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As of October 2014, you might ask "What's new In Vaping and E-Cigs?"

The Answer is, one heck of a lot! We have devoted a section to each of what are increasingly becoming two similar and sometimes overlapping, but logically separate categories - E-Cigarettes (from Disposables and Minis, Cigalikes and Smaller Cigarette-Like Models) and Vaporizers (from the Vape Pen on up, including EGO E-Cig and Similar models like the Smokestik ULTRA and Halo Triton and V2 Pro Series 3 throough mechanical mods, variable voltage and the more extreme ends of the spectrum - cloud chasing, re-buildable atomizers and all that jazz).vaporizers like series 3 v2 pro vape pen are trending right now in popularity
We take a pragmatic view here at BFRESH - In our opinion the two types of vaping devices are ideal in different circumstances and we don't support a view that one is better than the other. It is certainly true that the flexibility and broad range of approach to vaping made possible with bigger units expands to what is a pretty broad set of topics, all of which can lead to exciting satisfaction not unlike unlocking a new door and re-experiencing the initial excitement ecigs often evoke all over again. For something fundamentally so simple as electronic cigarettes certainly are - vaping has become quite a complicated and multi-faceted arena to play in! And it should be fun - look at it as a journey that will take time to learn and experience, but which is a shame to rush. Give each stage its due and avoid diving into (or being overwhelmed by) the crazy range of products you're likely to see if you check out many 'Vape Shops' or online e-cig superstores. If there is one type of ecig you do skip and have not just our permission but indeed encouragement to - it is the disposables. Leave them where they are and if possible invest in a proper starter kit from one of the reputable brands offering excellent products - and service, guarantees and support that will back you up and ensure your money doesn't go down the drain.
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Before Fully Diving Into The Site - Which Is Admittedly Under Construction With A Lot of Virtual Dust, But We Will Have Everything In Order For You Soon Here! And There's Lots Already Posted To Give You An Idea Of What We Are All About. Vaping Has Been Changing (Not That It Ever Slowed Down) - But Some Of The Bigger Shifts In The Short, 7-8 Year History Of E-Cigarettes in America Are Happening Right Now the electronic cigarette comes in various types and models

Disposable Electronic Cigarettes

The most common starting point of electronic cigarette users is a disposable e-cig. They are the easiest to find and most prevalent kind of e-cigs on the market. You can get these nearly anywhere, including grocery stores, gas stations and even bars. They are the easiest to use, as there are no messes, e-juice and you can toss is in the trash when your done. Top notch disposable electronic cigarettes will show you what a normal electronic cigarette user gets. While you may prefer traditional cigarettes to e-cigs in the beginning that's to be expected, as this is the start of your journey out of the tobacco world. Even using one for only a brief time makes is easy to become a vaper instead of a smoker. In the beginning, you will probably notice that this is a weaker smoke compared to your regular cigarette, causing you to inhale more, This is common so don't fret, as you are just looking for that feeling of smoke filling your chest. While throw away e-cigs will not typically give you that feeling, they will give you a decent level of nicotine. That clean feeling you get inside your lungs is something that you will have to get accustomed to. Even when the vapor is weak, it should cut down on your regular tobacco use by a large amount. While most people won't be able to pick up a disposable electronic cigarette and quick smoking on the spot, it will help you quit if you slowly reduce the count of regular cigarettes over time. This is different for everyone, so go at a speed comfortable for yourself. A great feature of electronic cigarettes is that they are a much more convenient options and you can get a few puffs that you otherwise could not. Using e-cigs, you will notice that you smoke fewer and fewer and regular tobacco products will lose their appeal because they cannot compete with the wide variety of e-juice flavors. Starting is disposable e-cigs are a fantastic way to get your feet wet and begin your life with no tobacco. Just like other things, start from the bottom and slowly work your way to the top. More advanced users of electronic cigarette credit their success to their first throw away e-cigs, because it introduced them to all of the upsides of vaping. Remember, even if you become dissatisfied with a disposable e-cig, there are much more stronger devices that produce a stronger vapor that is much more satisfying. Starting with the disposables is smart so you can see what you like and dislike without spending a fortune of the expensive ones.

