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What Is SmokeStik Ultra? The SmokeStik company was founded in 2008 after CEO Bill Marangos switched from traditional tobacco to e-cigarettes. E-cigarette technology was relatively new at the time, and Marangos found himself disappointed with the products on the market and decided to make his own. This led to the creative of the Smokestik Classic (cigalike), which quickly became popular due to its sleek design and attractive finish.

Now SmokeStik hopes to improve upon the success and expand their product catalog with their newest product, the SmokeStik Ultra.

smokestik ultra -  pink battery

Key Features of Smokestik’s new Vaporizer Pen, The Ultra

Looking at the design and features of the SmokeStik Ultra, it is clear that this is a premium “Ego”-style device. The SmokeStik Ultra System consists of three parts: the battery, the coil, and the tank. All of the pieces are high quality and visually appealing, with three color options currently available: silver, black, and pink. Some elements of the design have clearly been inspired by the original Joye Ego, but SmokeStik has added their own personal touch to make the Ultra even more impressive.

The clearomizer tank stores 1ml of liquid, enough to last most users all day or more, and the tank and coil design allows you to really get the most out of your liquids. With the SmokeStik Ultra, the flavor is great at all voltages and there’s no scorching or burnt taste, even during extended periods of use.

The battery capacity is 650 mAh, providing a “puff count” of about 433 before a recharge is needed. Each battery lasts for about 300 charge cycles, meaning that they should last many months without being replaced. By using the built in battery safety lock feature, you can prolong the charge of your SmokeStik Ultra battery even longer.

The safety lock prevents the device from accidentally turning on while in a pocket, bag, or case. To activate or deactivate the safety lock, quickly press the button on your SmokeStik Ultra five times until the LED light flashes.

Another thing that makes the SmokeStik Ultra battery special is the built in Pulse Modulation microchip that works to ensure that every puff is just as satisfying as the first. This is a big improvement over most other batteries of this size, which can cause the vapor to get weaker and colder as the battery loses charge.


Smokestik Classic E-Cigarette vs Smokestik Ultra Vape Pen

Comparison between the new ULTRA  and SmokeStik Classic

When comparing the SmokeStik Ultra to the SmokeStik Classic, the most obvious difference is size. The SmokeStik Classic is a smaller, lighter “cigalike” device, while the larger SmokeStik Ultra is closer to a vaporizer pen and using it will feel more like holding a cigar. This means that users who want a device that feels more like a real cigarette may be more interested in the older model due to it’s smaller size. Meanwhile, those who are looking for a heavier, more flavorful vaping experience will prefer the SmokeStik Ultra.

Another key difference is that the SmokeStik Ultra battery is manual, which means that you need to press a button to turn it on, and it will enter a standby mode when not in use for a while. The Classic, on the other hand, has an automatic battery that turns on when you puff on the cartomizer. Some people might not like the added step of pressing a button to turn on the battery, but most can adapt to it with no trouble.

In several other ways, the SmokeStik Ultra is a clear improvement over its predecessor. The puff count for the Ultra is about twice that of the largest battery available for the Classic. Furthermore, there are more liquid options available for the SmokeStik Ultra because of the refillable tank. In contrast, the SmokeStik Classic uses single use cartomizers, which have a much smaller selection of flavors and nicotine concentrations, in addition to a smaller capacity.

smokestik ultra replaceable atomizer coils

smokestik ultra replaceable atomizer coils

The SmokeStik Ultra tank also opens up the possibility of trying different brands of e-liquids, which makes it a better choice for those who are looking to broaden their horizons as far as experiencing different tastes and sensations in their e-cigarette.


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Getting Started with This Personal Vaporizer

SmokeStik offers a SmokeStik Ultra Starter Kit so that users can have the full experience right away. The starter kit includes two batteries, two tanks (with coils installed), a stylish carrying case, and the charging system. The tanks arrive empty, so you will have to order your desired liquids separately.

When you initially receive your SmokeStik Ultra, the first thing to do is to charge the battery. The USB charger makes it easy to charge your vaporizer while keeping it within reach while you work on your desktop or laptop computer. Alternatively, you can use the included AC adapter with a wall socket for a quicker charge or to refill the battery on the go when you don’t have a USB port nearby.

