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V2Cigs Review Mid-2014 Updated Review - V2 EX & Pro Vape Cigs

V2 Cigs: A Review of America's Number One Selling Electronic Cigarette Brand If you are interested in trying out a high quality electronic cigarette, look no further than V2 Cigs. Even though it has only been a few years since its launch, V2 Cigs ...

V2 Cigs: A Review of America’s Number One Selling Electronic Cigarette Brand

v2cigs brand vapor cigarettes review

If you are interested in trying out a high quality electronic cigarette, look no further than V2 Cigs. Even though it has only been a few years since its launch, V2 Cigs has quickly become a well-trusted brand and continues to be a forerunner in the e-cigarette world.

V2 Cigs is the Highest-Rated E-Cigarette Brand in 2014


Taking into consideration the issues this brand had at its inception, V2 Cigs’ meteoric rise is nothing short of impressive. In its initial stages, the brand had to overcome supply chain problems that resulted in order delays. To make matters worse, the e-commerce site was not user friendly. Since the correction of these issues, the company now runs smoothly and has become a leader in the electronic cigarette industry due to its technological innovations and stellar customer service.

If you want to see proof of just how popular this brand is, research its Alexa ranking at Alexa.com. Alexa is a well-known authority on online statistics and has ranked V2 Cigs as American’s top electronic cigarette company. We are not suggesting that being the biggest company equates to producing the best products. In certain situations, this is not the case. Some businesses suffer from deterioration in the product quality the larger they become.

Now, there are exceptions to this pattern. Some corporations get better as they grow. Upon opening the V2 Cigs new Ultimate Starter Kit, you will release that V2 Cigs represents this exception. Everything from the product itself to the packaging details demonstrates quality.

There really are not any complex reasons as to why VS Cigs is the number one electronic cigarette brand.

The brand gives e-cigarette smokers what they want. Most of the people that smoke electronic cigarettes are looking for a product that can alleviate their cravings by providing a good substitute for tobacco cigarettes. They want a product that can help them make the switch permanently. Despite the vast array of e-cigs on the market, many of them fail to achieve this simple task. Brands like NJOY, Blue Cigs and Green Smoke seem to be more interested in the marketing of their products than improving them. V2 Cigs is concerned with what is important, their products.

the anatomy of a v2 electronic cigarette is very simple

the anatomy of a v2 electronic cigarette is very simple

Why are V2 Cigs Popular?

The quality of the products is why V2 Cigs is and will remain a highly-popular electronic cigarette company. This company does not settle for producing an “ok” product. V2 Cigs is constantly researching and developing ways to improve on their cigarettes. But their commitment does not stop there. The need to improve their product line extends to accessories. The accessories are top of the line. V2 Cigs also has a line of quality e-liquids and an array of starter kits to suit the needs of every e-cig user. It also does not hurt that his company provides excellent customer service.

V2 Cigs is Number 1 in Product Quality

Companies do not become a leader in the industry by producing inferior quality products. Superior quality is the key to V2 Cigs success. The brand delivers nothing short of the best technology, high-quality production requirements and a pleasant user experience. It was always a goal of V2 e-cigarettes to give their customers a pleasant user experience. Because of this goal, V2 electronic cigarettes is constantly evolving and improving.

V2 Cigs Has Unmatched Quality

If you have tried V2 Cigs e-cigarettes, this is not news. The other brands do not offer the same level of quality. No other company has made a product that is easier to use, is satisfying and delivers a great performance. To top it off, the products do all of this at a low price. Other e-cigarette brands spend a lot of money on marketing campaigns and getting their brand recognized. Unfortunately, research and development are often an afterthought. Unlike V2 Cigs, these brands are still using technology that is outdated. While V2 Cigs is constantly achieving higher standards, the other brands are using three and four year old technology.

V2 Focuses on Creating a Great Product and the People that Use It

Despite the increase in popularity and awareness of e-cigarettes, they are still a new product to many. People that are new to electronic cigarettes may need to adjust to the experience. New users will also notice that it takes some time to get used to smoking. Being able to contact customer support and speak with staff that is friendly and knowledgeable can mean a lot. Customer service is an important part of building a great brand.