Rechargeable 'MINI' E-Cigarettes

v2 cigs ex top our favorite list of excellent mini cigalike rechargeables right now

v2 cigs ex top our favorite list of excellent mini cigalike rechargeables right now

E-cigarettes have starter kits that are much more versatile than the average throw away e-cig. These come with batteries that can be recharged, and a cartridge that holds the e-juice. These are easy to use, as all you have to do is screw the cartridge and battery together, and you are good to go. They come in a wide variety as well, coming in many different sizes and any color that you can imagine. Will of these options for customization, getting the right starter for yourself can be a daunting task, even more so for someone who is new to the vaping scene. People who vape more frequently will prefer an e-cig that is rechargeable over one of the disposable ones because they offer great savings and a ton of options. These are also much stronger than the disposables, and normally contain more nicotine in each puff. These e-cig starter kits come with the same basic items, a battery, the charger for it and a cartridge. All you need is to get the battery charged, screw it together with the cartridge and you are on your way. The most important thing is getting a quality electronic cigarette that will leave you satisfied. considering rechargeable e-cigarette cigalike starter kits Of course, the biggest goal is finding yourself an electronic cigarette that will assist you in quitting regular cigarettes. One of the worst things that can happen is getting a heaping pile of junk or bad e-juice, which will be nothing but a huge waste of time and money. Even if you already suffered this, never give up, continue looking and trying all sorts of e-cigs until you get the one that fits you perfectly. In the giant sea of e-cigs, the perfect one for you is out there. If you've got experience with a disposable e-cigs, then you have a grasp and know a thing or two about what you're looking for. Turn your attention to the things you want most from your e-cig, be it a better flavor or even a battery that lasts a long time. Keep these in your thoughts while you are shopping, but remember, that the larger a battery is, the longer the battery will last in between recharges. If you want a battery with a smaller profile, then it is advised that you get two which will allow you to continue vaping while the other one is charging. Most makers of cartridges will either give an estimate on the amount of puffs you get, or compare it to a pack of cigarettes. Your usage will change depending on how big of a drag you take, making most of these estimates false. A lot of smokers end up taking longer and deeper puffs on an e-cig because the vapor at first is no where near as thick as they are used to. Some smokers are seeking that burning sensation in their chest, which is something at an e-cig does not provide. As long as you don't expect the cartridges to last for the same amount of time as two packs of regular cigarettes, you will be fine. If nicotine is the thing that has you addicted, taking those big puffs is not the thing that will satisfy you. V2 ex paired with the new ex blanks - clearomizers for the kr808d-1 ecig To get the best experience with vaping, finding the right brand of e-cig and best nicotine level and flavor of e-juice you like it of the utmost importance. Below, you will find a large list of great rechargeable e-cigs on the market in 2014. They are available in many styles and prices and can give you the satisfaction and flavor that you deserve. Most smokers recommended the rechargeable e-cigs for constant use. Remember that if you're dissatisfied with your e-cig, don't fret and try a better and more advanced e-cig such as an eGo or other personal vaporizer. Many of the e-cigs will use custom cartridges for the e-juice, so be sure to have extras laying around just in case you can not find that specific one near by. If you're just starting out, find a quality rechargeable starter kit for yourself. This is a fantastic way for you to begin a life vaping instead of smoking. Be sure to get one with a variety of flavor cartridges, which will let you try a nice selection of flavors.

