New to Electronic Cigarettes? Easy Cures Vaping Woes You’re Likely Experiencing

First of all, congratulations on making the decision to switch to vaping from smoking!

Electronic cigarettes are much more healthy for you, and it’s likely that you’ll begin experiencing some of the physical benefits of vaping right away.

Even so, no matter how excited you are to begin your vaping journey, you’re probably going to encounter some common if annoying physical symptoms and issues along the way as a new vaper. Let’s discuss some of the challenges you might face in the coming weeks, and talk about how you can overcome them.

1.) New Vapers Do Tend To Still Get Cravings for Tobacco Cigarettes (at First, Not Forever!)

When you first make the switch to vaping, you’re likely to experience some cravings for traditional cigarettes. This is completely normal. Some users have expressed the opinion that cigarettes contain chemicals that are more addictive than just the nicotine. It can take a few days to a few weeks for your system to rid itself of these chemicals. However, if you’re patient, and you vape through the cravings without giving into temptation, you will soon find that you prefer the delicious taste of your e-juice over cigarettes.

Vapor Bob, underground leader of the vapor cigarette revolution. Often seen, never known. A riddle in the night, an angel of past smoker's delight. Vapor Bob the movie may be in the works, trust us to keep you in the know.

Vapor Bob, underground leader of the vapor cigarette revolution. Often seen, never known. A riddle in the night, an angel of past smoker’s delight. Vapor Bob the movie may be in the works, trust us to keep you in the know.

2.) Vaper’s Tongue – aka: “Where The Heck Has All That Awesome Flavor Gone!”

One of the most common complaints of new electronic cigarette users is this – “I can’t taste my e-juice anymore!” Vaper’s tongue is a common occurrence, but you’ll be happy to know that it doesn’t last forever. There are several things you can do to not only keep it from happening to you, but also to clear it up quickly:

• Drink plenty of water – Vaping is much more dehydrating than smoking, and when your body is depleted of the water it needs, your taste buds don’t work as well. Make sure you’re drinking enough water and you’ll be much less likely to deal with the dreaded vaper’s tongue.

• Switch your e-juice often – You’ve found the e-juice you love, and for a few days, you’re happy to vape it all day long. However after about the third day, you’re noticing that it tastes strange, or it tastes like nothing at all. Some vapers tend to gravitate toward certain types of flavors – like bakery, fruit or tobacco – and they exhaust those tastebuds. Sometimes your tongue just needs a wake-up call, so switch your e-juice on a regular basis to keep it happy.

• Smell some coffee – While it might sound strange, if you visit a high-end perfume counter and ask to smell the different scents, they’re going to offer you some coffee beans to sniff in between flavors. The smell of coffee resets your senses, and sort of wipes the slate clean.

as noted on wikipedia at above link:

Olfactory fatigue, also known as odor fatigue or olfactory adaptation, is the temporary, normal inability to distinguish a particular odor after a prolonged exposure to that airborne compound.[1] For example, when entering a restaurant initially the odor of food is often perceived as being very strong, but after time the awareness of the odor normally fades to the point where the smell is not perceptible or is much weaker.

If all else fails, be patient. Vaper’s tongue really doesn’t last long. In fact, most people claim that it goes away within a week or two. Once you give your tastebuds a chance to adjust to your new vaping lifestyle, you won’t have to worry about vaper’s tongue at all.

3.) Increased Mucus or Runny Nose – Whenever you quit smoking – whether you quit cold turkey, or you turn to vaping – you’re going to experience side effects.

The problem is that many new e-cig users attribute these side effects to vaping. It’s frustrating, and it can easily drive them back to smoking, so keep in mind that these feelings and sometimes literal pains are part of the wall you have to climb any way you do this – and especially that “THIS TOO SHALL PASS!”.

It is also one of the reasons why we share alot of even more traditional quit smoking resources and the type of nasty info about how tobacco smoke messes with your body, or better – rotting your innards – keep some mental images and repulsive and even scary phrases like this handy. This varies per person in effectiveness but the few times I still wanted a smoke and might have broken down and done it during the first few weeks (5 years ago now, yay!) this trick came to my rescue a few times.

keep lots and lots (and lots) of e-cig batteries on-hand and charge them as you use them, making the swapping in whichever ecig charger you use most a new habit.

4.) How Many E-Cig Batteries Did You Say You Have? Charged on Hand?

OK this next may be a pricier one some of you feel tempted to pass over to save cash, but if you don’t have to skimp or can somewhere else then you’ll be glad you followed the advice!

