Purchasing Your First Electronic Cigarette

Are you wondering what all the hype is about with electronic cigarettes? If you are curious about trying an electronic cigarette for the first time, you will need to choose between a disposable e-cig or a rechargeable one (a starter kit like the great ones on offer from V2 Cigs – tip: grab a coupon code over here and save a bunch!).

For the new “vaper,” disposables are sometimes enough to discover whether or not the vaping lifestyle feels right. However, 99.99% of the time, e-cig users advance to a rechargeable-style e-cig rather quickly.




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Keep in mind that both disposable- and rechargeable-style e-cigs are available in a seemingly endless array of brands, styles, sizes and types. The specific device you choose will depend on your personal preferences and your budget.

Disposable Electronic Cigarettes – OK but skip it if you can, its not the same experience no matter what it says

Many e-cig newbies begin with a disposable electronic cigarette because they happen to see one for sale while paying for gas at the local convenience store. Or perhaps they are hesitant to invest more than a few bucks on an electronic cigarette, at first, because they do not know if they will like it or not. Typically, a disposable electronic cigarette combines everything needed for vaping into one short-term, disposable device. This way, the user can simply open it up and start puffing on the e-cig immediately. There is no fussing-around with e-liquid or atomizers because the attached cartomizer is already pre-filled.

The life of a disposable electronic cigarette can be unpredictable and its longevity mainly depends on how much it is used and its particular brand. Generally, a disposable e-cig lasts about a day or two for a moderate user. As previously mentioned, most vaping newbies quickly graduate to a rechargeable e-cig once they begin to discover their love of vaping. Although, the initial investment of a disposable is less than that of most rechargeable-style e-cigs, the costs can add up rapidly if the user continues to purchase only disposables. Plus, disposable electronic cigarettes offer limited options for flavors and nicotine levels.


Best bet is a E-CIG Starter Kit, A CIGALIKE aka Mini like Smokeless Image, V2 Cigs or Smokestik is a totally Great Call for New Users

Best bet is a E-CIG Starter Kit, A CIGALIKE aka Mini like Smokeless Image, V2 Cigs or Smokestik is a totally Great Call for New Users

Rechargeable Electronic Cigarette – E-CIG Starter Kits

When you graduate to the rechargeable e-cig, you might find yourself becoming overwhelmed and confused by all the different options on the market. At first, many people transitioning from tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes choose the mini-sized e-cig batteries because they are approximately the same size as regular cigarettes. If the electronic cigarette is being used as a way to quit smoking, a mini-sized battery will sometimes make the transition easier because it feels comfortable and familiar in the user’s hand.

In most cases, after using the mini batteries for a period of time, users start to desire an e-cig that offers more power and a longer battery life. The typical mini-sized e-cig battery lasts about two to three hours before it needs to be recharged. Larger electronic cigarette batteries can offer the user a much longer battery life, lasting anywhere from four hours to two days. The estimated life of an e-cig battery can be determined by looking at its mAh number, which stands for the milliampere hours of the battery.

The larger the number, the longer it will last. Mini-sized batteries usually have a life of around 280mAh, but larger batteries can have mAh ratings of up to 1300mAh, or even higher. An easy rule of thumb to remember is this:  100mAh = 1 hour of vaping (approximately). So, a battery rated at 280mAh will give the user about 2-3 hours of vaping time before it needs to be charged again.

When purchasing your first rechargeable electronic cigarette, do not get too hung up on advanced features like variable voltage or variable wattage. In time, you will understand the need for those features, but keep it simple in the beginning.

You will be amazed by how quickly you develop your own personal preferences with vaping equipment. You do not need to learn everything overnight, so take it slow and just enjoy your vape as you transition from being a lowly newbie to a more-knowledgeable intermediate vaper.

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