Some quick pointers on e-cigarettes

While there is lots of information about electronic cigarettes on the Internet, there are still some glaring issues that people aren’t really clear on. Many young people in particular who may have found that they have started smoking tobacco cigarettes as part of their misspent youth, will now be looking towards electronic cigarettes to try and find an alternative.

electric e-cig pointers and tips

However, there is a big gulf of knowledge that people suffer from. This article will look at some key areas of misunderstanding around electronic cigarettes, and may even calm some fears and doubts among people who may potentially be open to trying them.


  1. One big area of misunderstanding is cost savings. Conventional cigarettes are now more expensive than they have ever been, and electronic cigarettes are a great alternative for this reason. They are potentially much less expensive than conventional cigarettes, but the cost can soar a little bit if you spend a lot of money on the paraphernalia that comes along with the electronic cigarettes. For example, there are plenty of kits and other paraphernalia around electronic cigarettes that people choose to buy because it is part of the whole culture. These can be costly, so watch out.
  1. Another area of misunderstanding is the concept of being able to quit nicotine and smoking in general with electronic cigarettes. Currently, the US government is looking at labelling electronic cigarettes, potentially, as a medical aid. Until a resolution comes into place there, the jury is out. However, a number of studies have shown that smokers in general may be able to reduce the amount of nicotine they take into their bodies, and most definitely switch over to electronic cigarettes and still find an enjoyable solution to their addiction.
  2. One recent online survey found that 70% of people who were previously smokers had used electronic cigarettes and had gone on to quit, the study also looked at how electronic cigarettes were proving to be less addictive in nature than conventional cigarettes. Other studies have found that around half of committed smokers were definitely able to reduce their tobacco intake or stop it all together once they had tried some electronic cigarette devices.
  1. People are also concerned about where they can use electronic cigarettes. Airlines obviously are one place where you can’t whip it out and have a vape, but you’ll be surprised how many establishments and places that are public allow for electronic cigarette usage. They are becoming more popular, and also more socially acceptable. If you enter an establishment be sure to ask first though.


Those are some areas in which there is still some lack of understanding around the issue of electronic cigarettes.

We will continue to look at these areas as we go on, but the movement, as it were, is growing steadily. These things are becoming more acceptable and also preferred compared to conventional tobacco cigarettes. This is a good thing, because as we all know, conventional cigarettes cause rather nasty diseases. Electronic cigarettes are hundreds of times safer.

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