Unfortunately, too many e-cig companies neglect this aspect of building their business. Customers should be able to contact a business’s customer service department to voice any questions and concerns. Customer service should also extend to the ordering process whether it is in regards to shipping, professional-looking packaging and easily understood instructions and safety guidelines. Other brands may view these aspects of business as unimportant. For V2 Cigs, recognizing the importance of customer service is why they are an industry leader.

V2 Cigs Gives Their Customers Options

V2 Cigs gives you the opportunity to choose the length and style of their batteries. The shorty is 100 mm, the long is 140 mm and falling in the middle is the standard length at 110 mm. Purchasers can choose between automatic and manual batteries in each size. Automatic batteries are more convenient and produce vapor when inhaled. Manual batteries require pressing a button to create vapor.

Some users think the vapor is thicker using a manual battery. It really is a matter of personal choice. V2 Cigs allows their customers to make choices, unlike their competitors. The cost of the short V2 battery starts at $20.00. The long battery is $30.00. Compared to the other brands, the prices are low. The inexpensive pricing combined with V2 Cigs’ high quality makes this brand a must buy.


An In Depth Review of V2 Cigs’ Products

V2 Cigs is one of the most popular brands of e-cigarettes. They have a reputation of using the latest technology and having competitive pricing. Every e-cigarette company states that they are the best, but V2 Cigs is the best. Internet statistics firm Alexa ranks V2 Cigs as the number one electronic cigarette brand. Why is V2 Cigs the most popular brand of electronic cigarette? It is really simple, V2 Cigs provide everything that someone who is attempting to stop smoking needs to achieve their goals. V2 Cigs delivers results that will help former tobacco smokers live a healthier life. Also, V2 Cigs are reasonably priced.

The 2014 V2Cigs.com Updates

V2 Cigs have an excellent assortment of e-cigarette starter kits. These kits come with refillable, nicotine cartridges that are available in a several flavors. They also have a line of e-liquids. One of the brand’s newest improvements is the 4.2 volt battery. This battery is the best e-cigarette battery on the market.
The newest updates, along with their great prices and product upgrades, are what have given V2 Cigs their fame. V2 Cigs have grown so much as a company, it has partnered with UPS. The widely-known reputation of V2 Cigs is what led to this partnership. Previously, only the US Postal Service delivered V2 Cigs cigarettes. This meant that this would be a prolonged wait for customers to receive their products. The customer service record of V2 Cigs will be discussed later.

V2 Cigs’ Starter Kits are the Best on the Market

Let’s take a look at V2 Cigs e-cigarette starter kit line. When deciding on an electronic cigarette company, it is important to take into consideration the quality of its starter kits. The quality of a company’s e-cigarette starter kits can tell you a lot about the company. Here are a few things that will determine the starter kit’s quality. Look at the kit’s pricing, what is included in the kit and the quality of the kit’s contents. Some companies will just purchase batteries, cartridges and chargers from another company and throw them in a box. These “kits” are then sold at an overinflated price. If you compare kits from several companies, you will notice that they are the same. The only thing that makes these kits stand out is the logo on the packaging.
Let’s look at V2’s range of starter kits. They truly stand out. First, the products are made in America. The contents of the kits are made in accordance to V2 Cigs’ high quality specifications and style. This fact is what puts V2 Cigs in a category by itself and the reason why their starter kits are amazing. What are the components of V2 Cigs’ starter kits? The cigarettes do use common e-cig components. They cigarettes are comprised of e-liquids, cartridges and a battery.
The basic starter kit contains a battery, charger and a few cartridges. What sets V2 apart is the fact that the company offers several options for their starter kits. Regardless of the type of starter kit, they are all made using V2 Cigs’ innovative technology. The battery’s matte finish makes these e-cigarettes noticeable. The stylish finish and comfort gives these kits a quality look and feel.