In order to avoid certain discomfort – especially for you new e-cigarette users also tapering off (or having just quit) smoking tobacco: HAVE A BUNCH OF E-CIG BATTERIES

In the case most new users are in – using a trusted and reliable Mini aka CIGALIKE type of e-cigarette (which i generally recommend first timers should be, at least until the switch from tobacco – presuming this is your goal – is pretty firmly rooted, from a few months up to around a year – it varies but most people know when the idea of smoking a cig doesn’t hold appeal any longer). For these folks – possibly including you – who are using a standard, non-disposable (rechargeable ecigarette kit) from say Smokestik, V2 Cigs or GreenSmoke. A quantity of 2 batteries really should be considered as MINIMUM… if you think it over one always needs to be available for charging or you are sure to have this moment frequently – a habit of sticking the battery back to charge when retrieving a fresh one is equally vital.

It is why the PCC is a great accessory too while out during the day just living life however you do your thing 🙂 in early days the safety net of always having the ability to charge up a battery efficiently in your pocket or purse just makes a lot of sense.



, for brands with a standard “E-Cig Design” like V2 Cigs or SmokeStik.

I always suggest 3 batteries as a good place to be  (few ecig starter kits come with 3 batteries, however our favorite and top rated mini – the V2 Cigs EX Ultimate Kit – not only comes with 3 batteries but a V2 Power-Cig, the brands name for their USB-Passthrough, essentially a tethered via usb power-supply replacement stand-in for the normal battery (see pic) and a portable charging case which remains the slickest and best I know of).

This issues tends to go away quickly after experiencing such moments (or misplacing your sole ecig). I would certainly say that 4 or 5 is even better. You can keep them in different areas (portable charging cases, chargers for the car or a USB-Passthrough are all awesome safety nets that are nice to have anyway). There is nothing as frustrating when starting vaping as being without battery charge when a craving hits. Some people like to keep a couple packs of disposables around – ie. in the back of the car or in a closet at home – specifically in case of these otherwise risky moments.

there are usb passthrough editions available for bigger battery devices too - like these ego-c joyetech ones above - typically they do NOT let you vape and charge simultaneously however (something that the V2 Pro vaporizer DOES allow for, a massive perk I have been realizing as my ongoing review of the new vape pens from V2's new line carry into their second month)

usb passthrough editions are available for bigger ecig battery devices too – like these ego-c joyetech ones above – typically they do NOT let you vape and charge simultaneously however (something that the V2 Pro vaporizer DOES allow for, a massive perk I have been realizing as my ongoing review of the new vape pens from V2‘s new line carry into their second month)



As You Settle Into Vaping, Your Own Rhythms and Answers To Questions Like This One Will Emerge. They Are Unique Just As Specifics of Your Old Habit Probably Were From Everyone Else in Little (or Big) Ways

You will likely end up expanding on what you have as you know the products better in person and gravitate to a sweet spot for you. If you have the bug like I do – where vaping becomes a truly embedded hobby (read: obsession) you will possibly find yourself with 50+ batteries and devices of all shapes and sizes in a year or so!

I rarely have less than 4 or 5 by my side, though flavor is a huge thing for me, variety of it. I need more than one on me if possible, five is just right 🙂 but I have been called nuts more than once; bottom line is whatever feels right for you, don’t race into buying up advanced units right away or blowing more money than your can afford (though no doubt you are saving daily and should in the first few months reward your success with spoiling yourself a little… though your presents to self need not be more electronic cigarette kits or bits!

If you find yourself there however, hold tight and wait about 10-15 minutes.

This will charge whichever type of e-cig you have enough to have the puffs you need for some relief, then let it keep charging while go right to your computer and order more spare batteries (and if you need it refills or eliquid too!). Don’t worry too much about extra long charges of ecigs on arrival, typically they will be factory charged always and as they all use Li-On type chargeable battery cells they are not particularly sensitive to the memory effects of other older types.

When you begin vaping, you are effectively depriving your body of the tar it’s been receiving for years. Smoking coats your lungs in harmful chemicals, and once they begin to heal, the most natural thing is for your nose to run and for you to experience an increase in mucus production. Some vapers report feeling pretty lousy physically for about a week. However, there are some who don’t have much trouble at all. If you do experience some cold-type symptoms, rest assured that they will pass.

Even though electronic cigarettes are not without their challenges, if you persevere through the issues you may encounter, you’re going to feel better in no time at all. You will have the pleasure of being able to take a deep, long breath, and you’ll feel healthier than you ever have before.

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