Cartomizers, Clearomizers and Tanks

Conventionally, electronic cigarette come with starter kits containing an atomizer. Over time, the technology behind electronic cigarettes has advanced, and latest range of clearomizers, cartomizers and tanks has been developed. These are less expensive options, while more convenient to use and maintain. They do not require thorough or periodic cleaning and you can fill them very easily. They normally hold more e liquid than most conventional e cigarette atomizers do.

There are many differences between cartomizers, tanks and clearomizers, which every user should know. As a matter of fact, before purchasing electronic cigarettes, the latest ones, it is very important to be aware of its parts. This guide is going to help you to understand what are the differences between these important parts of an electronic cigarette and how you can use them.

Similarity with Standard Atomizers

Yes, there is a point of similarity between atomizers, cartomizers, tanks and clearomizers. There is a heating coil present in each of these parts to vaporize the liquid to enable smoking. Additionally the different classes and types now have vastly different build qualities (the best of 2014’s amazing vape tanks and glassomizers are built with precision craftsmanship and materials – real glass and stainless steel in most cases such as Aspire’s wonderful Nautilus and Kanger’s Protank, Unitank and AeroTank lines). There are multiple types of setups on offer which are similar across brands but each feature somewhat unique and proprietary designs. The threading for attachment / mounting to your E-Cig / Vaporizer battery is almost exclusively of the 510 and/or EGO type thus most are compatible with whichever setup you have.

Cartomizers were introduced primarily as central aspects of the very first ‘2-piece’ ecigarette models, the KR808D-1 made by Kanger (the same standard used in updated form by leading cigalike brands V2 Cigs, Smokeless Image, BLOOG, Halo and Vapor4Life amongst others). Early Cartomizers emerged in the primary competing specification (the E9/U9) used today by brands such as GreenSmoke, Eversmoke and South Beach Smoke – though it generally has proven to be the less popular of the two types.

After the popularity and success of these convenient replacements for the now ancient ‘cart’ and ‘atomizer’ arrangements common amongst the earliest 3-piece e-cigarette models – it wasn’t long before variations were introduced by third party suppliers and more major brands alike for the EGO / 510 threading specification which had become so popular in the vaping community with the hugely successful JoyeTech EGO and its many iterations and copycat products that followed.


Range of unique cartomizers with 510 /ego threading thanks to healthcabin

Range of unique cartomizers with 510 /ego threading thanks to healthcabin


These are the commonly used parts of electronic cigarettes that can be readily found on the market. Cartomizers are simple cartridges that can be screwed on to the top of the battery. These are cylindrical metal housing containing polyfill for holding the e liquid. There is an atomizer that will turn the liquid into vapor. There are some companies that offer prefilled cartridges while others offer blank cartridges that users can fill with e juice of their choice.

The primary advantage of using cartomizers is that they are very simple and easy to use. You just need to screw it on top of the battery and enjoy vaping.  E smokers often dispose them once they are empty, though they can be easily refilled, thus allowing you to save money on the e juices.

There are some disadvantages of using these cartomizers too, though not significant. Firstly, they fail to hold adequate e liquid, usually up to 1ml. As such, heavy vapers may need several cartridges in a day.


V2 Cigs EX Clearomizers bring refillable, polyfill-free vaping to their extremely popular Cigalike E-Cigs with KR808D threading

V2 Cigs EX Clearomizers bring refillable, polyfill-free vaping to their extremely popular Cigalike E-Cigs with KR808D threading


This is a fairly broader category that encompasses products resembling cartomizers and the ones that look just like tanks. Clearomizers comprise of a clear tube, some atomizing devices, and wicks to deliver the liquid to the atomizer. Some clearomizers come with atomizer coils as well as wicks placed at the top, whilst others may have them at the bottom for better wicking.

People prefer clearomizers since they are clear. That makes it easier to monitor the level of vape juice. The capacity of holding juice is superior to that of cartomizers with several models that hold anywhere around 1.5ml – 3ml. most of these products are usually reusable that last longer than typical cartomizers.

One significant disadvantage of clearomizers is that many users have experienced leaking and inconsistency in the quality of the same. Though it is easier to fill, clearly visible to monitor the level of liquid, has larger capacity and longer lifespan, the fact that it leaks is totally annoying.

Smokeless Image sell a version of the excellent Aspire line of  Glass Tanks For Their Volt X2 Personal Vaporizer Batteries

Smokeless Image sell a version of the excellent Aspire line of Glass Tanks For Their Volt X2 Personal Vaporizer Batteries

Tanks / Tankomizers

Tanks are relatively bigger enclosures that come with a typical cartomizers slotted in the middle. They are available in different materials (glass, plastic, meal) and sizes. Tanks literally pair the performance of cartomizers having large capacity, thus making them one of the most preferred choices of heavy vapers.

The greatest and obvious advantage of tanks is the fact that they can hold plenty of e juice. Many vapers would like to choose tanks that will last for one whole day or even more. There are tanks made from some typical materials that are impervious to citrus and cinnamon juices having erosive properties.

Tanks made from stainless steel and glass are sleek looking – the most preferred as well. Once you understand how to handle and maintain them week, tanks will be the most convenient choice for vapers. You must, however, understand how to slot in a fresh cartomizers and how to replace the used grommets when required.

Because tanks are large sized, they are often funny to look at. For starters, it may not be easy to maintain a tank; it is simply tricky. Slotting in a fresh cartomizer and then refilling it can become messy. If you fail to maintain proper seals, tanks may also leak. As tanks house the cartomizers, the ones with polyfill sensitivity should avoid them.


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