The cartridges are also something that is worth mentioning. They are designed to give the smoker the least amount of resistance. In a nutshell, you are guaranteed a quality product when you purchase a V2 electronic cigarette starter kit. You will enjoy the wonderful flavors and excellent cigarette quality. V2 Cigs provides their customers with both variety and quality.
When I first made the decision to try electronic cigarettes, I just happened to find v2cigs.com. It seemed like a good brand to try and I was highly impressed after the first use. The kits start at $29.99 and can cost $189.95 at its highest price. There is a kit available for every person’s budget. The higher the price point, the more features that are included in the kit. The more expensive kits will have extra flavor cartridges, extra batteries, a portable charging case or a car charger. Here is a guide to the various starter kits and what they include.

v2 cigs ultimate starter kit is one of the best kits
V2 Cigs Beginner Kit:

This kit is one of the best low-priced electronic cigarette options. The kit is $25.98, making one of the least expensive and best-quality starter kits available. The kit includes all of the basic essentials. It comes with a single battery, one flavor cartridge and a USB charger. One of the best parts of the kits is the fact that it allows users to figure out what they would like when they make their next purchase. The kit also allows you to buy more flavor cartridges when you have finished with your first one. At $25, you will not find a better kit or a lower price. It may be a good idea to order a flavor cartridge five pack. Even though the cartridges last for a long time, it is good have more on hand.

V2 Cigs Economy Kit:

You will love you new V2 Cigs starter kit and at $59.99 this kit is a decent upgrade from the express kit. It is also a tremendous value, considering it is complete e-cigarette kit. This kit comes with a wall charger and a USB charger. The kit also includes a battery and a ten pack of flavor cartridges. This favor pack is ideal for someone that is getting acquainted with electronic cigarettes.
The V2 Notebook E-Cig:

For under $30.00, this starter kit is a great value. The main difference between this kit and the Express Kit is the fact that this cigarette is USB powered. It uses the computer to get its electricity. There are several benefits to using this type of electric cigarette. The battery will never run low on power. Because the voltage consistently remains high, the vapor will not lose its strength. On the other hand, the cigarette cannot be taken places. One solution to this issue is to travel with a laptop or other portable USB charging device. The Notebook E-Cig also comes with a five pack of flavors. Purchasers do have customization options as they can choose the flavors they would like to try. If you are a person that appreciates portability, for $19.95 you can get an individual V2 battery.
V2 starter kits all come with batteries and a flavor cartridge. For a little more money, you can purchase a kit that will include everything you need. These starter kits are great for people who do not want to spend a lot of money or are trying out the product. V2 Cigs has five starter kits, but we are going to discuss the lowest-priced and highest-priced options. If you want to find out more about the other starter kits, feel free to visit www.V2cigs.com.
These next two starter kits are at the higher end of the pricing spectrum and include everything an electronic cigarette smoker may need. The V2 Cigs Economy Kit is one of the best priced, complete electronic cigarette starter kits. The V2 Cigs Ultimate Kit is the most expensive package that V2 Cigs has to offer.
The V2 Cigs Ultimate Kit:

The V2 Cigs Ultimate Kit is the company’s premier starter kit. It truly includes everything you could need if you are starting to smoke electronic cigarettes. To make it even better, this kit is truly a bargain. It comes with a choice of three batteries. To make it even better, you get to choose from manual or automatic batteries and the length you would like. The kit also includes a five pack of flavor cartridges. If you buy this kit, you get to choose the strength and flavor of the cartridges. Also, it comes with two cases. One case is for charging, the other is a carrying case. As stated earlier, this kit includes everything. You will not have to worry about charging your cigarette; it comes with a car adapter and V2 charger kit. The kit also comes with the USB powered V2 Power Cig. When you consider the cost of this kit to the cost of two cartons of cigarettes, you will definitely appreciate the value.

Everything You Should Know About V2 Cigs Battery

The battery is a critical component of an electric cigarette. V2 Cigs has improved upon their battery. The new, smaller batteries for their electronic cigarettes have an output of 4.2 volts. The new and improved batteries are the most powerful e-cigarette batteries on the market.

