Breathe Fresh E-Cig Brand Reviews – Best Vapor Cigarette 2014

Breathe Fresh Electronic Cigarettes are an Innovative, Electrifying Product that Offers an Outstanding and Genuine Smoking Encounter

Breathe Fresh Electronic Cigarettes Offer Superior Quality Production and Vaping

The customer who buys this product will be confident that an intelligent choice was made the moment the Breathe Fresh Basic Starter Kit is received. This amazing product is superior in every respect. Customers should pay attention to the fact that the complete kit has received comprehensive testing, and meets the highest quality standards known in the United States. An exhilarating vaping experience can be thoroughly appreciated by new vapers when using Breathe Fresh Electronic Cigarettes.

electric cigarette reviews from breathe fresh ecigs

This e-cigarette seems to weigh hardly anything! It leaves a resolute, steady, substantial impression that allows the user to recognize the fact that this is a superior product! The batteries are already charged, so no waiting time is required in order to experience the newly purchased e-cigarette! Simply remove the cartomizer, and rotate it onto either battery. As soon as the first puff is experienced, the LED tip will glow with an orange color, and then the smoker will begin to experience the initial savor of a genuine vapor that tastes truly authentic.

Breathe Fresh E Cigarettes Impart a Particularly Original Tobacco Smoking Event

The Breathe Fresh vapor is thought to be closest to vapors that are associated with those of traditional cigarettes. It is concentrated and intense, with an instantly recognizable and satisfying tobacco flavor. There are no chemical aftertastes, fruity flavors or disagreeable flavors with the Breathe Fresh flavors, but some other brands do seem to have objectionable aftertastes.

Additionally, Breathe Fresh E-Cigarettes drag easily and generate a great deal of richly gratifying vapors, while simultaneously being unnoticed by other people who are in the room. Every single cartomizer is wrapped in its own individual cellophane wrapper, which ensures the user that the vaping experience will be fresh every single moment!

Select from the Superior Breathe Fresh Starter Kit or Sample the Breathe Fresh Disposable Electronic Cigarette

Breathe Fresh offers a variety of Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits, which includes a non-reusable model containing the identical vaping experience found in the full starter kits. People who are still undecided about whether or not they should try electronic smoking can purchase a superior model similar to the model offered by Breathe Fresh. This is an excellent approach that allows a new customer to try electronic cigarettes before making additional purchases. However, the Basic or the Premium Breathe Fresh Starter Kit, which ranges from $69.99 to $89.99, is suitable for most people.

The Basic Breathe Fresh Starter Kit is available with everything the smoker requires in order to vape contentedly, and the kit for $69.99 is one of the best available deals. With this kit, the customer receives the following: Two3.7 Volt Lithium ion 2.75” batteries with LED tips that are already charged and are completely rechargeable. This starter kit also includes five capped cartridge-atomizers, or cartomizers, that are wrapped in cellophane, 1 USB charger, 1 AC wall adapter and a detailed instruction manual for users.

The Premium Starter Kit sells for $89.99, which is $20.00 more, but it includes an extra function known as the Smart Box or Portable Charging Case (PCC). The Smart Box is approximately the same size as a pack of cigarettes, and comes equipped with a robust rechargeable battery. It has extra openings in which additional batteries may be stored, as well as refill carts, so the user never needs to be concerned about running low on any necessary equipment.


Breathe Fresh Electronic Cigarettes Are Made with Incomparable Tobacco Cartomizers Plus Complementary Vaping Essences

Breathe Fresh refillable Cartomizers are manufactured with premium components, and the superiority of the flavor is definitely perceived by new vapers. Even though the different available flavors are fairly limited to date, the current 6 available flavors, which will soon be followed by more enticing flavors, are quite exceptional, and are enough to meet even the most particular smoker’s demands. The 2 tobacco essences are especially distinctive – both the Tobacco flavor, as well as the Marlboro flavor, has a delightfully genuine taste.

Additionally, Breathe Fresh Electronic Cigarettes are available in Vanilla, Apple, Coffee and Menthol, all of which are decidedly popular. The amount of nicotine varies from flavor to flavor, including 0 mg, 6 mg, 11 mg and 16 mg. A higher nicotine content of 18 to 24 mg is also available, but the 16 mg variety should be satisfactory for most people. Heavy smokers might want to try the e-cigarettes that contain 18 to 24 mg.

Breathe Fresh Electronic Cigarettes Summary

There are many available e-cigarette brands on the market today, and many of them offer their own unique qualities. Reviews are not worthwhile unless they represent products that are extraordinary, and this includes the variety of ways in which each product compares with the highest available criterion. An e-cigarette brand can be vaped for one or two days in order to get a feel for that particular product. If the brand seems to be good, and exceeds the anticipations of new vapers, this indicates that it is a good brand, and this is the case with Breathe Fresh Electronic Cigarettes.

This is a fantastic mini-style electronic cigarette that has the ability to perform better than the average e-cigarette in all aspects, from the long-lasting battery, to superior flavors and cartomizers that last approximately the same amount of time that is equivalent to a pack of cigarettes. Breathe Fresh Electronic Cigarettes offers a new vaper the chance to have the same type of traditional experience that is encountered when smoking regular tobacco cigarettes, but with the most severely harmful constituents removed, and at extremely lower prices. Possessing excellent vapor volume, superior construction and an affordable price, Breathe Fresh Electronic Cigarettes delivers and is a genuine product."

