E-Cig Buyers Increasingly Skipping The Cig-a-Like Opting For Vaporizer Out Of The Gate

The Trend Towards PVs (Personal or Portable Vaporizers) Has Many Potential Implications For The ECIG Market As A Whole (and The Cigalike / Disposable Dominated Business Plans of Big Tobacco, Who Own A Majority of The Marketshare Officially Now)

Many Moving To APV Advanced Personal Vaporizers and Vape Pens - Like Apollo VV Tube Pictured Above

Many Moving To APV Advanced Personal Vaporizers and Vape Pens – Like Apollo VV Tube Pictured Above

As the ban in traditional cigarettes throughout the majority of the country has pushed into restaurants, parks and other public places, individuals looking to still obtain their nicotine intake but not feel like second class citizens were forced to look elsewhere for a delivery method.


For others, simply opting out of the smell traditional smokes provide or the chemicals found inside of the major tobacco company cigarettes proved important enough to look for another way to enjoy nicotine.

Out of all of this need for a different product, vaporizers started to appear.

These particular products use a vapor based delivery method for providing people such as yourself the ability to enjoy smoking, without actually producing any of the smoke. The vapor, which dissolves quickly in the air, does not have a lingering affect, so whether inside of a restaurant or out in a public area, it does not affect anyone around them and it does not cause any sort of second hand side effects. However, while several different products have come about due to the push for vapor based devices, the Vape Pen stands tall and has outpaced all other cigalike e-cigs at a growing rate.


Appearance is Key – Cig-A-Likes Ain’t Called That For Nothing

There is a negative stigma around cigarettes and even those people who regularly smoke a cig. Enough research is available to point out all of the negative aspects of smoking such a product, as most tobacco companies do not use just traditional tobacco but also coat the products with other chemicals designed to make it that much more addicting.

Beyond this, the ingestion of smoke directly into the lugs (especially smoke with tar and other material) coats the lungs and can cause serious health problems because of it. Due to this, the simple appearance of a cigarette can make other people around the person feel uncomfortable. This is a major reason why the Vape Pen has increased in sales while cigalike e-cigs have stumbled.

Mini E-cigs (aka CIGALIKES) look exactly like a traditional cigarette, and while it delivers the nicotine to the body through a vapor, the appearance inside of a restaurant or other public is off putting. People who do not know any better might complain about the person smoking a cigarette inside of the restaurant, even though they do not smell the smoke or feel the lingering effects.

This can cause the smoker an increase in harassment, which they simply do not want to deal with. The Vape Pen helps avoid this problem. With the Vape Pen, the delivery method looks nothing like a cigarette so there is no confusing it for one. It is easy to identify as a vaporizer, which in turn makes it easier someone such as yourself to enjoy the product.

Vaping Refills Made Flexible and Affordable


With the Vape Pen, you do not need to worry about continually going out and purchasing expensive replacement e-cigs. While an e-cig is able to last longer than a regular cig, you eventually have to replace it and purchase new products. However, with the Vape Pen, all you have to do is recharge it. You can change out the flavor of the vapor, should you decide to do this, but ultimately, you can always use the exact same product. Because of this, the Vape Pen is designed to last and is constructed for the long haul. By using more solid material, it can fit into your pocket or purse and you don’t have to worry about breaking it. This way, if you need a smoke break and don’t want to deal with refilling an e-cig, the Vape Pen is able to do this, which is just another reason why it is outpacing the other cigalike products on the market.

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