Filling the SmokeStik Ultra tank is simple. The bottom piece of the tank unscrews so that you can fill it. The generous size means that it is easy to fill without spilling, and the large capacity means that you can go longer without having to refill.

The SmokeStik Ultra Experience

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 12.16.29 PMScreen Shot 2014-10-15 at 12.15.22 PMScreen Shot 2014-10-15 at 12.15.56 PMScreen Shot 2014-10-15 at 12.15.33 PMScreen Shot 2014-10-15 at 12.16.12 PMScreen Shot 2014-10-15 at 12.17.03 PMUsing the SmokeStik Ultra results in a very smooth experience with no gurgling, flooding, leaks, or other problems that are common with lower quality devices. It may look similar to other EVOD devices at first glance, but after using it there can be no mistaking the extra effort that has gone into perfecting the design.

In fact, the SmokeStik Ultra compares very well to other Ego/EVOD inspired devices, and many users will prefer the airier draw that comparable e-cigarettes and vaporizer pens lack. The coils are high performing and long lasting, though some users choose to change them when switching liquids to prevent accidental blending.

Where e-liquids are concerned, SmokeStik currently offers a selection of 17 flavors ranging from traditional Western Tobacco and Arctic Menthol, to more exotic options like Pineapple and Bubblegum. SmokeStik liquids come in 10ml bottles, and all flavors come in no nicotine, 8mg, and 15mg varieties. The SmokeStik Ultra is also compatible with a wide range of liquids from other retailers.

Smokestik Ultra Review – Concluding Thoughts on First Look

Overall, the SmokeStik Ultra is an excellent choice for newcomers to the e-cigarette scene as well as those who may have experience with smaller cigalike devices and are looking for something a little bigger. Similarly, existing users of Ego or EVOD vaporizer pens might be interested in checking out SmokeStik’s unique take on the design. With a long lasting battery, a large tank capacity, a beautiful, sleek appearance, and an affordable price, it’s hard to go wrong.


Smokestik ULTRA – Mini Guide on How To Use The New Vaporizer Pen

Congratulations on your purchase of your new SmokeStik Ultra kit. Now what, you might ask. Give me the next few minutes, I’ll be happy to show you. Let’s start off by looking at what’s inside your Ultra kit. This is the zipper case that the SmokeStik ultra vaporizer comes in. Please be sure to use this case to protect your ultra-kit from any bumps and bangs. Right on top here is the user’s manual, please be sure to read this for the most current operating instructions and troubleshooting tips. Your SmokeStik Ultra Kit includes two complete Ultra vaporizers. One and two. There is also an AC Adapter and a USB power supply. This kit happens to be black, your kit may be pink or silver. The bottom section here is called the battery. The top section is called the tank, which also includes the base and the coil. Grasping the tank by the knurled collar you can simply unscrew the battery from the tank.

If you take a closer look at the battery section itself, this is the LED button with the light ring around it. You will notice that if I push the button the LED does not light up. This is because all SmokeStik Ultra batteries are shipped with the safety lock turned on. You should always use the safety when transporting your SmokeStik Ultra batteries to prevent unwanted activation. To deactivate or activate the safety lock all you need to do is push the button five times within two seconds. One, two, three, four, five.  The LED light around the switch will flash three times to signal that you have either activated or deactivated the safety lock. If I push it again. One, two, three, four, five. Again you should always activate the safety lock whenever you transport your SmokeStik Ultra vaporizer to prevent unwanted activation.

Now let’s take a look at the tank end of the SmokeStik Ultra Vaporizer. The Tank is actually made up of three pieces, the tank itself, the base that holds the coil, and the coil itself that’s inside here. Grasping the knurled base, hold it firmly and unscrew the tank from the base. This should always be done with the knurled base pointing up to prevent any leakage of the Ultra liquid that might be in the tank. Here are the three pieces, the tank, the base with the coiled installed, and now I will unscrew the coil so you can see it. The coil here is the one part of the tank that is consumable. You will need to replace it if the flavor or vapor production rolls off, all you do is get a new coil, screw it back into the base, and screw the base back into the tank and you’re ready to go. Hand tightening is sufficient. There are no tools required.

