smoked in long, slow breaths, it has a calming influence. Neither of these ways of inhalation cause cancer and when using e-cigarettes there is not any chance of getting cancer because the cancer causing agents, which are tobacco fertilizers and paper, aren’t being consumed. In all ways, electronic cigarettes are less harmful.

The second assumption is that electronic cigarettes give off smoke which causes cancer through second-hand smoke. But there have never been any second-hand smoke studies done concerning electronic cigarettes because they don’t even give off any smoke; they give off a water vapor which can not cause cancer in any form.

The third myth is that E-Cigarettes are harmful to the environment, which is easily one of the most ridiculous lies told. Electronic cigarettes come in disposable and refillable types. The disposable kind can be equal to two packs of cigarettes, which is significantly better for the environment as far as manufacturing and find discard. The refillable ones can last years, so there is no way that electronic cigarettes can cause damage to the environment.

The fourth myth about E-Cigarettes is that they present a danger because they could possibly explode. Electronic cigarettes run on li-on battery cells that can be recharged, just like most modern electronic gadgets, such as cell phones. There has only been one report of an electronic cigarette explosion, which was of a non-traditional type, which is not the king the majority of people use. MINI electronic cigarettes make up 95% of the market. The battery that powers any of these electronic cigarettes doesn’t have a big enough charge to run the risk of explosion. There have been zero reported incidents of a mini e-cigarette exploding and it is nothing to be worried about.

The final lie about electronic cigarettes is that when it comes to health concerns and risk of use, they are just as bad as a traditional tobacco cigarette which is wrong in almost every single way. Cigarettes and E-Cigarettes are both made in completely different ways with completely different materials and are even used differently. E-Cigarettes are not even smoked identically to a cigarette because they work better at giving the smoker the nicotine level they require. It only takes a couple of inhales of an E-Cigarette to get enough nicotine that would generally take an entire cigarette. No smoke is produced into the air nor is there any burning.

The fact is that electronic cigarettes are the most competent manner of getting nicotine into the smoker’s system and is far safer for the smoker, the environment, and any non-smokers in the area despite the myths that anti-smoking fanatics spread.
Researching Electronic Cigarettes

E-Cigarette sales are improving all around the globe. It was reported by The New York Times that in the United States, electronic cigarette sales reached $500 million and just this year that number will more than likely double. In Europe, they are selling ever better. There are electronic cigarette shops all over and the market has gone over $2 billion. Even those numbers are just a portion of the $80 billion market of tobacco sales, but that market has been steadily falling, making it obvious where people are migrating to. The major tobacco producers in the United States have even carved out a place in the E-Cigarette market according to Boston University’s Dr. Michael Seigle in the Department of Public Health. He believes that this is an ideal situation for the debate on electronic cigarettes since there will now be funding which will allow for the study of health consequences and beliefs surrounding electronic cigarettes’ nicotine vapor.

There is some evidence that electronic cigarettes are a realistic alternate option to methods of NRT provided by the patch or medications, E-Cigs just haven’t been able to be studied enough to label this as fact. These studies are usually funded by NRT companies that are trying to prove their competition’s to be less effective.

The FDA, pressured by the pharmaceutical industry, tried to classify electronic cigarettes as a drug/device combo. This would cause them to be removed from the market completely and researched in the same way as a medicine would be. This was overturned by the federal appeals court though; who determined e-cigarettes should be viewed as a tobacco alternative product. Stephanie Yao from the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research said that they are still working to come up with regulations for e-cigarettes but more research is necessary to determine what the health consequences and benefits are concerning electronic cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes have shown themselves to be profitable which means that finally, research on how viable they are may be on its way. With the major tobacco companies now jumping on the bandwagon e-cigarettes have garnered corporate interest equal to the power of that pharmaceutical industry, which is where the funding comes in. It also means more pressure is now put on the FDA. This also means that there will be more strict measures placed on electronic cigarettes by the corporations controlling the production to improve the quality and get rid of things like cheap batteries, varying nicotine levels and unregulated additions. E-cigarette smokers can only benefit from the better accessories that will become available.

Now the question that remains is what guidelines are going to be placed on the electronic cigarette market as it continues to quickly expand. Dr. Siegle put it well, citing a faulty study that stated that e-cigarettes are marketed toward people who are already smokers. The market isn’t geared towards young adults or people who don’t already smoke. They are meant to provide help in quitting tobacco cigarettes or cutting down on them for health reasons. Electronic cigarettes are a tobacco alternative product and they will have minimal appeal to people who don’t already smoke.

The creators of electronic cigarettes can’t come out and make that kind of statement themselves with the current FDA regulations. The rules say that e-cigarette producers cannot make any claims about the health benefits of e-cigarettes or that they are a product to help quit smoking until there is researched proof to back up those claims. For now, the E-Cigs are gathering celebrity endorsements and invested dollars to benefit from their growing recognition even while some states wrestle with the decision of whether or not to ban them in public areas. A former surgeon general, Richard Carmona, has even joined the board at one e-cigarette company, NJOY. This is just one more reason that a more thought out approach to having a serious study on e-cigarette use and benefits is overdue.


One of the top electronic cigarette companies is Joyetech, whose creations are currently being patented and trademarked throughout the world, from China throughout Europe, the United States, and Russia even.