Smokestik Ultra Review of the New Vaporizer Pen

EGO 'Vape' Pen Style E-Cigs

The Ego e-cig is a nice step up compared to the regular rechargeable electronic cigarette style. Many people prefer this who desire a bigger battery and more vapor. There are a ton of sizes, colors and styles that you can choose from, which just scraped the surface of the vast benefits that owning a Ego or EVOD. The EGO E-Cig's biggest characteristic is their batteries that last a long time and state of the art vaporizer options that can not be found in your regular rechargeables. These Ego electronic cigarettes are in a nice category, which is between the mini ones and the very large, powerful, and complicated Personal Vaporizers or other e-cig mods. The first Joye EGO changed much over time, evolving into a wide range of sizes (650-1000 maH) and normally have a manually operated button, a battery that is contained and the new models can offer much stronger voltage settings. v2 pro from v2 cigs offering their 3 in 1 vape pen as direct competition to ego vapes These are very simple to start using and just as easy to charge. They also produce a stronger vapor and hit your throat harder than any throw away e-cigs and many of the other rechargeables. It is impossible to go get something bad when picking the EGO devices. These batteries have that capacity to last the whole day, and the tanks are able to keep up with it. While the Ego might be a perfect fit for medium smokers to really heavy smokers, this does not mean it is any easier to choose one. There are a ton of different options that you will still have to sift through. The Ego electronic cigarette offers a great price, many options and are one of the biggest sellers in the market. Most e-cig users see these as the best electronic cigarette available today. Just so you know, Ego only references the battery and nothing else. You still have to buy a tank to screw onto the battery to finish the e-cig. The best way is to just get a starter kit that already has all of the parts If you look at it one a whole, you can contribute its success to using the standard "510" threading to screw the battery to the tank. Most of the e-cig companies use this type of threading, so this allows hundreds of options for cartomizers, atomizers, tanks and clearomizers.
Clearomizer 'Tanks' Are Supremely Popular These Days

Clearomizer 'Tanks' Are Supremely Popular These Days

Here are some examples the most used tanks for the Ego electronic cigarettes:

Clearomizers - the heating part is in the tank and the e-juice is fed to using wicks. Atomizers - this is simply the heating part. You only drop 2 to 5 drops right on it for each use. Cartomizers - the heating part is encased in e-juice soaked polly like fill. Tankomizers - This is a cartomizer is sitting inside a larger tank of juice. A hole drilled into the side letting e-juice inside to remain soaked. The standard battery for the Ego Vape Pen only has one button. When you start vaping, all you do is push the button. Turning it on and off is really easy and only requires you pushing the botting 7 times in a row. So, if you have it inside of your pocket, turning it off so you don't accidentally press the button is advised. Most smokers will see that the Ego electronic cigarettes give the top vapor, size and the cheapest price. The total value and options makes Ego e-cigarettes a strong option to look at when choosing the best e-cig. If you are not recieving the satisfaction that you think you should be, you should try out one of these. They come at a good price and the vapor they produce for their size is amazing. Getting a e-cig starter kit will provide you with everything you require to being vaping immediately. Be sure to get some good tasting e-juice, so head over the the Best E-Liquid page and take a look at all of the quality e-juices. And Important Notice For New E-Cig Buyers: White EGO electronic cigarettes are very powerful and easy to start using, if you just began vaping, they can provide too much of a unique experience. This can lead you getting way to involved then many newer adopters of vaping are expecting. We recommend that new electronic cigarette users start with a highly rated mini to start with, something like SmokeStik, V2 Cigs or Smokeless Image until you are used to vaping.