Now I’ll show you how to charge the batteries that came in your kit. You should only use the Ultra charger that came with your kit to charge your Ultra batteries. It was made specifically to work with these batteries. Now that you know what all the parts are of the SmokeStik Ultra kit, let me show you how to get ready to use them. As you saw before, your SmokeStik Ultra comes with two complete vaporizers which have batteries already connected to them. The batteries are shipped with a partial charge, there is no need to top them off before using them. What I would suggest though is to put one of the batteries on the charger now so that it can receive a 100% charge and then use the other battery to start with. To charge the other battery all you need to do is to plug in the AC adapter into any wall outlet and then plug the USB charger into it. You will know that the AC adapter and the USB charger are working when the red light on the USB charger turns on. Whenever the AC Adapter and the USB charger have power the red light will stay on. The red light will never change colors. Now just unscrew your battery from your tank and screw the battery onto the USB charger. The LED around the on/off button will flash five times and then stay on constant. This is telling you that it is charging, as soon as the LED light turns off you will know that the battery is fully charged. If you ever screw a battery into the charger and the light does not stay on constant it is telling you that the battery is already fully charged. Once the batteries are charged and you unscrew it from the USB charger the light will flash a couple times. This tells you that it has gone through its internal diagnostics and that it is ready to use.

The next step will be to fill the tank with Ultra liquid. Holding the tank by the mouthpiece end and with the knurled base pointing up, simply unscrew the knurled base. Now is a good time to make sure that the coil is firmly seated in the base. There is no need to use tools to do this. Hand tight is more than sufficient. Now take the cap off of one of your Ultra juice bottles while holding the tank with the tank at a 45 degree angle, put the tip of your Ultra juice bottle down the side of the tank, be sure not to put the tip of the bottle into the hole in the middle of the tank. For this first fill I would recommend that you only fill the tank with juice until it is about half way up. This just prevents you from overfilling it and having it run off from the center tube. You should always be able to see an air bubble in the tank. The tank must have some air at the top to work correctly. Now pick up the base and attach it to the tank itself. Again, remember hand tight is more than enough please do not use any tools. For the best experience please allow your tank to rest standing for about one minute. This allows the Ultra juice to completely saturate the coil. This will give you the best vapor production and flavor. Now just re attach the tank to the battery and you are now ready to vape. To use your vaporizer just start to draw on it while you press the on/off button. Vaporizers work best if you take long slow drags. With a little bit of trial and error you will find the perfect technique for you.

A couple of other things before I go are to tell you about the diagnostic lights that you might see on the battery. The Ultra battery has a ten second cutoff, which means that if you take a drag longer than ten seconds the LED will flash three times telling you that it has entered automatic shutoff. You will have to release the button and press it again to reset it. As we talked about before, the coils are disposable. Which means they will wear out eventually, and the flavor and vapor production will become less. If the coil actually fails the battery will sense this and when you push the button you will get three flashes of the LED light. This is telling you that you need to replace the coil now. This will only happen if the coil fails, you will probably replace the coil long before this happens because of the reduction in flavor and vapor.

Thank you very much for listening, goodbye.

SmokeStik ULTRA Vape Pen

SmokeStik, the popular e-cig brand and hollywood favorite launches their first Personal Vaporizer. Flexible, Quality mid-sized EGO Vape.


8.5 Total Score
Great Initial VAPE PEN Product Offering From SmokeStik

Smokestik ULTRA is an impressive release from a brand known and respected for their quality of manufacturing and appreciation for style. The new ULTRA continues the tradition, expanding flavor options dramatically as well. The ULTRA from Smokestik is ideal for ecig users looking for an easy to use pen vaporizer in the EGO/EVOD tradition. While advanced vapers wont find too much to excite them here - that's just the point, the perfect user who should consider buying the ULTRA is one seeking a satisfaction boost that Cig-a-likes and disposables cannot without overwhelming complexity. In that goal Smokestik has succeeded very well, and at a pricetag that is extremely attractive.

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