Joyetech has a strong base of loyal customers in three different continents which is growing throughout other areas as well. Joyetech takes pride in the supporting letters they get from smokers that were unable to find something that worked for them before they stumbled across Joyetech’s E-Cigarettes. This encourages Joyetech to keep making the quality of their electronic cigarettes and all other products better and better, working to create a design that is simple and a much healthier option than tobacco cigarettes.

Joyetech Progressions

In 2008 there was the Joye 510. This E-Cigarette was the very first with manual batteries which was a solution to the issue of that time of cartridge leaks which helped to lower the number of faulty batteries.

2009 came with Joyetech’s Joye eGo, a development of the more high class design than regular cigarettes along with a longer lasting battery and more room in the cartridges.

2010’s Joye eGo-T was an improved model that came with a technical tank atomizer which used brand new technology and did away with the old liquid solutions completely.

In 2011 there were the eGo-C and 510-T products which came with a variety of options that could all be interchanged and a superior product line.
2012 was about the eCab. This involved a newer version of E-Cigs that used the tank atomizer idea and also involved the new ability to change out batteries which remained consistent with the vapor power ability and the same portable size.

eVic Cigarette

The eVic is a new release of electronic cigarettes that is on a level of its own. It has the ability to remember all of your vapor activity and keep track of it and can put it all in front of you on your computer in a convenient manner. Physically, the new model is different in a few ways. It has a key that rotates and has a clickable entry, extra output energy and changing voltage ability. It also has a new area that be used to plug in a USB cable which connects it to the computer and provides for a better charge.
Recording Vapor Habits

MVR, meaning My Vapor Record, is software designed specifically for the eVic. It is used on the computer and includes statistics that hold all your vaping data. It is simple to install. All you do is plug your eVic into your computer and instantly the record will come up organized on your screen. It also has a number of other neat options, including methods for preserving energy and alerts for protecting the battery.

It allows you to keep up to date on the longevity of your battery and the atomizer in the device. You can also set up alarms to help you remember your targeted inhalation number. Similarly to Joyetech’s other releases, the eVic and its software are unique. They are the setting the trends all on their own when it comes to personal vaporizers.


Why It Is Possible to Trust Electronic Cigarettes Reviews

It may be tempting to think of electric cigarette reviews as simply concealed marketing strategies by manufacturers and online retailers. This can be counter-acted by vapers by making sure reviews are trustworthy and not advertising. They will not have a very satisfactory vaping experience under those conditions.

Another concern is the amount of time involved in reading reviews. If they are just self-serving advertising, they will be a waste of time. With the popularity of electronic cigarettes, reviews have been beneficial to potential vapers. In order to judge the importance of reviews, there are a few things to consider. They are as follows.

• Provide Information About Electronic Cigarettes

To be able to trust reviews, information should be presented in an unbiased manner. True reviews will present information to vapers and non-vapers alike in a manner that will help them understand how the electronic cigarettes are used. One thing electric cigarettes reviews sometimes mistakenly report is that they are a smoking cessation device.

The information presented in the reviews should enable both vapers and non-vapers to make an educated decision about the best brand to choose based on their individual preferences. Manufacturers are taking advantage of the rising popularity of electronic cigarettes and focusing only on profit. Reviews can help potential users determine which are legitimate manufacturers and which are focusing only on profit.

One important thing to stress is the quality of ingredients in electronic cigarettes. They are the number one factor in the satisfaction of the vaping experience. A lower quality product by those seeking to make a profit means less satisfaction than quality products provide.

• Clear up misconceptions and issues

Reviews are not only important to provide information but they can clear up misconceptions. For one, the idea that quitting smoking can lead to better health is an important one to understand. Electronic cigarettes offer a healthier alternative to smoking.

Reviews can help clarify how the delivery system for nicotine in electronic cigarettes and tobacco cigarettes differ. In addition, it is important that vapers understand how tobacco smoke and the vapor of electronic cigarettes differ. Also, they can provide clarification about the nicotine strength of e-juice in different brands.

There is some concern about the safety of nicotine in electronic cigarettes over that in tobacco cigarettes. This nicotine has a huge health impact. Reviews can clarify the difference in the delivery of this nicotine between the two types of cigarettes, electric and tobacco.

• Provide references for further study

Electric cigarette reviews provide references to other sources when proposing way to stop smoking and propose electric cigarettes as healthier alternatives to tobacco cigarettes. They often reference the National Cancer Society. These give readers a source to look up for additional information about the issues.

These reviews help to build trust with readers. Providing references to legitimate organizations and agencies that are not directly connected to the manufacture of electronic cigarettes helps to build this trust. Additionally, reference to online support groups and forums let people share with each other their experiences.

• Accurately report market discounts

Some manufacturers falsely advertise discounts or promos that are fake, just to get visitors to their websites. However, electric cigarette reviews that accurately report legitimate market discounts build credibility.

Though electronic cigarettes are cheaper and more affordable than tobacco cigarettes, vapers still appreciate discounts and promos. This allows them to get free items, lower priced accessories, and to get free shipping and handling in some cases. Most are offered by individual manufacturers, separate from the reviews.

Reviewers that promote discounts and promos do so because they believe them to be legitimate. They realize the value of these discounts and promos. Most have an expiration date, and should be used within that time frame.

The internet is full of wonderful and accurate information. However, it does involve some unscrupulous people. That is why it is important to check information and be able to trust the ones who post reviews of electric cigarettes.

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