Personal Vaporizers / E-Cig MODs

e-vaporizer portable vape penThe personal vaporizer (PV) is the top dog in the electronic cigarette food chain. They are also referred to as MODs because of all the things that got modified to fit in the atomizer and/or vaporize the e-liquid. The devices are in a whole different league, and are made for those who want to have complete control over their vape and have no care having a smaller device. MODS or PV are the strongest devices in the e-cig game, This style comes in a ton of different options and are able to produce the biggest vapor clouds. The vapor that is produced is easily bigger and stronger than any e-cig or regular cigarette. A lot of the heavier smokers like this option because the batteries last a long time and the tank holds a ton of e-liquid.
Personal Vaporizers (also called APVs, PVs or Portable Vaporizers) let you choose from tankomizers, cartomizers, atomizer or a clearomizer sitting on the battery. They also have an adjustable voltage letting the user change the temperature of the vapor on the fly.
Normally, the voltage starts on the low end of 3 volts, and incrementally increased by .1 volt ended up at a whopping 6 volts. Obviously, having a lower voltage, the battery will output less power. This affects the heating element's temperature directly, depending on how much resistance the cartomizer has,   The biggest benefit of the vaporizer is going to be the ability to control the output and the life of the battery. Many PVs let the user change the output, looks at the battery charge level and see how much resistance the coil has in up to date time, using Ohms as the rating. exploring clearomizers, cartomizers and tankomizers Cartomizers and TANKS come in either low resistance (LR) or a high resistance (HR). If the cartomizer has a lower resistance, then it will be much hotter compared to a HR at similar voltage. This lets the user find the best combination of voltage and heat for all e-juice flavors. Using a LR cartomizer can still achieve a high heat when using low voltage on the battery, but there may be more burning of your e-juice and coil if you do so. A PV may be what you want if you have become dissatisfied by the other kinds of electronic cigarettes. While they can be big, bulky and ugly, most people will say that the trade off of looks for functionality is totally worth it. There could be some threat because of the bigger battery cells that are used in PVs and MODs. An explosion or a chemical fire can happen because of the 1500 to 3000 maH batteries that are used. These are very rare, these stories are turned into scare tactics by the media and most of these are traced back to people doing their own home MODs. The majority of these PVs and MODs from companies have built in fail safes so you do not get hurt by6 any sort of malfunction.
Since these devices are highly complex, it is highly recomended that you have prior vaping experience before starting with these. Since these are so bulky, most people will use them as their at home electronic cigarette and take out a smaller one when they leave home. If you end up taking these with you when you leave the house, it is essentially guaranteed that it will last you the entire day.

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Don't Miss Our Great Guide To Quitting Smoking - However You DO It!


BFRESH E-Cigarette Brands # Recommendation for Best ECIG - No One Has Proven Their Worth Quite Like V2 Cigs, But Read On (and Our Reviews in Depth) To Find What's Right For You

For the second year in a row, we unequivocally pronounce V2 Cigs number one, as they continue to be an industry leader of smokeless electronic cigarettes! V2 Cigs have repeatedly been the top choice for 16 consecutive months as this U.S. based company demonstrates innovative products to lead the industry. V2's loyal customer base, as well as many reviewers, agree that this brand delivers the highest satisfaction over competing brands.     To read more of actual customer opinions, be sure to look through our complete overview of V2 features (click here)... However, not all individuals are looking for the same experience and V2 Cigs are not the only choice of electronic cigarettes. This sites goal is to inform you of each brands unique features, as well as what you should avoid when considering purchasing and e-cigarette. We consider all aspects of the purchasing experience from product superiority, price, customer service and professionalism as well as tips for avoiding scam offers (i.e. ""free"" cigarettes). Our easy to use brand comparison table lets you refine your search and includes links to complete reviews of each e-cigarette type and company to assist you in making the best choice for your e-cigarette needs.
Looking For A Quick Pointer On What Best E Cigs Await and Deserve Your Time?

Our Top 3 E-Cigarette Brands For 2014

V2 Cigs - V2 Cigs are consistently our customers favorite. They offer increased vapor, better taste and wider flavor choices, additional accessories and many more customization options. V2 Cigs are dedicated to providing ""more"" everything! Currently, there is a 10% off discount for any V2 cigarette products. Be sure to enter the coupon code EVAPE10 at the time of checkout.
V2 Cigs Newest Product Iteration - The V2 Cigs EX Review As The Best Mini ECIG Ever

V2 Cigs Newest Product Iteration - The V2 Cigs EX Review As The Best Mini ECIG Ever

SMOKELESS IMAGE - a "Best of" winner in years past and still a very very solid ecig. They continue to be a contender for top e-cigarette but decreased battery life is noted when compared to V2 but has good vapor production. Definitely check out the VOLT X2 batteries.   smokestik-new-coupon-code-art-2014 SMOKE STIK - Is a popular choice and many celebrities are known to prefer the smokestik ecig brand, such as Leonardo Dicaprio, Robert Pattinson, Katherine Heigl and many others. Price point is higher than many others, but is backed by a quality product. UPDATE: DEFINITELY check out the review we have added for the new SmokeStik ULTRA Vape Pen, a very nice product.