The new battery style is based on the KR808D-1 style of battery. This cigarette battery style is found in many brands of e-cigarettes. V2 Cigs did not just use the KR808D-1 battery style, they improved it.

The battery now has a sleek, matte finish. Other cigarette brands have a harsh, metallic appearance. You will find that the upgraded battery is easy to hold and is more comfortable than other brands. The new finishes make V2 cigarettes look sophisticated. The feature that smokers will greatly appreciate is the battery’s lifespan.

The typical e-cig battery does not last long and lacks power. The V2 Cig battery lets you puff away throughout the day without a noticeable decrease in the quality of the vapor.


The E-Cig Cartridges Are Little Wonders From V2 Cigs

Every electronic cigarette company has prefilled nicotine cartridges, or cartomizers. V2 Cigs’ stand out because their cartridges come in a variety of flavors and the pricing is lower than their competitors. Speaking of flavors, the ones offered by V2 Cigs are superb. The company does not have the largest selection of flavors, but it has the best tasting ones. V2’s e-liquid comes in three categories: Specialty, Rich Tobacco and Cool Menthol. Here is the breakdown of the three categories and what they include:

  • The Specialty Flavors: Vanilla, V2 Cola, Coffee, Chocolate and Cherry
  • Rich Tobacco Flavor: Congress, V2 Red, and Sahara
  • Cool Menthol: Menthol, Cool Menthol and Peppermint

Cost Comparison: How Does V2 Cigs Stack Up Against the Other Brands
I am a fan of the specialty flavors more than the menthol or tobacco ones. I also like the fact that this brand gives you the ability to switch between flavors. So far I have tried the V2 Red, V2 Cola, Coffee and Vanilla flavored e-liquids. I cannot say anything bad about them because I loved them all. The flavors were strong and enjoyable. I strongly encourage you to try all of the flavors. Since they are V2 Cigs flavors, they are guaranteed to be good.
While the flavor selection is limited, the flavors are strong. You will not be disappointed with the taste of cost. V2 cartridges are only $1.69 per cartridge. On their website, there is a chart that lets you compare the cost of V2 Cigs’ cartridges to other e-cigarette brands. Here is the pricing guide for V2 Cigs cartridges.

  1. 5 pack= $12.99
  2. 20 pack= $44.95
  3. 40 pack=$66.47
  4. 80 pack=$129.95
  5. 100 pack=$225

Compared to other e-cig companies, these prices are great. Currently, V2 Cigs has a special edition flavor, Passion Fruit. This flavor is available in a 5 pack for $9.99. If you do not want to be bothered with refilling your cartridges, consider purchasing pre-filled nicotine cartridges. Try the new e-liquids. The e-liquids are one of V2 Cigs newer products. E-liquids are not only flavorful; they are a great way to save money.

v2 e cigs have been innovators leading the market for the last several years

v2 e cigs have been innovators leading the market for the last several years

V2 Cigs Coupons Can Help You Spend Less on V2 Cigs Starter Kits and Accessories

V2 Cigs is one the most popular and most effective electronic cigarettes companies for people who trying to quit smoking. While the e-cigarettes are a great price, you can get them for an even better price by using our V2 Cigs coupon. This coupon can help you save money on all of V2’s accessories and starter kits. If you are looking an e-cigarette brand that has a trustworthy reputation, V2 Cigs is the brand to use. Here are three reasons the V2 cigarettes is considered to be a reputable company.

1. V2 Cigs is the creation of a team of experts, all former smokers, with a goal to create an electronic alternative that is close to the real thing.
2. The company gives customers a choice of options that includes flavors, accessories and starter kit.
3. The cigarettes closely resemble the touch and appearance of real cigarettes without the health risks.


The Impact of V2 Cigs on the Electronic Cigarettes Marketplace

It only took a few years for electronic cigarettes to become a highly popular consumer product. The health dangers associated with tobacco cigarettes are well-known. Tobacco cigarettes are full of carcinogens and other substances that are can be fatal.