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As of August 2014, you might ask "What's new?"


For the second year in a row, we unequivocally pronounce V2 Cigs number one, as they continue to be an industry leader of smokeless electronic cigarettes! V2 Cigs have repeatedly been the top choice for 16 consecutive months as this U.S. based company demonstrates innovative products to lead the industry. V2's loyal customer base, as well as many reviewers, agree that this brand delivers the highest satisfaction over competing brands. To read more of actual customer opinions, be sure to look through our complete overview of V2 features (click here)...

However, not all individuals are looking for the same experience and V2 Cigs are not the only choice of electronic cigarettes. This sites goal is to inform you of each brands unique features, as well as what you should avoid when considering purchasing and e-cigarette. We consider all aspects of the purchasing experience from product superiority, price, customer service and professionalism as well as tips for avoiding scam offers (i.e. ""free"" cigarettes).

Our easy to use brand comparison table lets you refine your search and includes links to complete reviews of each e-cigarette type and company to assist you in making the best choice for your e-cigarette needs.

Top E-Cig Brands

V2 Cigs - V2 Cigs are consistently our customers favorite. They offer increased vapor, better taste and wider flavor choices, additional accessories and many more customization options. V2 Cigs are dedicated to providing ""more"" everything! Currently, there is a 10% off discount for any V2 cigarette products. Be sure to enter the coupon code EKITS at the time of checkout.

SMOKELESS IMAGE - a ""Best of"" winner in years past. They continue to be a contender for top e-cigarette but decreased battery life is noted when compared to V2 but has good vapor production.

SMOKE STIK - Is a popular choice and many celebrities are known to prefer this brand, such as Leonardo Dicaprio, Robert Pattinson, Katherine Heigl and many others. Price point is high but is backed by a quality product.

In summary of these brands, we are elated you chose our site to help you find the best choice in e-cigarette brands. Congratulations on taking control of your health by choosing e-cigarettes instead of tobacco products.

Why are V2 Cigs number one?

It's been 5 years since I stopped using tobacco cigarettes and have been offering my experiences of such products for the last 2 years. I've tried many brands, variations and different flavors that its not even funny! None have had the affect V2 Cigs have. I switched to their company a year ago and won't go back to the others.

Other brands are okay, but V2 surpasses them by offering 3 battery sizes, 4 colors as well as options for ""manual"" or ""automatic"". As amazing as that is, they offer more! They have starter kits for $34.95 all the way to the Ultimate Kit for $169.95 as well as kits in between to meet your individual needs. On top of all these options, V2 delivers a quality e-cig with plenty of vapor and great taste. There are 10 flavors available and taste great. I'll list them below.

V2 also stands out in customer service with amazing customer support. The company completes their own product testing for battery life, e liquid and cartridge quality. All batteries come with a lifetime warranty. I feel comfortable recommending this company to my customers.

  • That's the overview, read on for more product details. I'm going to discuss the Ultimate Starter Kit as I just ordered this.
  • First impression with opening the kit...I was in love with everything included. Picking out what I wanted was so easy at

Upon opening were THREE batteries in the colors I chose - silver, Blue and a sleek black one. I chose 2 to have XL battery as I prefer that length as well as the boost in battery life you get with the extra size (380 maH, DOUBLE what competing brands offer) As I continued opening I noted the packaging was appealing and clearly marked with each item and was helpful in identifying each piece. The unpacking order helped in ""explaining"" the V2 vaping system. I suggest reading the instruction manual as well (but who does that?).

Electronic Cigarette Brands breaks each review down by category. 1) Vapor Production 2) battery life 3) flavor 4) accessories and 5) customer service

Let's take a look at V2 Cigs.

Vapor production - 5/5

Creates more vapor than any other brand, clouds up big and you feel it hit the back of the throat. The closest thing to the cigarettes you used to smoke.

Battery life - 5/5

Battery life performs as well as V2's vapor production...perfectly! Battery life is long and easily last an entire day.

Flavors - 5/5

V2 Cigs offer the best tasting flavors. Flavor cartridges last a long time and selection is amazing. They offer cherry, vanilla, red (tobacco) Sahara (tobacco) coffee, and many more.

Accessories - 5/5

Largest selection in the industry! They offer carriers, lanyards, USB e-cigs and more. If you want to experience it all then they have the accessories you need.

Customer service - 5/5

We are referring to shipping speed and stock availability. V2 Cigs continually out perform in the categories of customer service. The team is knowledgeable and helpful.

I was in Miami and stopped at the V2 office to see the operations and check out the warehouse. Their dedication to produce the best product is evident in the staff's passion for the future of electronic cigarettes and how the company can be at the forefront. The design department are working on new packaging for Vapor Couture, the COO is hands on for product development for new e-cigs being partnered with the company that sells Zig Zag. It is easy to compare them to Apple or Facebook in terms of continued growth. I really feel like this company is the ""Apple"" of e-cigs. Their product are easy to use, perform well compared to the industry norm, and they continue to strive to improve the product and assure customer satisfaction. The quality lab was huge and I was surprised at all the different quality checks performed on the products.

To conclude, V2 Cigs are a legitimate company driven to make huge strides in the industry. They are the largest online retailer of electronic cigarettes, as they should be!

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