Our full electronic cigarette reviews and vape pen review ratings tables of brands are coming up within days, so check out our top recommendations but do check back for more very shortly!

Why are V2 Cigs number one?

It's been 5 years since I stopped using tobacco cigarettes and have been offering my experiences of such products for the last 2 years. I've tried many brands, variations and different flavors that its not even funny! None have had the affect V2 Cigs have. I switched to their company a year ago and won't go back to the others. To Truly Explore The Reasons Why V2 is Great In A Fun Way Check Out The Video Below - Or The Interactive V2 PREZI Other brands are okay, but V2 surpasses them by offering 3 battery sizes, 4 colors as well as options for ""manual"" or ""automatic"". As amazing as that is, they offer more! They have starter kits for $34.95 all the way to the Ultimate Kit for $169.95 as well as kits in between to meet your individual needs. On top of all these options, V2 delivers a quality e-cig with plenty of vapor and great taste. There are 10 flavors available and taste great. I'll list them below. V2 also stands out in customer service with amazing customer support. The company completes their own product testing for battery life, e liquid and cartridge quality. All batteries come with a lifetime warranty. I feel comfortable recommending this company to my customers.
  • That's the overview, read on for more product details. I'm going to discuss the Ultimate Starter Kit as I just ordered this.
  • First impression with opening the kit...I was in love with everything included. Picking out what I wanted was so easy at
Upon opening were THREE batteries in the colors I chose - silver, Blue and a sleek black one. I chose 2 to have XL battery as I prefer that length as well as the boost in battery life you get with the extra size (380 maH, DOUBLE what competing brands offer) As I continued opening I noted the packaging was appealing and clearly marked with each item and was helpful in identifying each piece. The unpacking order helped in ""explaining"" the V2 vaping system. I suggest reading the instruction manual as well (but who does that?).   v2 cigs coupon code savings october and november 2014

Click Here To Check Out V2 and Save If You Decide To Purchase With Coupon EVAPE10 or even more with EVAPE15 for Kits!

Electronic Cigarette Brands breaks each review down by category. 1) Vapor Production 2) battery life 3) flavor 4) accessories and 5) customer service

Let's take a look at V2 Cigs.

Vapor production - 5/5

Creates more vapor than any other brand, clouds up big and you feel it hit the back of the throat. The closest thing to the cigarettes you used to smoke.

Battery life - 5/5

Battery life performs as well as V2's vapor production...perfectly! Battery life is long and easily last an entire day.

Flavors - 5/5

V2 Cigs offer the best tasting flavors. Flavor cartridges last a long time and selection is amazing. They offer cherry, vanilla, red (tobacco) Sahara (tobacco) coffee, and many more.

Accessories - 5/5

Largest selection in the industry! They offer carriers, lanyards, USB e-cigs and more. If you want to experience it all then they have the accessories you need.

Customer service - 5/5

We are referring to shipping speed and stock availability. V2 Cigs continually out perform in the categories of customer service. The team is knowledgeable and helpful.

I was in Miami and stopped at the V2 office to see the operations and check out the warehouse. Their dedication to produce the best product is evident in the staff's passion for the future of electronic cigarettes and how the company can be at the forefront. The design department are working on new packaging for Vapor Couture, the COO is hands on for product development for new e-cigs being partnered with the company that sells Zig Zag. It is easy to compare them to Apple or Facebook in terms of continued growth. I really feel like this company is the ""Apple"" of e-cigs. Their product are easy to use, perform well compared to the industry norm, and they continue to strive to improve the product and assure customer satisfaction. The quality lab was huge and I was surprised at all the different quality checks performed on the products. To conclude, V2 Cigs are a legitimate company driven to make huge strides in the industry. They are the largest online retailer of electronic cigarettes, as they should be!