  • Tobacco cigarettes are also harmful to the environment. Electronic cigarettes do not damage the environment.
  • E-cigarettes do not release horrible smelling smoke or ashes.
  • Also, a person in the area of a person that is smoking an e-cig does not need to worry about the effects of second hand smoke.

If you choose to use a V2 e-cig, you will notice that this cigarette has a strong vapor and excellent performance. V2 customers know that when they are smoking a V2 cigarette they are smoking excellence and quality. It really should not be shocking to know that V2 cigs are the leading e-cigarette brand. Here are the ways V2 Cigs outshines the competition:

1. The e-liquids are unmatched and are formulated to produce a thick vapor throughout the course of its use.
2. Every flavor cartridge, atomizer and cartomizer are thoroughly tested to make sure it meets the superior quality level and performance that V2 Cigs customers appreciate.
3. Every product is produced in V2 Cigs own factories.

V2 Cigs Coupons Can Help You Enjoy V2 Cigs at An Affordable Price

Using coupon codes will help you get V2 Cigs already economically priced e-cigarettes at even better prices. If that does not make e-cigarettes attractive, consider this fact. Tobacco cigarette cartons are becoming increasingly expensive. With the coupons, e-cigarettes are a much more economical option than regular cigarettes. V2 Cigs are the first step in moving towards a healthier, tobacco-free lifestyle. Using a V2 Cigs coupon will help make this transition more economical. If you are seeking a change from traditional cigarettes or want to change your brand of electronic cigarettes, take advantage of huge savings by using these coupons. Coupon Code EVAPE20 will help you get a discount on your next purchase.

the new V2 Cigs EX Line of Vaporizer Cig Alternatives Offer The Best Performance EVER

the new V2 Cigs EX Line of Vaporizer Cig Alternatives Offer The Best Performance EVER Seen In a Mini E-Cig (aka CIGALIKE) – and you can get a solid 15% Discount When You Opt To Get One Of The New Starter Kits!

V2 Cigs Review Summary

V2 Cigs is a head of every other e-cigarette manufacturer. They are always researching and developing ways to make their products more innovative. This need to improve is the reason that V2 Cigs is the number one electronic cigarette brand in the country.

The company recently re-launched its website V2Cigs.com and introduced a number of updates. The new updates make ordering easier and more efficient. The improved website also allows customers to customize their V2 starter kits.

V2 Cigs is the leader in e-cigarettes. The company puts providing a quality product and the desires of the customers first. These cigarettes are known for being convenient to use, a great price and performs excellently. A strong selling point for the V2 Cigs is the fact that they are effective in helping tobacco smokers get rid of their habit. The strong vapor produced by the cigarettes is superior to the vapor produced by other brands.

v2 e cig award winner


V2 Cigs vapor makes it easier for smokers to rely on this brand as an effective alternative to tobacco cigarettes.
Do not forget about this company’s outstanding customer service. Customer service is one of those forgotten aspects of business. If you have dealt with other electronic cigarettes companies, you have probably picked up on that. V2 Cigs believes that good customer service is as important as having a good product.

Customer service is important because some customers may be trying electronic cigarettes for the first time. Some customers may require assistance and should be able to speak with a knowledgeable customer service representative.

V2 Cigs has trained and knowledgeable staff that are able to answer any questions. They can be contacted by email, phone and using their website’s online chat feature. The customer service representatives are more than happy to assist.

the best v2 cigs coupon codes in 2014
This brand is one that we are proud to recommend. As a matter of fact, we list it at the top of our list of recommended e-cig brands. If you need more reasons to consider buying this e-cigarette brand, here are a few. V2 Cigs offers a 30-day money back guarantee, should it be necessary.

What is even more incredible is the fact that this brand offers a lifetime warranty on the e-cigs electronic components. In other words, there is a lifetime warranty on everything but the cartridges. Taking all of this into consideration, it is pretty obvious why this cigarette brand is our top choice for 2014. When you purchase this product, you can feel confident in knowing that this brand is one that is respected and known for quality.

But do not take our word for it; thousands of customers also speak highly of V2 Cigs.


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